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Question - mend, repair, fix

what does the F61 error code mean on my Panasonic SA-HT75 Home Sounds syste?

Make: Panasonic
Model: SA-HT75
Name: DVD Home Theater Sound System
Error Code: 61

How can I fix it?

Michael Warren
June 2005

Need to fix your Panasonic DVD Player?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Sorry little correction Transistor Number: q952
No more problems on Panasonic SA-AK310
Dead transistor: C102 ( Q952 )
Installed: A933
All works fine :)

July 2017

No more problems on Panasonic SA-AK310
Dead transistor: C102 (q152)
Installed: A933
All works fine :)

July 2017

Had the f61 error on my unit also. I disconnected the rear fan from the unit still plugged in getting power but just laying on the table where my unit is and no more error as yet. Left the unit on for about an hour or more until it heats up then i turn it off i dont want any more problems lol. It is definitely the fans will have my replacements soon. I realize running the unit with the fans laying down probably isnt the best idea but there are so many different answers on the net with a wide range of possibilities to fix the error my unit is the SA -HT545 great unit apart from this issue

April 2017

It works fine when it is not to loud, but when I want to turn the volume up, the fan starts to work hard for a few seconds and i get the F61 error. I think this happened when the back fan stopped working and I changed it. So bothfans are spinning but I can't play loud music.

March 2017

I have a panasonic sc- pt150, had a problem shows f61. I follow above mentioned cleaning procedure, wonder it really worked, tnx .

November 2016

I had the F61 error code on my panasonic sa-ak25, and i think i solved the problem by disconnecting internally the flat cable to the cd changer which was not working anyway since several years.

September 2016

on my SA-DT100 there is 2 boards behind the fan linked with a flat ribbon. Contacts was loose so removing and putting it back solved the problem.

July 2015


May 2015

Hey everyone,
I've got the Panasonic SA-HT855 DVD home theatre sound system, bought it in 2007.
Sound like we all been going through the same thing with this error, like many of you I used to blow it and have the dust blow in my face too! lol, then I used to vacuum it and then it worked. after a while I had to open it up, take out the side fan and back fan and clean them up and then the error would go, a couple of months ago that fix no longer worked, had to replace the side fan which only cost £2 and it came from china, and then the back fan would no longer move no matter how much I cleaned it, I thought I would have to replace it but I didn't thanks to Bill's post, I peeled of the sticker and put a quick spray of WD40 it then started spinning freely, I now have a working system again.

March 2015

I have SA-HT441,home theater,and the rear fan was sticking,causeing f61 error.The fan wasn't dirty,so I unsnapped it from the housing,and peeled off the label,and put a drop of 3 in 1 oil,in it.Problem solved,without buying a new fan.Works fine,now.

February 2015

i get a problem when i turn the unit on... and Hello F61 error error on the display. Unit turns itself off after a few seconds.
How can i solved this problem?

October 2014

i open it i clean it and change the amp and still does show f61..what can i do?

August 2014

In my case, just opening the unit and cleaning the fan worked fine. Thanks for your help guys.

July 2014

Thanks to ....
did the ol' Nintendo 64-style remedy. That is, blowing with all my might on the fan and having the dust blast back into my face. This fixed the F61 error though.

Its worked right away to clear F61 error.

Good thread - lots of help.

thanks for help
May 2014

my sa-ht75 panasonic i got F61.. how to fix

mark v
May 2014

hello you all guys. Thanks your answers really help me. Mine is a panassonic SA-VK50. When I switch it on it turns off in 3 seconds by displaying f61 on the display. I change the IC power amplifier and it works.Thanks all of you gus

May 2014

I'm having the same problem. fan seems to work ok.
I've taken apart my unit (actually an AK340) and can't find the 501 or 502, to check to solder. Can anyone tell me where the IC 501 or IC502 chips are? I'm a bit of a novice in electronics, but I can solder and R&R stuff. Just don't know what i'm looking for, and can't find a good picture of it online.

December 2013

The error code f61 it seems is due to the fan cutting out, i opened up the case and pushed down on the 3 wires on the connector and re-seated them, they were not seated properly, try this instead of installing a new Fan.

October 2013

Removed the outer casing and vacuumed the fan, all is ok now. Thanks for the advice.

