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Question - mend, repair, fix

How do I get rid of the beeps on a Neff S5443 Dishwasher?

When the cycle is finished on our dishwasher it starts to beep & drives me crazy! Please how do I turn it off?

February 2008

Need to mend your Neff dishwasher?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Thanks Pete, have tried it and hopefully no sound the next time it ends it's cycle! Now,if you could jsut tell me how to stop the beeping on my inbuilt microwave...

April 2013

Sheer genius - solved my problem, thanks Pete!

June 2012

download the neff instructions from the neff website by putting the model numder in. follow the manual and hey no more bleeps

December 2011

For the Neff inbuilt model (No led display and no delayed timer)S5443X1GB.

Power off the unit
Now hold down the 55 wash option button
Turn on the unit again with the 55 button still depressed

the Led light for the 55 button will now be flashing. Press it to turn the alarm on an off. it will beep constantly when the alarm is on.


John Vocking
May 2010

If you cannot locate the manual for some reason you can cancel (or restore) the end alarm as below:

Press and hold down one of the function buttons (this will vary depending upon the age and model of the machine). It could be the Eco 50, Quick 35/45 or the Time Delay button. If you chose the wrong button it will do no harm but if you do change an existing setting make sure that you restore it before doing anything else.

Whilst holding the button down press the Power or Start button then release the function button.

If there is no LCD display on the machine the LED above the button will flash, if you have an LCD display it will show a number between 0 and 3. With the former pressing the function key will turn the alarm on and off, with the latter pressing the function key will change the alarm volume, 3 being loud and 0 being off.

Press the Power or Start button again and your chosen setting will be saved.

Mark Speers
September 2009

Thank you thank you thank you

November 2008

From the Neff Manual under the section entitled "End of program"

"The end of program is indicated by a buzzer. This function can be changed as follows

Hold down the time delay programme button and switch on the main switch, then release the buttons. The time delay button flashes and the digital readout indicates the value 2 (loud) which was set at the factory.

To change the setting press the time delay programme button. Each depression of the button increases the set value by one; when 2 is reached, the display jumps back to 0 (off).

Switch off the main switch and the set value is stored in the appliance"

Hope this helps....mine has been driving me nuts for years. Thought I'd read the manual back to front and had never found anything. Then just two nights ago I had to read the manual again for somethign else and this jumps out at me, DOH!

March 2008

if you find out how to turn it off please let me know, it drives me mad and I can't turn it on at night as it wakes me up!!!
Thanks a lot

sandy bowers
March 2008

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Help wanted!
Thank you so much! Worked with my ancient machine.

Sep 2019

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