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Question - mend, repair, fix

AEG oko favorit 5040 pump stuck on?

The pump on my dish washer is permenantly on. The power switch makes no diference, nor does the program dial. It sounds like it is sucking air through the pump, so I put a jug of water in the base and it cleared it no problem. I will try puting it on its side as recomended in other question above, but it seems to be slightly different problem. Any thing is worth a go ... right?

June 2004

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Didn't think this would work, but it did just tilted my A.E.G back and forth and it works. Try it.

October 2017

Life savers!!!! Just tilted my lil old dishwasher and Nw she's bk up and running again

August 2017

Hi to all, Had the same problem as anther chap ie the machine started pumping of it's own accord ( machine switched off and no programme set ). I was refilling the salt container when it just started pumping, after much fiddling and switching machine off and on I thought ah well its and old machine a new machine is required, not at all, I got onto the web and hey presto thanks one clever fella I did exactly as he said I tipped the machine backwards and its working, hurray !!! Many many thanks.

March 2017

These dishwashers have a flood protection device. It is located in the base tray of the dishwasher, it comprises of a styrofoam float that rises up and activates an electric switch that sets the pump out pump into operation, this can occur when the machine is plugged into the electricity mains and the front panel power switch is off! My AEG OKO-FAVORIT 4040, age Unknown , has been acting up this last week and pulling it out of its location and tipping it sideways has stopped it and allowed me to restart the programme. Leaking into tray still, though I've stripped it down and cleaned up the filters and water inlet. All went back together ok.....nothing broke, no extra parts over! A lot of crud in the flat side tank that has the water softener dial in it and obvious leaks at the 4x tubes running to the large orange coloured inlet filter,managed to clip this out, clean it and reseat it...fingers crossed!

February 2017

What a load of rubbish!!! I've just tipped mine as suggested and all it did is poor water all over my utility!
Needless to say, it was promptly ripped from its position and thrown down the driveway.
Off to buy a new one....

Ann Oyed ExMachina
June 2016

Perfect! Thanks OP.... Turned mine off mid cycle and had exactly the same issue. The 45 degree hold worked perfect to me. All hail the interweb :-)

December 2015

thanks all
works for me too, buuuuuuuuutttt
after few attempts to tilt the dishwwasher forward the problem occured imediatly, finaly I tilt it the other direction (backward) and that fixed the problem.
My machine is siemens SN56...., 3 years old
thanks again

Moses z
August 2014

This (tilt to side and "drain" water) just saved me for upgrading my kitchen.

I have Öko Favorit 40200 AEG Dishwasher - it suddenly started pumping out when I was sitting eating breakfast today (dishwasher was off and power lamp off - no reason to start) - only way to stop was to switch off breaker which I did before start looking into solution.

I am planning to haev full upgrade of kithcen, but all pending either fridge, dishwasher or oven will "die". (Well, the upgrade will come sooner or later, but not it's postponed for a while and I can do it more "controlled" as dishwasher is "alive" again.

Thanks a lot!

July 2014

have just used this solution and wow worked a treat. thanks who ever you are!!!!!!

kevin woollard
April 2014

Tilting almost upside down worked for my tabletop AEG!
Great tip!

August 2013

awesome all sorted too! thanks

June 2013

OH LORDY LORD!!!!!...........thank the inventiveness of mankind for this 'Interweb' thing!!!!

Have spent hours rearranging the kitchen units in our tiny flat to accommodate my old aeg dishwasher only for the first run through to get stuck on the empty cycle!..............................after many expletives and temper tantrums, I thought two minutes searching the problem might be preferable to taking a hammer to it!

Pulled it back out,.............laid it on it's side for less than a minute!................Hey Presto!!!!! as good as it ever did!

Thank you to whoever first found this trick out! just saved me £400+, the other half was determined to have a dishwasher!!!!...LOL!..................Maybe I should buy myself a new TV as a treat for being so clever!!


Matt in Cardiff, Walkes, UK
June 2013

Like a charm, thanks!

June 2013

Woke up one morning two days ago. What was that sound? What I heard was the pump of the AEG 5050 I running. It is 14 years old. Dry running because it had been running all night.
What was the failure? The electronic, the adjustment wheel. I had to pull out the power supply.
Looked in the Internet, searching for a service department for AEG in Oslo.
And what did I find? Interesting messages from all of you, telling what to do.
And so I did. However, some difficulties to pull out the machine from the bench, but I succeeded, laid down the machine for less than 1 minute and raised it again.
Some dirty water on the floor, but so what.
Put in the power supply again, and it DID NOT START TO PUMP.
It was fixed. Put back the machine in the bench and it runs like it has been running in all the past years.