April 2013

thank u guys for these pieces of information, had this f61 problem, I open the case, dusted , realise the fan at the back was not turning, got it out cleaned and was fine again

November 2012

i had the same issue, i almost bought the IC amplifier but then i thought of isolating which part is causing short circuit first. i tried to remove each ribbon cable connected to the main board and the cable coming from the transformer. after putting back all the cables, the unit miraculously powered on.

looked to me like problem got reseated.

May 2012

My panasonic SC-VK 91d powers but goes off after a few second with the code F61 flashing on the display? how can I fix this because the technician have failed to sort the problem for 4 weeks now.

January 2012

f61 comes up cleaned both fans they come on 4 10 seconds then fans and f61 turn off wat to do ?

December 2011

you can replace the side fan with a micro computer fan from radio shack 40mm or 1-9/16 direct fit 12 bucks

September 2011

check the sound output ic and the fun

Steven Alikuleti Zambia
September 2011

1.Speakers hooked up incorrectly or to speakers not recommended by manufacturer requiring more power-especially if using alot of BASS ( wires if touching might have shorted unit ).
2.Internal cooling fan non operational ( probably due to dust ).
3.Amplifier-or chips related to it- burnt out (usually due to playing music too loud for an extended period of time ).


1.Hook the factory speakers up correctly ( hopefully it's not too late for this ).
2.Take cover off blow dust off fan ( or take unit to a trusted person to do so-might need replaced ).
3.If you are like me and love the BASS you probably fried the amplifier while jamming the music with 15" subs-especially if the subs started to sound odd on the hard bass notes for maybe 10 seconds before it completely stopped working. Solution; buy another unit that IS designed to work with BASS and then you won't be in this situation again.A grown man crying due to his music blowing up,is not a good site to see-it can also be embarrassing jamming some Public Enemy and having it make all kinds of weird noises right before meltdown-LOL.......good luck......

September 2011


August 2011

I did the ol' Nintendo 64-style remedy. That is, blowing with all my might on the fan and having the dust blast back into my face. This fixed the F61 error though.

Thanks for the help guys!

June 2011

I took off my audio power module, and replaced the thermal compound. When I turn it on it gets to Init then F61 shows up

May 2011

Tested my fan off line - works fine. No power to the fan circuit so unit is very hot. Any advice?

May 2011

I opened up my Panasonic portable stereo system and blew the dust out but also noticed a Fuse blown. The only fuse inside the compartment had " F1 125w 2A " labeled next to it. THE FUSE WAS BLOWN !! Just change the fuse ! Hope this helps everyone. :^}

April 2011

Hello fellow F61 sufferers. I have just done as instructed, removed the top, cleaned the two fans until they were dust free and to my absolute excitement it worked. No more horrid humming and no more F61 error. :)

April 2011

I just sprayed the back of my system with the electronic duster and now it works

February 2011

I have a SA-HT540 with a F61 code that came out of the blue. Half a dozen screws to undo the top cover and hoovered the fans and anything else that looked like it needed it. (It would probably work adequately well without removing the cover, there is a fan vent at the rear near the power, and one at the right hand side.)

Works fine now. Thanks for the tip.

Sid James
January 2011

thx for your comments they were fantasicoo it now works :)

December 2010

Thanks! I just cleaned the fan and will see if it works here in a few minutes.

November 2010

This code is caused by the rear electric fan malfunctioning. I had the same problem and after replacing the fans my unit works like new. I called panasonic to order the fans because these type of fans you can not buy out of any store. The rear fan is also an upgrade to a better bigger fan. Part numbers are: L6FAJCCH0007 $19.12 (side fan) RFKZHT540E $28.35 (Rear fan) total shipped to me was $61.43. I hope this helps everyone that gets this error. Dont throw out a good unit or waste money paying someone to replace this fan. it took all of ten minutes to replace.

November 2010

also none of these errors are manufactures faults if the fans r the problem your house is too dirty i suggest dusting once in a while, if the chip has blown you have had the volume cranked up to high to often (can also fail on its own but not common) i fix these for a living the most common cause of these problems is dirt, dust and cockeroaches. the cleaner the area around your home theater the longer it will last

November 2010

the F61 error on panasonic home theatres can mean 1 of only 3 things, its either you have the wrong speakers plugged into the wrong port (yes apparently this matters check correct speaker placement), the fans are not working at all or working poorly (simply clean with circuit board cleaner or replace fan you may have 1 or 2) if none of the above then you have the worst one wich is one of your power amplifier IC chips somewhere on the main circuit board has died (good luck fixing that one) obviously varies from model to model this is based on th SA-HT545 and the SA-PT450

November 2010

I just replaced the fan on mine, as I had the same error, and it works now.

