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How can I mend my Bosch Classixx?
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Question - mend, repair, fix

Bosch Classixx dishwasher wont fill up?

My Bosch Classixx dishwasher wont fill up, the pumps running but no water coming out and it doesnt turn off when you open the door?

January 2008

There is more help available. Mend - bosch, dishwasher, wont, fill
Need to mend your Bosch dishwasher?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

ok, check water light came on the other day, it also leaked, water off no leak water on leaks, i poured 3 boiling kettles into it, i checked all filters, inside and outside, all clean, now it doesnt leak but check water comes on and when you look under the metal mesh when ya pull up the float ya see water going in ? iv tilted it every way possible, still nothing ? thanx

Triena Duffy
February 2017

Add me to the tilt list too- worked like a charm xx Thanks all x

January 2017

Thank you soooo much. My dishwasher would not fill. Last week it had too much water in base so I emptied it out cupful by cupful. It worked. Then salt light came on so I topped up salt. Then it would not fill. So fearing the worst I looked up new dishwasher prices. But decided to trawl threads and came upon this one. Boy am I glad I did. So once I had detached the end panel of the counter with a bull bar, [the builders, surprise surprise had glued the end panel to the top r edge of the dishwasher!!], I pulled out the DW tilted both sides twice, some water leaked out from the bottom, and then slotted it back in, turned it on, and it's happily cleaning the half load that I hadn't yet washed manually!!!! THANKS!!!!

Carmel Ni Shuilleabhain Dublin
October 2015

Was about to order new dishwasher. Had checked for blocked strainer in the aqua stop. OK. As last resort googled "Bosch Classixx dishwasher won't fill up" - found tilting suggestion. Tried straight away and HEY it's working again. Thank you.

August 2015

OMG. Check water light on . Won't empty . Motor running . Getting hot . In trouble as wife on hol with sister and returning weekend . Must fix . Desperate and googled fault. Saw all your comments . Did the tip thing . It works !! It works !! You have saved my life . It's lonely in "Coventry " . I knowvive been there before .... Many times . All hail to whoever first found this fix. Saved me money and my marriage !!! Cheers . Tedley.T.Bagge .

Ted in Swindon
August 2015

Tilting the dishwasher to get the water out of the base works but realy you need to find the real fault which is causing the water to fill the base. Ps as an engineer i called at a house today to find customer had been tilting dishwasher every other week to (cure!!) the problem. Because of not getting the problem sorted properly he managed to cause damage to the main control module due components getting wet through tilting, so he now needs a knew dishwasher. So beware of all these magic fixes on the internet

Good advice
April 2015

Tried tipping to reset the float switch, cleaned the impeller pump, took the float out but nothing worked. Just about to buy a new ones when I tried cleaning the salt washer and now it all works again. Thanks for the tips

February 2015

Absolutely brilliant - Dishwasher displayed a E15 code and the "check water"symbol. Checked water inflow which was OK. Could hear pump operating- it did pump out waste water.
Found this web site and tried the left tilting bit ( tilting it right to the floor- had a couple of cups of water drain out)) and it worked.

Thanks so much

December 2014

Same as all the ones below, took a few more attempts at tilting, but worked eventually...Huge thanks.. :)

December 2014

Absolutely worked for me too!

Sean Austin
October 2014

Same problem(evac pump run continously) solve with the tilt to the left on SIEMENS SE54M570EU dishwasher
Worke like a charm!!!!Thanks guys

October 2014

Hello, I've tried all the tilts all ways several times but 'check water light ' stays on . I have also checked pipes and water is entering the machine. I have tried all cycles and reset but nothing works. Has anyone got any other ideas I can try please?

October 2014

The tilt works!!!

September 2014

Just tried the magic tipping solution and (despite highly sceptical engineer husband) it appears to have worked! Thanks you have saved us a call-out. Brilliant.

September 2014

Worked first time yay. Thank you

August 2014

I had a 2.5 years old Bosch SHE55P06 dishwasher. It worked fine but after the kitchen remodel a cycle ran and stuck at last 1 minute and there was no water filled during the entire cycle.

* Checked water supply - ok
* Filled a gallon of water manually - the cylcle started ok with draining out the standing water, but not water filled afterwards.
* Tried the left-and-right tilt a few times - it did not work.
* Pulled it out and checked/triggered the red float and bottom float as suggest by some folks in internet--- did not work.

At the end, I decided to pulled the line between water supply valve and the dishwasher - the contractor put a new FloodSafe dishwasher line.

After I put a piece of the universal dishwasher line replacement purchased from Home Depot, it fixed the problem.

The Home Depot person said there were a lot of complaints on the FLOODSAFE connection.

I am glad that now I can cancel the scheduled service call.

August 2014

The tip trick worked for us too. Awesome. Thank you!

July 2014

I had the same, tried the tilt and it worked - 3 times in 2 weeks. So decided to clean out the plastic 'matrix'. When reassembled it had the same fault - permanently.
I realised that I had inadvertently soaked the micro-switch. So I left it a day, then blew cool air over it with a hairdryer. This did the trick. Now a few weeks later and all is still fine.

Thanks for the tip, it gave me confidence to repair.