Thanks to all of you.

Erik Hem
December 2012

Brilliant, the 45 degrees for 30 seconds really worked...cheers :)

October 2012

This was just BRILLIANT, thank you!
I spent some time clearing out what I thought was a probable clog of fat in the drain (some houseswap guests had left some very fatty-looking baking dishes in the machine and the pump ran constantly when it was on) with the baking soda and vinegar method,
and was then most disappointed to find the pump still ran all the time after all my efforts.
But after some jiggling about - the machine is built in and I couldn't get it all the way out, but the tilt seemed to be enough, the pump went off, and now it's running a very hot programme, gurgling away quite happily.
Already spent £100 on a hairdo today, couldn't afford a silly call-out charge as well!

October 2012

AEG Favorit - about 9 years old. Error Code 30 for the pump leak protection having activated. Pulled it out from under the counter. Tipped back to 45 degrees and shook it a bit. Mopped up a bit of water and then - bingo - it runs again. Thanks to whoever discovered this trick. I might leave it a couple of days before I tell the children, though.

George - London
September 2012

Had the same problem with a OKO Favorit 3150, after moving it on my kitchen.

Tried tilting it, and after leaking about half liter of water, it's now working well again :D

August 2012

Thanks!! what a relief!!

May 2012

My AEG OKO favorit 3220, 12 years old, showed the same fault. Reading the manual - 'Contact the AEG service provider' - looked like 'very expensive'. Then I visited this website. I tilted the dishwasher at 45 degrees to the right, it leaked a small amount of water. Straightened the machine up, and it worked first time. I was gobsmacked. And it still works. The best DIY webpage I ever visited!

John Wallace
November 2011

This is to further the solutions in respect of the continual running of the pump motor. Whilst tilting the machine at 45 degrees does temporarily solve the situation, it is dealing with the symptom and not the cause, and the cause will cause the problem to come back. In my case the real cause was a build up of fat and other rubbish, both in the aqua system and, more importantly, in the large rubber hose running from the main drain to the aqua system as well as the smaller one to the drain pump. To fix this you have to remove the pipes and wash them all out with hot water and detergent - a long job but a permanent solution for me! To make it easier to get at the hoses (and after making sure that there is no water in the dishwasher) I removed the top and the two side panels and then turned the machine on its head. This enables you to remove the drip tray (after disconnecting a few bits and pieces). You can then really clean the drip tray, especially of large particles that may later affect the water sensor float there, and really get to work on all the piping.
It worked perfectly for me.

June 2011

Yes, it worked for me too, just as I was in a queue for an engineer to come out, so many thanks for the advice!

April 2011

Though the tilt thing works, its temporary. The water setting off the overflow alarm must be coming from somewhere.
Find the leak. Seems muck built up in the white plastic fill cannister up the left side and the bottom hose to the tub sump can be the problem, causing water to overflow out the little clear tube that runs to the floor of the machine. Also the seal between pump and motor, where the big O-ring is, leaks. On mine I could see the trace of calcium deposit and discoloration which makes the area of the leak obvious.
There are special pliers for these types of clips that are a must for working in these tight spaces. They have grooves on the ends that hold the clip rigid while you push it over the hose/connection.

March 2011

Brilliant just worked for me thanks whoever posted this

December 2010

the wonder of the internet...
As everyone else has said: tip to the right for a few seconds; mop up the slops & Robert's your mother's brother :)

June 2010

magic stuff

June 2010

Tried tipping the Favorit 5040 on it's side & now pump is not stuck on and everything works but this has happened twice over 4 wash cycles so clearly something is wrong and is triggering the flood protection switch.
I tried to take off the left side panel & everything unscrewed but the panel wouldn't release from the side nearest the door so I couldn't take it right off. Are there hidden screws?
Also there seems to be a large filter at that side of the machine towards the rear which looks possibly blocked - how easy is it to take it out. I'm not talking about the filter within the washing chamber but this is underneath the machine.
It's not designed to be easy to service that's for sure.
Any help would be welcome.

April 2010

Amazing. My dishwasher is a Siemens but it worked just the same! The dishwasher had overflowed due to a blocked filter and I couldn't work out why the pump was stuck on all the time. I just followed the directions above (tipped the machine on it's side for 30 seconds) and it worked no problems!! All working fine now! :-)

You saved me about £100 call out and fix! Thanks!! Jon.

