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vauxhall combo fuel filter change?

I've recently bought a vauxhall combo 1.3 diesel van. and i1ve serviced it today. Only trouble is i cant remove the fuel filter casing to get at th cartridge. can anybody help????????? could really do with getting it done tonight

August 2008

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Unplug all the bits attached to the top and round the edge there should be a few little indents. I get a flathead screwdriver and a hammer, give it a light tap anti clockwise and with a bit of force (but not sledgehammer style) it comes off.

March 2009

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I have no hand book and a warning light has appeared on the dashboard, the symbol appears to be a "bucket" with a droplet in? Could you please advise...

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wiring at blower motor?

the three wires at the blower plug.....shud d red wire carry 12 volts?....shud the green wire be the earth supply?..... and the smaller green wire carrys the power from the fan speed slider?...

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citroen 1.9 van wont start,STOP sign on.?

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smoke also comes from rocker cover when oil cap is taken off?

smoke a lot when in first gear take off not to bad when speed is at 30 molies but conks out if stop at lights engine rough it asif not running in all cilenders...

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ldv convoy 400 2.4 on 53 plate ?

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my near side brake caliper will not go back in place it is turning ?

near side brake caliper will not go back in place it is turning but it will not move can any one help...

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whats wrong with my starter?

when I turn key starter is turning but not turning engine (starter spinning ) help...

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