July 2014

Whilst my above dishwasher was under guarantee I called the repair men twice who could not find anything wrong. However, I suppose by moving the machine they must have had the same effect as the tilting. In the last few days had more trouble with the "check water" light on and I looked for troubleshooting tips on the Internet. I was amazed that my husband said he would try this remedial method and again, lo and behold, we are up and running. Many many thanks.

July 2014

Just found this remedy after trying to sort my Bosch dishwasher as wasn't taking in water. Thought we would have to call someone or buy another dishwasher. AMAZING. called other half about tilting dishwasher and he went straight into kitchen and tilted it left then right. HEY PRESTO it fills now. Thank you.

June 2014

OMG !!!!!!! Thank You All !!!! that person who give the advise first is BRILIANT!!!!, dischwasher is working !!!!!!!!........ Bob C wrote" Pulled out the dishwasher, tilted it over to the left (twice for good measure) and voila, fixed! I was so excited!! Without the internet I would have had to pay a repairman." .....and I was excited too;))))))

June 2014

I almost hate to say it. but it worked for me.
Check water light was on. Tipped the machine right and then left and now all is well

Andy B

Andy B
June 2014

Like all the many answers on here tipping it to the left then right has turned off the "check water light" my husband said he would have bet money that this was a wind up!! Thank you to the original post and the solution!!

June 2014

My dishwasher wouldn't fill up in the same way, tried the tipping to the left thing and now it's working again! Who'd a thunk it?! Thanks internet x

May 2014

Have a Bosch classisxx dishwasher. Wen turn it on lights up but wen press start it sounds like it does b4 water goes in then stops. Tried the tilt thing and resetting no joy. Tipped back and it came on we balanced a Board underneath but worked out the minute the pressure was taken of door by my knee it went off and was nothing to do with tilt. Thinking faulty door switch?

May 2014

Jiggled to the left and jiggled to the right, whoop whoop!

May 2014

just worked for me too.
tilt to the left and then tilt to the right
Did weak some water but small price to pay.
now on pre wash cycle, working fine.
Great result.

John Graham
May 2014

came back from weekend away, washing machine had been set to go before we left house, when we got home engine was running harshly, no water in machine and plates unwashed. I checked water in line which was ok and started to fear the worse.....then I found this thread, tilted my machine onto its left side, put it back upright, set a rinse cycle and presto, back in business!!!! delighted, thanks for advice...yipppeeee

May 2014

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Titling it worked first time!

May 2014

I'm so glad I found this thread because the fix of tilting the machine over to the left side worked for me. Luckily before I tried much else. The dishwasher was running when we shut the water off to replace a leaking water heater. Rightfully the system shut down when it wasn't getting any water but once the water supply was back on the dishwasher kept telling me to check the water supply. Pulled out the dishwasher, tilted it over to the left (twice for good measure) and voila, fixed! I was so excited!! Without the internet I would have had to pay a repairman.

Bob C
May 2014

Thank you! Delighted to have solved problem of no water with simple tilt. I needed to do it twice so don't give up after one go....also others speak of tilt to left but I felt the gurgling self-repair really got going when I tilted it to my right facing the front of the machine.

DIY disaster!
April 2014

Most pissed off when I got home from work to find the dishwasher not working, I was a bit sceptical but it worked!

March 2014

Brilliant - thanks so much interweb. Ours had stopped after we moved house. The plumber came out (who set it up) and didn't have a clue! I found this post within 2 minutes on the interweb and tipped it on one side and it started immediately! Thanks interweb, where would we be without you? - probably £200 worse off for a start!!!!!!!

March 2014

My 'check water' light was on. The tipping solution did not work. Replaced the 'impeller jug' water flow meter (£15 from Amazon). Problem solved. The tiny reed switch in the flow meter gets sticky giving an incorrect read-out. Apparently a common problem. A simple and cheap fix. The impeller jug is at the left bottom rear of the machine (looking from the front). You need to remove the outer skin - 4 screws.

Simon Powell
February 2014

Great tip. Ours had stopped after someone put washing up liquid in the soap tray. The side to side worked.

February 2014

Awesome, same problem tipped on side and bang all good.
Thanks you saved me $200 at least

February 2014

yes one big thank you. my sons dishwasher
just stoped working. came across this site phoned
him .within 5 min. he was over joyed.IT WORKS
he could not believe it . many thanks

January 2014

Bosch Exxcel Maxx, sgs43e02gb/43
Would not fill.
A big thank you to the person who posted this. The TIP trick worked perfectly, saved me buying a new pump

Rob Cook
January 2014

Someone is an absolute God. I just wish I had read this first before I waited a week summoning up the courage to attack the dishwasher, trying to take it apart, failing miserably, then realising that when the wife was losing the will to live with her first manual washing up, I could have just knocked the blinking dishwasher over onto its side, a 2 minute fix....

Thanks very, very much!

Doug Fowler
January 2014

Tilted it right and left twice and it worked for us too. God bless the internet!

The Maguire Family
December 2013

I just tried to tipping on the side trick and it worked. I feel like a hero. Problem I had was with the drain pump on all the time, even when the door was open.