April 2010

I had a C2 error message - our siphon is in a bad way with all the gauze old and ripped so large food particles are getting thru.. I tried a plunger and got some big bits out.. and then the machine worked just fine for a wee bit longer. Then a C2 error again. I worked out that it wasnt a blockage in the hose leading to the drain by unscrewing the hose feeding into the drain. I checked both pipe ends for blockage. None. I also stuck my finger in the small pipe leading the to pump inside the dishwasher.

I figured it must be a blockage in the pump itself? dishwasher was working on and off then coming up with the C2 error msg.. water draining into a bucket from drain hose just fine during checks. I must have been moving what ever it was blocking the pump around when I was moving machine in and out perhaps?

So I removed the front panel off the door (leaving the control panel in place with two screws afterwards to allow hands free) to access the front panel at the bottom - bad design means you can not access the pump without removing the door panel! - you cant access the two top screws otherwise. (Just be sure when putting the door back that you make sure you line up the handle mechanism so that the door "clicks" shut properly when you are finished)

Anyway. Got the pump off - needed better pliers!!! as hose clips really tough for little girl hands and crap girly pliers.

Checked pump. Found lose flange floating around inside the pump - must be backflow valve.. Took it out. Couldnt see where it came from to put back! lol.. Put pump back together (twist apart kind of thing)

Put the whole thing back together - struggled with hose clips again.. then got a C3 error message half way thru a wash.. pump running continuosly. Arrgh. Tried tipping maching 45 degree angle as suggested. But it did it again half way thru next wash.

So somewhere we had a leak!

Ended up paying some guy $90 (NZ) to get back inside dishwasher and show me that in my efforts to get the hose clip back on the hose leading to the pump I had inadvertantly slightly untwisted a section of the pump - and therefore it was leaking mid cycle.

So. Pump twised 2mm to the left. And the whole thing is fixed.

LOL. All I can say is invest in a proper pair of pliers to manage the hose clips and BE VERY CAREFUL TO MAKE SURE YOU DONT UNTWIST THE PUMP SECTIONS WHEN PUTTING BACK TOGETHER.

:) $60 of that $90 was the call out charge. Im guessing he only charged me $30 labour because this housewife knew more about the C3 error than he did.. lol...

delia merchant
March 2010

Sorry anyone know what I can do as dishwasher is built in and can't get it out?? Thanks.

February 2010

Brilliant - thanks so much for the person who posted the solution to this problem - I have a 4040 and had exactly the same problem - tipped it on its side - left it for a while longer than 30 secs (propped against the fridge) until the water stopped coming out and now its working fine why did I spend so long emptying it and washing contents by hand, worrying I was going to have to buy a new dishwasher the same day I paid for a new boiler programmer....hopefully the original problem was caused by the filter being blocked (now cleaned). Anyone any idea how old the 4040 is likely to be? I bought mine with the house 3 years ago.

February 2010

Same problem on my aeg oko favorit dishwasher... I found it much easier to unscrew the front 'plinth' panel and mop up the water inside, rather than moving the whole unit about. Only 4 screws (the bottom screw on each side does not need to be removed).

If the problem recurs I'll look for loose fittings etc, but meanwhile, I'm hoping that it was a temporary blockage / overflow caused by someone (not me) putting a pan into the dishwasher with a large amount of sticky lumpy residue from a failed soup experiment (I dread to think what it's doing to my insides). I'm guessing that the dishwasher filled to the correct level, and then the water spray dislodged about 2 pints of gloop which then caused the water to overflow into the sump.

Justin (London, UK)
January 2010

Thanx guys great tip tilt 45 degrees right for 30 seconds - Brilliant

Mr Anonamos
December 2009

Thank you for the pull over tip! On christmas evening our dishwasher 3050 made the funny noise. Because we lost the manual we tried the internet.. Lucky us!
The dishwasher is working again, and no manual washes for us with X-mas! Happy holidays!

December 2009

Absolutely brilliant! Just tipped to the right 45 degrees, water came out and it's now working again. I was on the verge of buying a brand new dishwasher as AEG is now very poorly supported in New Zealand and parts are expensive and hard to get.

David from New Zealand
November 2009

Thank you all soo much for posting these. It worked like a charm for me and my husband. We did the same thing as Michael from Newcastle - interrupted the washing cycle by using the on/off button. The anti-flood device was activated and we were scared we would have to buy a new dishwasher. Unbelievable - just "tilt and wait" and the problem was solved. THANKS to all once again.

