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Question - mend, repair, fix

"no disc" and "H02" error?

I have a SA HT75 Panasonic dvd home surround sound system
just recently it quit working and I get a "no disc" display and sometimes an error code "H02" when I try to play a dvd.

Tyson Mueller
July 2005

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

If you are hesitating on trying this, don't hestitate, do it! I'm not very handy, and this still worked like a charm in 4 minutes. Assuming I'd have to spend $40 for a functional replacement, that's a pretty good payday :). On my player, however, you cannot put the cover back on, and the solution is simple. I had to make the tabs at the front of the case (on top, about 1/4 of the way in from the front) rest on top of the case instead of slotting back in to where they go. All five screws go back in, but there is less pressure on top of the drive (which seems to stop the white disk from spinning). I was too afraid to try lubing it. Will try that next if needed. Thanks so much!

November 2012

Hello, I have a Panasonic ST-DT100 9 years old.
It suddenly stopped playing discs (DVD and CD).
After research on forums, it was suggested the spindle motor that spins the disc.
I opened the player up, and tried to give the disc a push to kick start the motor. but this did not work.
So I moved to plan B. I removed to innard sections to get at the motor itself.
See guide...
The above guide helped me take apart the inside section of the player. the guide is not for a ST-DT100, but Panasonic's are all the same on the inside.

Once I could get at the spindle motor, I put a small amount of WD40 on it. Then plugged it in and gave it a push whilst powered up.
It started to spin!
So I put it all back together, and I have my DVD player back and operational again.

So don't chuck your player just because you see this error, get some screwdrivers out.

Maxwell Tsu-Araujo
December 2011

Well I'm sure this would all work just great....IF...I could get the dang cover off. One of the 7 screws is sooo tight that I've now stripped it. Great. Now what?

October 2011

I found this link (with pictures of disassembly) to be most helpful regarding the lubrication of the spindle. However, after performing the procedure I still get the error--so it's time for a new Blu-Ray player...Darn! ;)

Cameron Scott
February 2010

Hey Guys, I just wanted to say thanks so much for the tip kick starting the plastic wheel on DVD player. I couldn't believe it when it started working and we were about to just throw this out and get a new one. You saved us time and money, not to mention the headaches...Take care

May 2009

Got the HO2 error on my (5 yr old?) Panasonic S35 DVD player tonight. Followed the instructions on this site and fixed it! It's easy to take the lid off (5 screws). Once you do that, plug it in, open the tray with the remote, put in a DVD,close the tray, and then give the white plastic wheel on the top a gentle little nudge to get the disc spinning.

(Yes - the HO2 message means the disc isn't spinning -it's not about the lens or the laser - you can tell that's the case, by the way, because the rotational position of the DVD will never change as it goes in and out, even though the graphic on the screen (next to the "READ" lights) implies the dvd is spinning...)

chris h. (milwaukee)
May 2009

I appreciate the info on this posting. I got the H02 error on my SC-HT75 and I was able to play a DVD by taking the top off and giving the DVD a little push. That's all it took to get the motor spinning. If the problem occurs again, I'll try lubricating the motor shaft.

May 2009

Panasonic Home Theatre HT SA75. This is the year 2002 5 DISC CHANGER model (TOTALY POINTLESS) Following the No Disc message I took off the lid off and r4 screws to lid of DVD player and on manually kick starting the disc it now spins and plays. I put a tiny drop of oil (WD40) on the motor spindle as mentioned above...we shall see how long this all lasts....

September 2008

I'm getting an H02 error code for CDs and DVDs on my panasonic SA-HT855 cinema surround sound system - have tried all the usual fixes - hitting it, swearing at it, head cleaning, oiling, restarting etc etc....

any more ideas anybody? really don;t want to replace the player, as last time i couldn't get the unit separately, and had to replace all my speakers as well!

June 2008

Hi, this link has great information, applies to H02 and H07 messages.

April 2008

Sadly the website on how to lubricated the motor's shaft with a dab of mineral oil and now it is again reliable. AKA this link:

is no longer there. Anyone know where else I can find this info on how to lubricate the spindle moter?

March 2008

I fixed my DVD player with the posted info, but it still makes a little noise and has a hard time starting the DVD.

Should I replace the motor?

What would be the best part for my SA-HT75 Panasonic player?

Thank you so much for the help. I am in Germany and have a hard time communicating with them sometimes. I did it my self and saved some Euro.

February 2007

"no disc" on an alba dvd114 was resolved by checking on laser and lens alignment. the unit would accept a cd disc ok, indicating an alignment problem, because tracks on a cd are wider then a dvd, allowing a greater margin of error. gentle checking on the firm seating of the lens and cleaning were tried. the plastic surrounds and mountings were checked by gentle pressure for any dislodgement. in the course of these actions something was done that resulted in a complete cure, but it is not possible to say exactly what.

May 2006

I'm going to try the suggested repairs noted above. My unit is the Panasonic DVD-S31S, the 'Costco' version of the S35. Just last night I got the 'H02' and ' no disc' errors when playing a DVD. But the weird part is that the unit will play CDs after taking a long time to read them.

May 2006

I lubricated the motor's shaft with a dab of mineral oil and now it is again reliable. Got the idea from

Mine is also an SA-HT75. The disassembly only takes 5 or 10 minutes. The model he has photos of in that thread is different, but the principle is the same.

It is worth saying that I had the drive tray ejected during the procedure (powered off while ejected) and did not need to remove the motor assembly from the case - the shaft was accessible when the opened case was tilted slightly to one side, for entry with an oil nozzle.

Andrew Maxwell
February 2006

I did something very naughty, and took off the lid...gave the cd in the cradle a spin, then put the lid back on.....and it now works...last time i got it fixed by a repair centre and i got a $A180 bill and a new motor.

November 2005

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