Tipping on the side must have reset the float valve. Amazing. Thanks

Bob simmons
December 2013

woohoo, laughed and thought your all mad..... till I tried it and mine now works again , thanks everyone from another mad person.

December 2013

Yip tipping on it's side worked for me to, went through the book tried everything, no joy, it was just about to get thrown out the window when I gave it one more chance and have a look on the internet

December 2013

There is a God !! It works!
Thank you to the genius who discovered this!

December 2013

Worked for me too. Thank you very much. One less bill to pay for :)

November 2013

The "tip it left and right" trick worked a treat! Thanks!

November 2013

Add us to the list of people who just fixed their dishwasher by tilting it 45 degrees to the left. Bizarre!

David C
November 2013

Great tip. We had the same problem. Pump ran, then after about a minute the "check water" light came on and stayed on. Resetting turned the light off but the same thing happened again. I pulled it out, tipped it on its side, pushed it back in and, hey presto, it works again.

October 2013

Great tip just tilted to right and left now working ok thanks

Peter H
October 2013

Tried tipping to the left and right a couple of times and switched it back on ,working a treat thank you .

October 2013 works ,and to think i nearly paid a fortune to even get someone to have a look.thanks guys xxxxxxx

s toms
October 2013

Tipped it right and left just to be sure. Working like a charm again.

October 2013

Brilliant tip!
HOWEVER, after doing this I still had the problem and found it to be a much easier resolve......
It turned out to be the salt chamber collar loose, I had recently added more salt and must had loosen the collar. I presume air was getting in the salt chamber not allowing the water to pump correctly so before taking the dishwasher out of the unit please try tightening the collar below the lid of the salt chamber.
Fixed within seconds I hope!
Good luck

Martyn Humphrie-Gloucester England
September 2013

Well Blow me down it works!!!!! gave it a tip to the left and right.....hey presto dishwasher working normally.

Rach B
September 2013

Best tip ever! Worked like a dream!

August 2013

Just a tilt to the left, and then a tilt to the ri-i-i-ight! Unbelievably, it's working again!!

August 2013

Dishwashers been out of action for over a month, ordered new inlet valve, no joy.. found this link and laughed at the answer "tip it on its side"..
Anyway i thought id try and POW, its back in action.. Who would of thought it haha

August 2013

Awsome tip, bit unsure at first but worked like a charm! Saved stripping the machine. Thanks!!

July 2013

Same problem - tipped it left and right, problem fixed. Thank you :)

July 2013

The best bit of self repair advice ever. Be sure to lay it flat on its left side, rather than a half-hearted tilt. I laughed my head off when I turned it on again!

relieved white good owner of North London
June 2013

Tilting didn't work for me but thanks to the answer stream I had opened and cleaned pipes in an hour. Dirt in the inlet pipes. Many thanks for your guidance.

June 2013

What a godsend! Such a simple solution to a really frustrating problem. Worked first time for me (after hours of trying other "solutions" and washing dirty dishes). I cannot thank you enough!!!!

June 2013

Mine was the same - I tipped it to the left and re-tried - nothing happened. Then turned machine on and tipped to the left, held for 3-4 seconds and suddenly - it was working again! A brilliant tip- Thank you! x

May 2013

Check water light went on, machine would not start, only used this dishwasher occasionally, this caused capacitor to jam, should have just switched machine on rinse cycle once a week, if not filling up for wash cycle, apparently because not used frequently causes capacitor to jam, lesson learnt.

May 2013

Whoop whoop! tipping to the left has sorted the problem... and pulling it out of its slot also helped us identify the mysterious leak elsewhere in the kitchen - pipes not plumbed in tightly enough.

Popster 2013
May 2013

Thank you to the original poster of the tipping it tip. Result, my Bosch is now chugging away and full of water (Despite me having just washed up 3 days of dishes).

April 2013

Never thought it would work, but it did. Tip to the left, mop up the water and dishwasher works again, brilliant!

April 2013

Thanks, the tipping tip saved a journey to the tip.

Mark a
April 2013

all hail the tipster I owe you a beer
worked a treat thanks mate

April 2013

fantastic tipped onto its left hand side. some water came out. returned it upright and hey presto its working. Glad I looked here as I had already been to buy new water hose and washer

April 2013

Ha ha ha! Yes, it works. Tipped mine to the left, a little water came out and... it's working again! Who would have thought it? Very happy here.

April 2013

Take filter out, get A Wet/Dry Suction Vacuum in Wet Mode and suck out rubbish in outlet pipe.
Dishwasher works perfectly

Geoff Maldwyn-Jones
March 2013

TIP IT TO THE LEFT!!! It works! Very happy now! Thank you!!

March 2013

Yep It works Highly Technical

March 2013

This shake to the left worked for us too. Many thanks

P and S
March 2013

To add to the thread it worked for me as well. I did lay ot completely flat on its left side rather than tilting backwards. It was fairly small amount of water that came out. Tilting back did not work for me though, which was what I tried first.

February 2013

Brilliant!!!! I didn't believe by just rocking the dishwasher to left would make it work! I had the "Check Water" light on and the machine wouldn't fill and just kept empty pump running. Did this and worked first time.