Leona from Czech Republic
September 2009

OKO FAVORIT 4040 - Interrupted a wash cycle wrongly, by using on/off button instead of simply opening the door (I'd lost my instruction manual). This had activated the anti-flood device and I couldn't do anything with the machine. Even though it was 'off', the machine kept making a noise.

Saw advice on this website to try tipping it. Not practical for me as I have a slight disability, so bought a simple plastic siphon pump from a DIY shop - only 2 pounds - and siphoned about two litres of water out of the salt reservoir. Five minute job. Then put back 0.5 litre of water and filled up with salt. Works perfectly now. Saved a fortune by not having to call out an engineer and an even greater fortune by not having to buy a new dishwasher!

Thanks to all for helpful suggestions.

Michael, Newcastle upon Tyne, 11.6.09
June 2009

Thanks so much - tilt 45 to right, wait 30 seconds Half to one litre flowed out. Works perfectly. Last happened five years ago, to fix it then = engineer + MONEY! I think it was my fault this time, 5 guests staying, rushed setting i.e. program clicked too far. (Did not confess, they helped to wash up. Fun but...)

John l
May 2009

OK, so this drains the sump - the question is where is the water coming from. A close look at the air chamber (the plastic thing on the left) showed that the large pipe to the main wash chamber was partially blocked and on filling the water rose in the chamber so that the overflow leaked a little - after a few weeks the bottom plastic tray sump refilled. After clearing the pipe that, it still trickles a little occasionally if you stop the machine in the mddle of a wash. On normal filling, the machine fills and stops. The wash pump starts, and this drops the water level, so more comes in to restore it. If you then stop the machine by releasing the door catch (or it reaches the end of the cyle just before the emptying pump comes on) the water level rises, _sometimes_ enough to shed a few ccs through the overflow. Any suggestions?

April 2009

Thanks a lot for the info, I just pulled the dishwasher
out and tilled it to the right at about 45 degres for about 30 seconds and the dishwasher functioned correctly, about a cup of water appeared from under the dishwacher, better than buying a new dishwasher.

Ken Mills
January 2009

If this only works as a temporary solution take off the left hand panel and look at the transparrent section through which the water is supplied and drained. It will be obvious where to look once the side is off. If it is clogged up remove and flush it through with garden or shower hose .

Replace and run with a cleansing agent(supermarket standard stuff).

THis is a really simple fix and my machine has been fine for months. THe 'tipping ' soultion had to be undertaken weekly !

January 2009

Thank you all this tilt remedy solved my problem within minutes. So easy with the internet :-)

December 2008

AEG oko-favorit Model 6050. Machine stopped on rinse cycle. Pump ran. Disconnected the power supply, tipped unit on side and let the water drain out. Re-connected power, dishwasher ran and stopped again on rinse cycle, pump ran as before. Went through same procedure as before and re-started the dishwasher. When the machine started to pump out the water prior to the rinse cycle I noticed a fine spray from the outlet hose. This water was running into the sump and activating the float switch. There was a crack in the corrugated hose hidden by the protection shroud where it enters the machine. $45 Aussie dollars later I had fitted a new hose. Problem fixed.

December 2008

I have an aeg oko favorit 4040 and we got the same problem (pump stuck on) when we switched it off mid program as we wanted to run the washing mahine. Came down to kitchen next am and even though it was switched off on console the pump was sucking. I did exactly what was suggested pulled it out tipped over to the right took opportunity to clean m/c and the gap behind. Put upright and slid back reconnected power and hey presto the pump did not come on and now it is working perfectly. Thank you so much for this info, absolutely priceless.

