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The seat adjusters on my Renault Clio have broken!?

I have a 2000 Renault Clio, and the adjusters which allow the front seats to tilt for access to the back seats, have broken off completely on both sides, meaning noone can sit back there!! I'm currently trying to sell the car so I'm praying there is some way to fix them!! Any ideas?!

April 2010

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

thanks.. i still have the part though im just having trouble fixing it back to the seat

April 2010

go to a scrapyard and buy 2 cheapest solution

April 2010

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exhaust light stays lit?

have loss of power and car feels like a boneshaker. have read that it could cost me after garage doing work still not able to rectify problem....

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windscreen wipers wont turn off can someone advise me where to start ?

i have a citreon c3 sx 06 plate 1.4l when i connect plug at windscreen motor it starts itself and wont turn off i cant increase speed with contol arm at wheel nothing works with control arm at wheel at all can someone please give me some pointers where to start as i am at whitts end any advice is we...

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How to solve my 206 cc roof opening problem?

The rear left window doesn't signal that it's open therefore the roof doesn't open. How do I bypass the rear window microswitch?...

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i have an 06 megane 1:5 sci display problem?

All of a sudden I have lost the clock, outside temperature, displays on the small display unit, The strange thing is. As soon as the lights or radio are turned on the display returns only to vanish again when these items are turned off, Am I right in assuming that it is a loose connection somewhere ...

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c3 steering fault?

08 Citroen c3 steering becomes seriously light when turning right normal when turning left ? Any clues...

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The key on my Chevrolet won't work?

The key on my Isuzu Chevrolet was working prefect but now it will open the door but won't turn the ignition or release the steering lock Does anyone know what the problem could be Thanks...

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renault laguna mk 2 2006?

I have a renault laguna mk 2 2006. Was driving absolutely fine. Got home, locked it. Walk away, came back and won't start. Says turn steering wheel + start. For some reason the steering lock is not on. My mechanic has look at it and it's something to do with the start button and the central locking....

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Nissan primera estate p12 02 plate airbag light flashing? ?

Hi guys tried doing the ignition sequence a few times and got it off within the first time but went to start the car up a few hours later it was back on again so does that mean I do have a fault somewhere or will I check the wiring under both seats? Cannot afford to pay to get it In a garage, thanks...

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Apr 2016

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