February 2013

I have just tipped my Bosch dishwasher to the left as suggested having not worked for a week and unbelievably its now working. Lots of water came out but its working fine.

February 2013

Mines a Bosch SRS4302GB. Quick rock to the left, and hey presto washer works, saved £200 as was about to buy a new dish washer.

February 2013

Exactly the same problem -dishwasher stopped working washed up all the pots for a family of 5 for a full day and then went online and read the blogs.

I didnt think for one min it would work, but had nothing to lose so gave it a go, wow it worked, saved us a lot of money & time, shame we washed up all those pots but very relieved.

Will run it with a limescale cleaner tomorrow for safety.

Many thanks for this fantastic advice.

Mike from Manchester
February 2013

Tipped it to the left - it didn't work, so tipped it backwards, loads of water came out and then switched it on and wow brilliant it fixed the problem.

Thank you for forums like this I shall remember the tip option should it ever happen again.

Jayne - Coventry - West Midlands
February 2013

Amazing. Have just done the 'tip' trick and it WORKS, thank you

January 2013

Tried tipping on side made a puddle but actually worked !

January 2013

I know we work it hard with so many kids, but this is the silliest thing I have ever heard, BUT it works perfectly and exactly as described, complete with gurgling noises. Would be interesting to know what causes the problem...

Poor thing needed a lay down before it did what it was designed to do again.

Thanks to all who contributed to this excellent and simple result.

January 2013

Okay my husband and I thought the same as everyone else, it had to be a joke for sure. Well after trying a few different ways,dishwasher on then off then on again, finally put on the quick cycle and tilted to right as we were facing the door, it has worked! It is going through its first load and fingers crossed it will keep on working. Legendary advice.

Rachel and Andy
January 2013

The tip to the left definitely works - I moved into a rented house with a dishwasher a few months ago - stored mine and then changed it over today - had exactly the same problem and within 30 seconds of the tipping to the left, the water came through. Whoever posted this - genius. Thank you so much.

December 2012

To whoever posted the advice to tip the dishwasher to the left - our sincerest thanks - IT WORKS!!!! We've been without a dishwasher for 2 days, had the plumber out, he couldn't fix it. I was almost at the point of ordering a new dishwasher when I spotted this website. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Jo & Matthew
December 2012

I tilted my dishwasher on its side and it worked.
thanks very much!!!!!!!

December 2012

Wow, searched the net for this problem, imagine Christnas dinner finished and dishwasher gives up !!! Tried tippining it and hey presto it srings back to life.

December 2012

Stunning tip, smashed the fridge as i dropped it but it worked fine!

December 2012

I'm going to try this tipping thing tonight on my Classix. Only problem is now I disconnected the plugs from the float on the left hand side and now sure which way around to reconnect. There is a two pin plug and 3 blades to connect it to. Any ideas?

Rounded Griffin
December 2012

I have just done the "lay it on it's side" trick with my Zanussi ZD684, hey presto it works!! Merry Christmas and big thanks to How to Mend

December 2012

Tipping it worked! I found it worked when i tipped it to the left side of the machine (not your left as you look at it)...there was some water spillage and then it kicked in again! Thank you....that was a real stress as it seemed like such a simple fix!

December 2012

my husband and i thought this was a wind-up, but we tried it. tipped the dishwasher to the left then to the right. Hey presto its working, amazing

October 2012

Tilting to left brought mine back to life for me. Reminder to keep using the cleaners. Thanks

Dale Anderson
October 2012

Many thanks for the 'tipping' tip. Clearly this works for most people, but in my case the problem was due to excessive limescale buildup inside the machine and tipping the machine did not solve it.

If the tipping does not solve it for you, you may have to give some of the pipes a clean. It only takes about an hour and doesn't need any special skills.

Follow the suggestions below (esp. Nigel 2009) to remove the left side panel.

*** Make sure the electricity is off at the mains mefore going any further ***

You will see the large clear plastic pipe unit towards the rear of the left side, and a smaller separate clear float unit at the bottom of the left panel, towards the front of the machine. This contains the microswitch that controls the pumpout, and the vertical red lead bar connected to the 'famous' float swutch. If the pipes and channels inside these clear plastic units are very clogged, you should unclip them for cleaning.

Turn of the water supply first, have a tray ready to catch the spills, and take some photos first to remind yourself how it goes back together.

You will also have to unplug the microswitch cable to remove the lower float chamber. Remember which way around it goes back on.

In my case the narrow drain channel connected to the red float chamber was blocked, and the float always rose up, so switching to 'pump out'.

There's a plastic pipe connected to the bottom of the lower red float chamber. This disappears under the front of the machine. I pulled it out and cleaned it - it was completely full of limescale and so the flow was backing up all the time. But be careful - if you pull out this tube it's a bit of a job to reconnect it to the machine. You need to tip the machine back about 45 degrees and take off the white plastic fascia strip under the front door, this exploses a metal plate with 2 fixing screws. Undo this and let it hang loose on the wiring harness. You can then get your hand under the machine to re-fix the pipe.

The moral to all this - keep the salt filled up to soften your water and use a de-scaler regularly. I have now learnt!

