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How do you change a BMW key fob battery?!?

I own a 2002 BMW 325ci and need to change the battery in the key do I open it without destroying it?!

November 2007

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

All the guys who are suggesting driving with the key fob to charge it... HOW ON EARTH do you drive with it if the battery is flat in the first place??? You cannot start the car with a flat battery! So what are you talking about!
I have a flat keyfob and am disgusted that BMW have made the item a/ so expensive and b/ impossible to open without risking damage. Shame on you BMW.

mark P.
January 2013

For newer models of BMWs here is a link with instructions:

Josh Jones
November 2011

Hi i Have 2001 318ie my door lock is brocken/not car is locked and my key fob battery is run out can anybody help me out can i change the battery on key fob or is there any other way i can get into car????

November 2010

The key to our BMW 323 received a severe shock, after which it continued to perform all functions including remote unlocking, but excluding ignition. Luckily, the valet key started the car, so between them we had full functionality.

Starting at the hole end (where the two halves are not sealed together) I pried the key open to find a coil had been torn loose. I was able to solder the coil back in place, making sure the ends of the fine wire were soldered to the solder mounts at either end.

I read the proper way to seal (and unseal) the key was to heat the parts with a hair-dryer until they were too hot to touch, then press them together. I was concerned the heat might damage the battery, and could not get the parts hot enough to soften the gasket that is supposed to fuse the parts together. The gasket was still firmly attached to one side, so I super-glued it to the other, holding it with clothes pins and making sure the seal would be water-tight. (I thought a solvent might damage the plastic, while a water-based glue might corrode. Silicone might be messy). I imagine that heat could still separate them again to replace the battery.

Stephan Bianchi
October 2010

went on you tube showed me all i needed to know from replacing the batt to reprograming my bmw key its very easy to do

September 2010

battery in my bmw key flat how to change

August 2010

Bad Bimmer, Is the battery the Panasonic VL2020 3v unit for the 2000 keyless entry key? Does anyone know the exact battery for that year? THANKS!

July 2010

If your beemer is 2001 or older then you can simply open the key fob by unscrewing 2 screws at the rear of the fob and replace the existing battery.

Note the battery must be changed within 1 minute and used on the car otherwise you lose the encryption.

February 2010

The key fob battery is a rechargeable Panasonic VL2020 3v unit and is usually good for around 1000 clicks over approx 3 years. They are not meant to be changed probably because BMW can flog a new one for an undisclosed sum in excess of £100 plus key cutting etc. The keys will continue to work manually but if you want the alarm etc to work you need to have a working remote. Try prising with a knife replacing battery and re programming. Total cost £3.00 plus glue.

Bad Bimmer
December 2009

if its rechargable key must be charged with engine running try and heat key on hot radiator for an hr and might just get enough to open

t pot
December 2009

Re 2001 525i..You can indeed change the battery, contrary to all the internet advice given on many sites. Hold the key on end on a solid surface with the metal key pointing up.Take a sturdy pocket knife with a stiff blade and place the point into the seam of the plastic portion next to the metal key. You can hold the metal key and the knife blade together with two fingers with little danger of being cut. With a hammer, tap tap the end of the knife to drive the point into the plastic seam. The plastic seam will separate little by little and then, twist the blace to open the rest of the way. The battery can be replaced...(try and magic glue the plastic back together and reprogram as instructed on various web sites...JS

April 2009

was told by the bmw dealership in Bahrain the fob needs to be replaced and will cost BD300!! (over 500 pounds sterling) navigation system stopped working. The laser not reading the disk so all has to be replaced for........BD1700 (about 2400 pounds sterling) I could buy a million chinese dvd players or lots of expensive laptops for that couldn't I. This comes on top of the gear box going which was another fortune and the car is only 4 years old.

April 2009

hi i have a year 2000 320 bmw coup,i need to change the batterey in the key does anybody know how,thanks paul

paul lynch
February 2009

Yes, you can absolutely change the battery (available from a popular internet auction website).

The fob an be prised apart with a knife (and care) and the battery gently removed.

The fob can then be re-programmed using a method found by searching on a popular web search engine.

Please note, there are a couple of different reprogramming methods (model dependant), very easy to follow....... but the information is available.

January 2009

I agree -- try recharging first -- I got a spare battery from this site

September 2008

Hi Had key in the ignition on long journeys and not will initialise - can the rechargeable battery be replaced?

August 2008

if like my 2000 model, you have to drive around with it and it will charge itself. this is under the assumption, the key was a spare and had not been used for some time. the battery is rechargeable and must be replaced once the rechargeable battery no longer can accept a charge

andy e
April 2008

I had similar problem with remote for 2003 318i. Went to agents - no battery change possible. Remote had to be replaced fortunately under Maintenance Plan in South Africa.

Dave Heard
December 2007

dont open it . just run your car with the key in the ignition , the batt is re-chargeable ..... and charges from the ignition , i know this cos i tried to open my key fob ......gave them a great laugh at the bmw dealership.... pity its not clear in the manual

December 2007

First, you should not have to change the battery. However, if you feel it is necessary, the best way to do this is to take a fine chizel on the back end of the key and slowly hammer it in until the locks unclick. you should do this with caution.

November 2007

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