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How come my flute won't play in the low octave?

My flute won't play the lower octave, and most of the notes come out high. Also, my G ends up sounding like an F# when it is actually playing in the right octaves.
I have a Selmer usa fl300

February 2008
Check the cork inside the head joint is in the right position. If you dont have a proper rod, mark 17mm from the end of a pencil, put the pencil inside the head joint, and the mark should appear exactly half way across the embrochure hole. If it isn't, adjust the position of the cork so that it is.

January 2009
It sounds as if you have some serious adjustment problems. This is best left for a professional repairman.

IF the springs are correctly placed and the pads are in good shape the Flute should play in all octaves. It may be user error.

December 2008


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