October 2012

Fantastic - it works. Decided to try this before ordering a new dishwasher after a week of washing by hand - torture. Laid it completely on left hand side (then right for good measure then left) until water stopped coming out, (you need a lot of towels). Now hearing the familiar sound of water sloshing around. Great. Absolutely brilliant. Many thanks.

Happy NW5
September 2012

Thanks, can't believe this works but flabbergasted it did!
Happy again

September 2012

Unbelievable! Thought I'd need to buy a new Bosch slimline Classixx, came on the Internet for suggestions and read the tip about tilting the machine. We tipped it a couple of inches with no effect, then laid it completely on its side. Hey Presto!! We have a working dishwasher!!! Thank you so much :-)

September 2012

Brilliant!!!! I doubted it but I had the "Check Water" light, wouldnt fill and just kept empty pump running. Did this and worked first time.


August 2012

This is unbelievable. I have tried all week for my dishwasher to work cos it said "check water". I've cleaned the sink drain with draino, poured dishwasher cleaner down the dishwasher drain. Nothing worked. I was ready to pull my dishwasher apart but my screwdriver didnt fit which was just as well as I had no idea what I would be doing. Googled my problem and came across this site and figured well I had nothing to lose. Tipped my machine to the left and right as I was unsure which way would work depending on where I would be standing and hey presto!!!! My machine is currently going through a full cleaning cycle. Ohhh the pleasant sounds of a working dishwasher. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

August 2012

My dishwashers not heating up during each wash - can you please help?

Helen Roberts
July 2012

Just wondering do you tip this left when the machine is switched on / off????

June 2012

Thank you so much for your great advice. A load of water came out of the end and it is running now. Hope it doesn't blow the fuse box now! Will let you know.

May 2012

My bosch wouldnt fill up & i tipped to left and loads of water came out, and its filled for first bit of cycle & then wont fill again, what could be the reason for this?

April 2012

Tried this earlier today and it worked, however, Ive just put the machine on for a 2nd time and its not working again!!!
What could the cause be?

April 2012

Thanks very much-it worked!
Can't believe it did though.

April 2012

Well ours is not a classic but after trying everything and unable to get out the pink filter at the back we came in desperation online. We do have a reset button but don't know what that does. Anyway we tilted it to the left as suggested and bingo! Thank you so much. Ps we live in a very hard water area and use multi detergent tablets, and don't keep the salt reservoir filled, maybe we should in future. Genius saved us £350 for a new one or £130 for a repair man. Eek!

April 2012

This saved me 300 pounds, I've had my classic for over 8 years, it stopped filling up, I cleaned visible filters and tipped it on the side, lots of water came out, then it worked ; ) fabulous thank you

s cambridge
March 2012

Absolutely fantastic - just bought the machine second hand and was thinking I had been done ! Tipped it on its side and all working perfectly - amazing!!

Very happy lady
March 2012

Cheers just got a second hand bosch classixx and the water light came on checked hose fittings etc all ok ? done a search on the net found this site tipped it on its side, big puddle but it now works. many thanks.

February 2012

i can not belive it i have struggled for months with my dishwasher my husband said it couldnt be fixed and not waste my time. i log on here go in the kitchen and try tipping it much to my husbands annoyance as the kitchen filled with water.... 2 mins later it bursts into life... i have now a smug look on my face...and he is making me a cuppa... think a new pair of shoes are in order... to the price of a new dishwasher.thank you x:-)

February 2012

Just followed the tip left instructions and it has worked brilliantly, thank you so much!

Allison (Derbyshire)
February 2012

Check Water light would not go off and washer would not fill. Tried everything. Cleaning both pipes and anything else I could clean, disconnecting and reconnecting. . Finally went on internet and thought might as well give the tipping to the left a go.... nothing to lose... Couldn't believe it but it now works. Water all over though but who cares, don't have to wash the pots by hand now lol.... Thanks a lot the genius who posted the solution.

February 2012

Thought someone has set this forum up for a laugh to watch everyone remove everything from their dishwasher and poor water everywhere, all in the name of fun of course......however and to my amazement this tip is the best tip I've heard since "don't chop wood in a rubber dingy"

February 2012

tipping left worked for me. thanks

January 2012

That is brilliant, tipped it on its left side as you look at it and it is now working.

January 2012

Thank you so much all. Tried this wonderful tip this morning (thought d/washer was dead) and am overjoyed to say it works. Had to do it twice, but hey presto we now have it working beautifully.

January 2012

We had the same problem with our Bosch Classixx, ie it wouldn't fill with water, had the inlet hose off, tried to get the filter thing out, replaced the waste hose as it looked kinked, and were just about to call out the repair man. Then as a last resort looked on the web, found this forum, saw the answers, thought that it had to be more complicated than tipping it on its side, but gave it a go anyway. Bingo- now working perfectly!! Many, many thanks to whoever came up with the answer. Now if you can just tell me how to get the engine management light to go out on my ancient Saab then that would make my Christmas. It's been on for two years so I'm not too worried!