December 2008

Mending our dishwasher AEG OKO Favorit 5040W (1999). There are basically two motors, one to do the power wash and a smaller one to drain the water out. Our problem was that it sounded like the drain motor was working because of its humming but it was clear by the dirty water left inside the dishwasher that it wasn't functioning. It took me a lot of time to work out that there wasn't a blockage in the system and that the drain motor sounded as if it was working but when I finally took it out and wired it up to the mains on the kitchen worktop. The impeller would spin four times out of five but then the next time the power went on it would stall but still make the same noise as if it was working properly. I was quoted £80 for this motor at a local shop but found this excellent company on the website +44 (0) 1423 505 663 where the motor cost me £43. They even recommended a similar motor from Zanussi which was five pounds cheaper and is almost identical to the Bosch one. They give helpful advice on the phone. The motor electric female connector on the Zanussi pump was a little different to the male connector of the machine and needed one wire to be added to join one of the connections to the plug. Make sure that if you have to modify that you get +ve to + ve. The motor came two days after I ordered it online.
I bought a useful plastic pump- two clear pipes with a corrugated plastic bulb on top, about £8 from my DIY shop to hand pump out the mucky water from the sump before tipping Dishwasher on its side. The tip on towels is helpful as they soak up any remaining water
I made a mistake of removing both the black sump pump and the motor together. With such a tight space underneath the dishwasher, even with all the panels off and the dishwasher on its side, it was a nightmare to try and get the motor and pump back onto the rubber hose. In the end I took away the wire spring clip and used a Jubilee clip to clamp the hose onto the pump.
Tip - The motor comes off the black pump housing easily with a quarter of a turn anticlockwise. The motor has three lugs on it that lock onto the pump housing with a big o-ring inside to seal it. There is no need to remove the pump housing from the rubber hose as well. Saving a whole afternoon that it took me to try and get back the wire spring clip into position. It’s very easy to put the new motor back in with a quarter of a turn.
Two different engineers I spoke to on the phone both said that the drain (sump) motor is one that goes fairly frequently. It seems that water, in the end, gets past the seal on the bearing behind the impeller. I wonder if most problems people have on this page, where the machine will not drain, is down to an intermittent drain motor fault. Both engineers said that OKA was an excellent quality machine but now an OKA have been taken over by a British company, the German made ones are still good but a lot of the machines are now British and badged OKA and the quality is not the same. One said Siemens now is the better quality machine which I may get when my OKO finally packs up but I think it is a quality machine and it should last a long time more with the occasional maintance.
My AEG OKO, has been working well since I put a new drain motor in.

I have one problem since then which has only seems to happen maybe once a year. When the level is too high in the sump, the switch goes on and overrides the power switch and programmer etc to run the emptying (sump) pump continuously. The advice you gave above is good, pull out the dishwasher, with towels on the floor tip it over 45 degrees. This will drain the water in the sump and reset the switch. The dishwasher will be fine again for ages. Of course there shouldn’t be a leak but I cannot find it and once a year I am willing to put up with it.

Mick S
December 2008

I'm in the' wrong job!! Seriously, I don't have the heart or bottle to rip off ppl. Incredible, but you get charged up-wards of £300 for a call-out. Can just see it, 'PsHweeeeee. The pumps gone luv, I'll 've to pop out to get one, back in a couple of hours', 'There you go luv, all's done, workin like a baby, That'll be 359.99 plus VAT, ta very much'.

Let's beat these guys !!!!

September 2008

Extraordinary!!!!!!! oko favorit 5040 July 1999. same problem. took it out, cast it on its sides with a whack onto a tiled floor in both directions turned it on and it works! In the book it says if the pump stays on call the engineer as the flood protection system has activated and it needs expert attention. Not so it seems

Robin Tillett
July 2008

Thanks a lot. I just firmly pulled it out of is place on 10 cm and it was enough

July 2008

Thank you. Worked like a charm. Tilted to the right 45 Degrees and about a liter of water spilled out. Held it at the angle for 30 seconds and thereafter dishwasher functioned correctly.

Johnny Teixeira
May 2008

I am now a Dishwasher repair man thanks to your help! 45 degress to the right for 30 sec, out comes the water - Job Done!

January 2008

What a brilliant solution! Just performed the "Tilt'n'wait" manoevre on our 15 year old dishwasher and normal service has been resumed. Problem initially caused by a blocked drain, so worth ensuring that the water can drain all the way out before tilting.

December 2007

Very suprised and gratefull, tipped to the right, 45 degrees, 30 seconds, mega brownie points,

September 2007

wahaay, this just saved me £300 on a new d/w
45degrees tilt, now it works - even though its 7yrs old.


September 2007

I read the comments on this page with interest. Our 3220, some 10 years old, has worked perfectly during that time but when we returned from holiday the other day it was seen that the machine was no longer functioning, a load had been put in and left to its own devices as normal but next day we discovered it very hot and dry, the dishwasher liquid having been welded onto a glass which is now well and truly fogged. On inspection, little water was seen to get in but I filled it with jugs of water to see if that would help. The timer kept stalling, presumably because there was no level information coming from anywhere. But the whirling arms weren't whirling. At all. I was frightened off getting a proper repair as the machine is 10-y-o and it would cost an arm and a leg. Get a new one, I was told. Then I read your comments and pulled it out from under and laid it on its side, both sides, in fact and just for good measure back onto its RHS. Pushed it back into its niche and tried it.
Nothing. Just the same as before.
Thank you for giving me hope though, I am very much obliged.
Interestingly, I have been told that a similar "repair" can be carried out on fridges in caravans, take it out, roll it around, put it back in and away it goes again. Probably something to do with bubbles. James Herriot talks of someone curing a horse colic in a similar way. If it works, the price is right.
Thanks again.

