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The seat adjusters on my Renault Clio have broken!?

I have a 2000 Renault Clio, and the adjusters which allow the front seats to tilt for access to the back seats, have broken off completely on both sides, meaning noone can sit back there!! I'm currently trying to sell the car so I'm praying there is some way to fix them!! Any ideas?!

April 2010

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thanks.. i still have the part though im just having trouble fixing it back to the seat

April 2010

go to a scrapyard and buy 2 cheapest solution

April 2010

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how can i get my vauxhall vectra 04 plate petrol fixed?

the steering lock has stopped locking and the ignition key keeps jamming in the lock unless i spray it with wd40 and i have had someone try to programme a new key to the car but his programming equipment wouldn't accept it...

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how do i fix wipers?

peugeot 206 53 plate wipers wont work changed the stork checked the fuses still wont work...

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interior light doesnt work ?

my light in my Vectra c estate doesn't work when I open my car all the dash lights come on and the numberplate lights come on but when I open my door the light in the car don't come on why is this...

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How can I stop radio interference 2004 Nissan Almera? ?

How can I stop the radio interference on my 2004 Nissan Almera?This only occurs on MW/LW when the lights are put on. FM and CD are fine. If this is a DIY fix please let me know where to start Many thanks...

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Citron Belingo Multspace car.?

How can I stop air being drawn into dev fuel line. Intermittently, on a cold start The engine will not start. The starter motor, battery, pre heaters etc. work perfectly. I check the fuel line between the hand pump and main supply from tank and can see an air bubble the dev line, I have to hand prim...

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All electrics seem to be on with out key in ignition?

Hi I have a 05 cmax, when I arrived back at it yesterday (after torrential rain) the oil, battery, handbrake and orange engine light were all on. I unlocked the car and sat inside and with out putting the key in the ignition I could turn on the heater fan, lights, brake lights, electric window etc ?...

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turn airbag light off ford fiesta 2009?

ive had a new airbag kit fitted by garage and my module reset after the airbags deploying but the airbag light still wont go off??...

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Corsa van drivers side carpet soaking wet how do I stop rain water from ent?

How can I stop rain water entering drivers side of my 03 reg corsa van?...

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Oct 2015

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