December 2011

Tipping to the left worked for me, saved me alot of washing up as its xmas day :D

December 2011

Thanks guys,
Mine wouldn't wash or fill. so top off, lever plastic clips at the back with a screwdriver, side off using a torx drivers. The tank was a mess all pretty mucked up, easy to clean all push fit and one c clip. when you put back together would recommend disconnecting the waste pipe at the sink waste end keep connected to the dishwasher and blowing through and flushing with warm water a few times back into the dishwasher that seemed to get the stubbon gunk out, then scoop the muck out of the base of the DS.
Struggled with the refill but tried tipping and it seemed to work also pressed the reset button, had to activate the wastegate a few times just to get the water out before the cycle was ok. This is straight forwards at you will see it bottom right with the side off just lift up with the machine one (be careful! of the electrics) and it will drain. Now perfect and quieter! and just saved myself £150!

November 2011

before coming on this forum we spent hours trying to fix ours.....tipped it on its side and voila!!! Thank you thank you thank you :) :) :)

Lynda Eales
November 2011

Brilliant! Pump running constantly with a little small jet/flow of water in the hole where the filter sits but nothing else happening. Fifteen minutes on the internet and the first and easiest thing to try was to tip it on its side to the left. Took the baskets out, tipped it nearly horizontal, half a cup of water on the floor and it's working again! Brilliant!

November 2011

Have just tried the suggested tip to the left and hey presto it works. Fantastic if not a bit bizarre. Thankyou everyone, youve saved me a call out which at Christmas is not needed.

Jane Howes
November 2011

the pump continued to run, i tipped it to the left [my left] & b--er it worked. thanks to who ever

mr v happy
October 2011

Tipping to the left worked for mine too! I thought this was a joke when I first read it! (to your left as you face it Jane)

September 2011

I am going to try this tipping suggestion but wondering if it is to the machine's left or my left as I face the machine.. ?

September 2011

Had the same problem - dishwasher was not washing correctly because it was not filling up completely and therefore leaving a residue over the plates due to the water jets not getting up to pressure.
Took out the float mechanism and gave the whole thing a clean. Then I realised that the hose from the float mechanism to the base of the unit was completely gunked up. This had been restricting the water flow and making the float mechanism kick in, stopping the dishwasher from filling up.
Got a bottle cleaning brush down there and pushed everything through - there was a blockage of grease and nasty stuff I can't even put a name to (11 years worth). Cleaned it all out, put it back together and have a dishwasher which actually works now. Whereas before I could see the float switch cutting in 5 or 6 times during a fill, it now does not kick in at all and fills up a lot quicker (and completely). In all the cleaning and disconnecting, the base of the dishwasher had a lot of water in, so I had to tip the dishwasher on its side to empty of water as described below (to the left, not the right where all the electrics are),otherwise the anti flood polystyrene float kicks in and empties the dishwasher.
Now when I open the door duringa cycle, the jets squirt out at me rather than dribble.
My understanding is that topping up dishwasher salt regularly should stop this greasy buildup, so a lessoned learned there...

September 2011

Giles is indeed correct. Side tip left till water drained (towel on floor as there was allot of water), turned it on and no slurping, changed setting and worked straight away....many thanks

Model isn't a classic either....

August 2011

Thanks for posting the tip on this board. I leaned mine to the left and it now works perfectly.

NOTE - put a towel beneath the machine before you lean it over. Mine leaked 2-3 cups of gunk onto the floor when I leaned it over.

Adam Blackie
August 2011

was thinking of scrapping it ,thought will check tinternet,tipped it on its left side for about 5 secs and machine working again,good work

August 2011

wow - i thought you lot were a wind up - cleaned all the filters - changed the water supply - nothing - tilted on its side and bingo.

July 2011

GENIUS !!!! thankyou took me minutes.

Ian Bird
July 2011

"Check water" light was on dishwasher, could hear whirring of machine but no water going in. Checked water problem there. Cleaned problem there. Turned on computer to look for engineer and found your site!!! Tipped machine onto side(left), pressed reset button and now working fine!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

July 2011

you are amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mine is back up and running, took the side panel off then pushed the blue plastic bit to the left. reset then water goes in thanks
mat june2011

Mat June 2011
July 2011

The tipping trick worked for me - the machine wouldn't pump out and sat with the pump running. Tipped to the left - all works as advertised!

July 2011

tip horizontally on its left side worked for me......many thanx. what the internet was made for.

chris stokes
June 2011

thank you, thank you, thank you so much. We have been having problems with our Bosch Classixx and have just tipped it on it's side and it works, absolutely amazing. Whoever discovered this, I love you!!!!

laura sparkle
May 2011

Advice in comment below was spot - thanks Nigel

"Next set the machine to do a normal 65% wash and after it starts push and hold the Normal and Quick buttons, the End light will come on, wait until the Normal wash light goes out and then turn the machine off.

Next , turn it back on and set it to do a rinse cycle, this should solve the problem ( It did for me)

I also ran it empty with a good dishwasher cleaner and it has been fine ever since.

Hope this helps...good luck


May 2011

Fantastic!!! Tipped my Bosch Classixx horizontally on its left side and it now works!!!

It wasn't filling up and sounded like it was trying to drain water away..but not anymore.