Alan Etherington
July 2007

Thanks Folks. That fixed it. Tilt 45degrees for 30 seconds.
Isn't the internet a wonderful thing. Thats just saved me a new dishwasher.

Peter Carpenter
February 2007

Ditto. AEG Favorit 5040 pump stuck on. Pull it out, tilt it over 45 degrees until you get a puddle, put it back and job done.

December 2006

Heavy downpour this morning = poorly dishwasher. Not only has the tipping 45 degree trick done the trick, but I am no longer a useless bodger in the eyes of my wife.

Well until next time.

July 2006

I had an AEG OKO Favorit 3220 (circa 1999) with the pump stuck on.
An engineer said he wouldn't even bother coming out because the AEG spares would be so expensive, and recommended that we spend £499 on a new dishwasher, or call out AEG (minimum cost £60).
After reading this forum I pulled out the dishwasher, tipped it 45 degrees to the right, 1 pint of water came out, then I put it back.
It works. Thanks everyone.
The thought of having to hand wash dishes was just unbearable.

May 2006

I just moved mine out from under the worktop and put it back and it was fixed.

January 2006

I had the same fault and had already disconnected the unit to replace it. When moving the unit the flood water causing the fault spilt out and after reading the advice on these pages I now have a working unit again

January 2005

Something is leaking into the must find the leak or it will do it again and again.

August 2004

This may not be the solution in the long term. There is a small sump in the bottom of the machine which has a level switch in it. If there is a leak or overflow it collects in this sump. When the level is too high the switch makes and overrides the power switch and programmer etc to run the emptying pump continuously. This is described in outline terms in the manual. I have had the same problem and took the thing apart and watched it overflow into the sump on every filling cycle. Eventually the pump runs continuously until you empty the sump. Laying it on its side will do this very effectively!

I think the real problem is the level switch which stops the machine overfilling . Mine operates at 70-75mm of water (I removed and tested it, I can't describe how without a picture) but I don't know what the value should be. Do not test with water as they are designed for air operation, strange as that may sound. Air is trapped in an inverted U section of pipe and is pressurized as the water level rises eventually operating the switch and closing the fill valve.

As a precaution in case your problem isn't solved I wouldn't put the machine on and go out for any length of time, ours was running overnight when the fault occurred and it smelt mighty hot in the morning!

July 2004

We had the same problem and found it was air trapped in the outlet pipe.

July 2004

Thanks Frank,
It worked a treat! I just disconnected every thing, lay it on its side. Waited for a min or two, about half a pint of water came out. Left it for another hour just in case. Reconnected everythin and hey-presto, it worked. Saved alot of bother.

July 2004

see this link in the same group:
might work for you also, at least it did for me ;)

July 2004

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AEG dishwasher- anti flood activated but no water in dishwasher ?

Removed dishwasher from location- no water in the bottom of it - anti flood device is in correct position but every time I put it on it bleeps 3 times - what else could be causing this...

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How can I fix the problem below Model AEG Oko Favorite 40300 Dishwasher?

I have a AEG Oko Favorite 40300 Dishwaser .. If I switch the Dishwasher on the Wallpug on irrespective in what position the Programmchoice switch and the Programmswitch is on or in any position the drainpump is running anall the time .......

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My AEG Favorit 50750i is leaking water tha goes into the tray and floor l?

My trouble first started with code C3 showing on the front of the washer. Following the advice that is given on here, I found a small amount of water in the tray but a lot more on the floor. The pump was still going although no water in the machine. I cleared the small amount of water in the tray i...

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AEG F34502VI0 Pro Intensiv Favorit Flood Detection Activated but no flood!?

Hi All, Over the past couple of months, my less than three year old AEG dishwasher has been occasionally playing up. Once the programme was started, it would start the dreaded 'acoustic alarm' of three beeps with the three flashes of the End Programme light, repeatedly, with the drain pump going c...

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Thank you. This has been driving me to distraction for months. Now fixed!

May 2020

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