November 2010

Wow, there is a varied view on what F61 means. I went with the majority view that it has something to do with the fans. My SA-HT545 has two fans and on one the blades were densely covered in dust. Cleaning both fans and this has resolved the problem. Thanks all.

September 2010

i have teh same system and it shows the f61 error and turns off why??? should i just sell it ? i payed alot but ill sell for 100 lol

ready to learn
September 2010

I have the SC-HT940 ht in a the f61 error a while back. Cleaned the fans like some suggested, seemed to fix the issue. F61 kept coming back. I finally today decided to get off my lazy butt and troubleshoot a bit more. Process of elimination always works. I had a bad HDMI cable that was causing the f61 error. Got a new cable and problem gone.

September 2010

my fan works fine when on external 12 v power . . . but when connected to the unit does not work and the F61 error still persists . . any suggestions ?

August 2010

hi every one i read up on Panasonic fault code F61 on
panasonic surround sound system DC-HT540/HT990
pwople said it was dust on fan i just put my hover
on the fan at back its fine now

Vic Stretton
August 2010

i have a sa-ak300 and getting the f61 error, so i have to look at the fan, but if i take the caseing off, where is the fan?

May 2010

Fantastisch, vanuit Holland.
Inderdaad de ventilator eraf halen, schoonmaken en de boel weer in elkaar zetten.
ik heb trouwens de SA-HT70 en had dus ook de F61 melding.
probleem opgelost, bedankt!!!

May 2010

lol i just smacked mine around a bit and it worked for awhile. I have the Panasonic SA-HT95 and i'm getting the error code 61. So i just smacked it around a bit and bam it worked. But i from what i'm reading i suppose i should clean the fan.

Cody paulsen
May 2010

I have SC-HT640W system.The receiver shows F61 message sometime and have constant buzzing noise when i turned on.The F61 messages are not always there and the system is working fine when it can be turned on. I will try to check the fan first?Any suggestion

May 2010

My unit SA DT100 had the same F61 problem. Open the hood, put one hand yout back to prevent electrocution and power it on. The fan turned quite slow wit a grinding noise. I replaced the fan (specs 4x4x1 cm 12V 0.2A) with another fan (specs 4x4x0.5 cm 12V 0.09A) and the unit is working fine again.

I hate fans in audio
May 2010

I took the advice given on here and dismantled the unit cleaned the 2 x fans and now it is working fine thank you every body .The inter net really is a wonderful thing

Pete T
April 2010

Replace the fan at back. It will work fine. This is an issue with all panasonic systems.

March 2010

Got the F61 error message on my SAHT 990; turns out when i opened it up, the adhesive they had used on parts of the chip board had melted onto a wire supplying the amp, Cleaned it up and it's working fine now

March 2010

Protection Surchauffe souvent due a l'encrassement ou la panne du ventilo arriere

February 2010

If anyone wants to avoid buying an ICU501 and the costs of getting it repaired etc, i have a fully working sub/amp unit for the saht870. let me know if you wish to buy this from me. cheers Paul

Paul Singh
February 2010

This thread is great, I had same issue with my dvd player, I just cleaned the fans and it works great now. Thanks for saving me lot of money.

February 2010

Paul Singh, your fault is more likely to be the power amp, IC501 (I think). 61 is overheating and an amp failure can give a false positive for this.

February 2010


February 2010

I have a Panasonic Home Theater SA-HT441.

The display shows a F61 Error.

I checked the Speaker conection and they are righ.

Is there any way of reset the equiptment

January 2010

i get a VERY loud buzzing sound when i turn the unit on... and a F61 error on the display. Unit turns itself off after a few seconds.
and clean my both fan,and dont worked.i clean many times,but dont worked.
plz help my

January 2010

Thank you so much! I unscrewed the fan and cleaned it with Q-tips! It works like new!