Thanks for your help

April 2011

yahoo please please please turn on left side!!!!!!!! had mine for 11 years been on hols and wouldnt fill just kept cutting out i love you whoever suggested tipping the machine!!!!!! IT WORKS EUREKA!!!!!!!!!

April 2011

Thanks for the advice given on this site by Dazza (Dec 2009).
We had the classic pump out of waste water, but no imput of clean water problem. We tried the leaning over to the left of the machine as advised on this page, followed by the ‘Reset’ regime, but that did not seem to work for us properly. We took the top off by pushing the plastic lugs at the back and pushing forward and lifting it off. Then unscrewing the left side cover with a small flat ended screwdriver which fitted nicely in the star shaped holes in the two screws.
This exposed the red float, and lever to work it, at the bottom of the plastic waterflow gubbins.
We filled the bottom of the machine with water, turned the machine to normal setting, did the ‘Reset’, pressed the on button, then as the waste water flowed through we held up the float lever gently to release the gunge in the float chamber which was holding the float down. The gunge moved but did not disappear but it did release the float which operated the solenoid attached to it. That appeared to do the trick. All has been working now for the last ten washes. Long may it continue to do so.
PS. Keep the machine topped up with salt, rinse liquid, and use dishwasher cleaner at regular intervals. It helps to keep the sticking gunge at bay.

Arty Vic
April 2011

thank thank you thank you - had tried reset then tried your tip and tilted it - now working perfectly!!

March 2011

I wish I had checked here before taking my Classixx apart! A simple cant to the left and everything working fine again - thanks for the tip.

Mark H
March 2011

Tipping horizontal (to the left in my case) WORKS. So simple. Great tip. Thanks all

March 2011

We tipped ours as well, thank you so much as now it works again

March 2011

Haaaaaaa!!!!!!! We tilted the dishwasher and now it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joy, euphoria etc.

Jackie WGC UK
March 2011

Tipping, yes it worked for my 6 year old Classixx today.

February 2011

OMG !! What brilliant advice about the tipping - my dishwasher was not filling up nor was it washing - it was on constant 'on' - and would not switch off - i gave up and stopped using the dishwasher for over 5 months - until i was on the verge of calling an engineer (which i cannot afford!!) - i tried the tip and tipped the machine nearly horizontally left - water did come out - and now it is working perfectly - now why do they not tell you this on the troubleshooting section in the manual - i guess they want us to fork out on an expensive engineer - thank you so much:)

February 2011

The Tip Trick......Fab solution......fixed it a treat, just be prepared for lots of water on the kitchen floor!

January 2011

The 'TIP' tip is great, problem solved, THANK YOU!!!

January 2011

The 'tipping' tip has worked again for me, saving many £££s. Thanks!

January 2011

thanks all, saved myself a few quid

leant to the left, a little water drained and works again

was ready to buy new one

robert from horsham
December 2010

Just to say thanks.
A couple of weeks ago, the problem was solved by tipping the machine on its left side for about 10 seconds.
Today, similar problem, and tipping didn't work. However, it was solved when I noticed the dial was set at 'Reset 3 secs' - move the dial to where it should be and bingo.

Thanks again.

Mike Smith
December 2010

You lot are brilliant! We've just ripped half the kitchen cabinets apart to get to our integrated dishwasher to find out why it wasn't working. We tried the 'tip' tip and its worked a treat! Lots of water came out the bottom and now its working for the first time in a week. Brilliant. Wasn't looking forward to trying the longer tip on taking the lid off but was fully prepared to do this before I called an engineer out. Why doesn't the manual say to try this rather then cleaner the filters?!

Annie S
November 2010

Trully amazing! The machine really works after the tilt! Thanks everyone!

Sarah R
October 2010

Oct 2010.Pump running constantly no water going in. Cleaned all the filters looked at the inlet hose and outlet.Was so desperate looked at instruction manual! and then on line. Could not find the float or associated parts [that seemed to be next step as your helpful site suggested] so tipped dishwasher to left almost horizontally and HOORAY now working fine. Some water leaked out from underneath front when we tipped it ;and in first few mins of cycle; but now all OK

October 2010

Stunning. Thank you for the suggestion about tipping the machine on its side. Worked a treat (!?!?!)

September 2010

I have just finished taking the float value out an cleaning out the gunck. Thanks for the helpful advice on this post in telling us where the thing it in the first place. Now working perfectly!

September 2010

Thanks so much! Just about to bite the bullet and buy a new dishwasher (which I can't afford) ... tired the 'tip' tip and it's worked.

August 2010

my dishwasher is full of water and it does not seem to be doing anything at moment but it seems to be on and just the first 2 lights appear

denise anderson
July 2010

I wont to change discharge pump but cant get to it

July 2010

nigel from 2009. Your a gem. You just saved me a couple hundreed dollars. Your answer worked like a dream.

thanks agian

June 2010

Just had exactly the same problem, cleaned all filters etc. Pump still whirring away and dishwasher not filling. Tipped onto its side (not all the way over) and now it works! Thanks for the tip!

May 2010

Great tip about the tilt. Had virtually rebuilt the machine and was running out of patience. Read the suggestion and seconds later we were back in business. Absolutely brilliant. Son-in -law Joseph had just cooked Carribean lamb for 20 and we were in serious need of the mechanical aid. One inch seemed to make all the difference. Wonderful/

desperate house husband -ben ten
May 2010

tipping the dishwasher on its side appears to have worked for me also!! simple but effective

March 2010

Just had same symptoms: Model No SGS55C02GB

Downloaded user manual from Bosch UK website - cleaned the drain per user instructions (Torx 20 screwdriver required). Made no difference. Clearly not a blockage inside the chamber.

Looked for spare parts guide on Bosch website - (it is a handy guide to the machine's layout)

Following tips on this page, and referring to parts diagram, removed left side panel (again you need a Torx 20 screwdriver bit).

Identified problem as silt/soapscum/scale clogging a float chamber,

When lifted by water, the float raises a lever that operates a microswitch, which activates the 'Out' pump.

Float was stuck in the 'Up'/'On' position.

At first thought I would need a new chamber - then realised it was easy to remove, dismantle and clean it (with a little care and a flat screwdriver, you can prise the top off it and snap the microswitch in/out of place).

Made a note of how the parts were assembled (camera phone - dead handy)

Took about an hour to strip, clean and reassemble the machine.

Machine is fine now

Result :-)

March 2010

Tipping machine slightly to one side worked for me also. Machine was not filling at all, had checked all filters etc and was going to call an engineer. Now seems to be working fine. Thanks for the tip.

Desperate housewife
January 2010

Mine was not filling up. Tipping on one side worked a treat. Thanks a lot.

January 2010

Had the same problem when I came back from holiday. It looks like the machine had filled completely when we were away whilst turned off. This was due to me turning off the water before I went away to stop burst pipes but not closing the supply to the dishwasher with slowly filled up over 4 weeks and overflowed into the base of the machine.

There is an overflow inside the dishwasher chamber which then fills the bottom case of the machine with water. The 'red' reset value inside the left side panel which turns the pump on and off sits on it's own float in this bottom case.

I could see that if the machine runs and overflows the water would fill the bottom case and override the pump valve so that the pump is always on and the chamber is emptied.

In my case when I turned the machine on the pump was always running and would never fill. I tried all the other points mentioned - which is a good exercise anyway!

Finally with nothing working I noticed the reset valve was always on and not as the previous solution said in the off position. On closer inspection I could see the float for this valve was sitting in water and would never turn off.

I had to then empty the dishes and shelves and turn the machine on it's side to let all the water out of the bottom case. Once done the valve now sat down in the off position and the machine works perfectly.

January 2010

yes same problem for me, just cleaned out the bottom drain and filter and everything worked fine again, I thought a pump or something in that area had given up, the machine is quite old but it just needed a little spring clean. I had already been looking at replacing the machine till I looked at this site and hey presto
many thanks to all suggestions

December 2009

Excellent! fixed the dishwasher! Many thanks!!!

December 2009

Just had the same problem after moving house. The answer to my problem was this, take the lid off the dishwasher (There are two clips at the back, push them in with a screwdiver and lift the lid, then slide it forwards and it will come off)
Next undo the two screws at the front of the left hand panel and remove the panel.

(Please make sure that you do not put anything near electrical connectors!!!!!)

You will see a clear plastic box with pipes in it and below at the front a red plastic trip activator.

Take the filters and trays out of the machine and fill it with hot water, then with the door closed, lift the red plastic activator, this will start the pump and you will see the water pumping out. When completely empty stop let go of the activator.
You may see black deposits at the top of the plastic box and in the red float chamber, I tapped here gently to remove the worst.

Next set the machine to do a normal 65% wash and after it starts push and hold the Normal and Quick buttons, the End light will come on, wait until the Normal wash light goes out and then turn the machine off.

Next , turn it back on and set it to do a rinse cycle, this should solve the problem ( It did for me)

I also ran it empty with a good dishwasher cleaner and it has been fine ever since.

Hope this helps...good luck

November 2009

Try giving the filters a good clean. My bosch was not filling up with water so I cleaned the filters and checked the drain hole underneath. I found a piece of sweetcorn completely blocking the hole so I picked it out, put the machine on the rinse setting and it worked!

September 2009

Hi anyone got any digrams/pictures of how to access this area. I think I have the same problem... Water going to machine but not filling ??

June 2009

How did you get the screws off? Normal screwdriver is not working?

April 2009

Peter's advice is spot on - I had exactly the same problem recently, and unscrewed the plastic housing around the pump unit (under the normal removable filters) and gave it a good clean. A small piece of paper was stuck in there, and having removed it, the dishwasher works like new - saving me ~£300 for a new one. Cheers Peter !

April 2009

I have the same problem now- did you get it resolved! Bob

November 2008

Before first filling in a wash cycle, the machine empties out any water already inside. It thinks it needs to keep pumping out water as it is not correctly detecting that it is empty. The problem may be related to a dirty 'float valve' which is located in a plastic moulding under the left hand side cover. This moulding has a network of waterways. One is an upside-side-down U, that carries the drain water. Near the top, there is a float valve. This area can get dirty, and thus this 'float valve' may not be operating correctly.

February 2008

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