A Happy Fellow
December 2009

F 61 error means the failure of FAN
most probably dust in the fan made it to stop working so clean the dust and connect the fan to an external supply of 12v(using red and black wire) for 5 minutes and reconnect it to the unit otherwise replace the fan with new one
surely this will solve the problem
this work for me fine on my panasonic SA PT 150 home theatre system

Linto Thomas
November 2009

Paul Singh was right. I removed the 12v fan on the back of the unit and cleaned really nicely with Q-tips, popped it back in, and it fired right up like a charm. The problem seems to be that the fan blades are catching on dust particles on the inside of the fan shroud. The slightest little catch, and the fan motor shuts off, henceforth causing the amp to power down to escape overheating.

October 2009

what does the F61 error code mean on my Panasonic SA-HT75 Home Sounds syste?

October 2009

i have the PANASONIC SA HT 870 DVD HOME THEATRE SOUND SYSTEM. i changed the cables to thicker better quality ones. since then i get a VERY loud buzzing sound when i turn the unit on... and a F61 error on the display. Unit turns itself off after a few seconds.
no one else has mentioned the loud buzzing noise in their descriptions.
my fan seems fine. What could be my problem?
many thanks

Paul Singh
September 2009

It's the fan. The fan must function for the unit to run at all - there's some kind of fail-safe in it. I opened up the case, tried cleaning both fans, but saw one didn't spin easily. I ordered a new one from the panasonic web site, installed it, and now everything works fine. The fan is about $16

Mrs K (an old blind lady)
September 2009

cooling fan or fans not working clean or replace the 12 volt 3 wire fan

August 2009

Clearing the dust off the fan of my Panasonic
SC-HT990 worked a treat!
Many thanks

August 2009

I know EXACTLY how to fix it my dad did this to mine...carefully take it outside when there is a nice breeze and straight up body slam it into the ground. =] Worked for me.

I fix things fast
June 2009

i was fix f61 at sa-ht340 dvd player with fan cleaning

December 2008

if it show the f61 error, open your dvd cover and clean your fan. i m sue it will work cuz datz the same think happend 2 me.


June 2008

I have a similar unit about 18 months old...just wouldn't start and gave me the F61 code. I opened it up and found that the fan on the back was not running properly...the fan's circuit feeds back info to the cpu that it is running...when not it shuts the system down. I powered the fan externally with a 20v power source and ran it for a while off the red and black wires (the yellow wire must be the feedback)and re-installed it. All is working fine...but I'll go out and buy a new FAN.

April 2008

Take the case off and clean out the fan, it worked for me, it was the protection circiut kicking in to prevent the amp from blowing.....

March 2008

I took the my radio to technician and he only change one transistor A1267Q and now its working fine

February 2008

power supply
what I have found, is most of the time power plug on back of unit is not getting good contact
wiggle plug while turning on unit, until it stay on then it will run thru change disk

January 2008

it is not working

May 2007

F61 just equal 'power fault'
Generally a fault with either audio power amp ic (IC 501) or power supply ic IC 502.

As both said ICs get very got first remove bottom steel grill and with the power off and capacitors drained (shorted together with a low ohms resistor or leave unit powered down for a few hours) resolder the ICs legs if there are any signs of cracks aka dry solder joints.

February 2007

olusola adedeji: Which relay did you replace?

December 2006

After unit dropped showing F61 fault located to disconnected Tuner bourd causing no supply to Cd player after reinserting bourd and straightening connectors on bourd unit A ok

Mark Harrington
May 2006

How would you fix this problem?

February 2006

It is a group or general fault.i had this problem also on my set and have just rectified it yesterday.procedure: I isolated cassette deck by unplugging its power supply on board,then power on.did the same for tuner and CD in turn.whichever one is responsible ,when removed will clear the my own case the fault was on the main power board.i de-soldered the power on relay ,tested it outside with battery,i noticed that the switching contact was failling ,so i had to change the relay.immediately the F61 disappered and my set came back to life.Dont forget to change your supply socket & plug partial contact is always responsible for this kind of problem.for further info you can mail me
i am an Electrical engineer working for a german company in Nigeria.

olusola adedeji
January 2006

what does the F61 error code mean on my Panasonic SA-HT75 Home Sounds syste?

Vladimir Vandija
June 2005

Missing supply voltage to audio output IC, maybe due to faulty output IC, overcurrent protection active or faulty fan.

June 2005

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