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Does Windows XP Home have a Backup Program?

Previous versions of Windows have all had a Backup Program included as part of the Operating System. Does Windows XP Home Edition have a Backup Program? If yes, how do you access it because I can't find a Shortcut to it on my PC.

Dan Heen
July 2005

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Go to accesories, system tools and file and settings wizard, this will transfer all you files (not os) to the hard drive of your choice.

January 2014

Get Acronis True Image Home Version 10. its only £15.10 plus delivery from Ebuyer. It is like ghost but quicker. It s not only a backup program but also an "image" program. In other words it take a snapshot of your whole computer, so if anything went wrong like you got a virus you could just restore back to when you last did a backup. You can do incremental backups as well. It allows you restore just files as well if you want. I have used it professionally for years it works very well.

September 2007

Windows xp has system restore.
Programmes, Accessories, system tools followed by system restore and select a time when every thing was o.k.

January 2006

Windows XP Home has nothing. Even if you find NTBackup the small print says it cannot be used to restore ...
Try Ghost and AISBackup. AISBAckup is very good for incremental backups, and you get 30 actual test days to try it. I understand the latest version of Ghost offers incremental backups...

November 2005

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How to backup my iPhone data?

I have an iPhone 5 and recently something went wrong. So someone advised me resetting my iPhone 5 to factory settings. But I know factory reset will erase all my data and settings on my iPhone. I don't want to lose the data. So is there a great and reliable way to backup my iPhone data?...

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What is the fastest application which burns data DVD?

Do CD/DVD burner application vary in the amount of time they take to burn a disk? I ask because some seem to take ages to prepare what they are going to burn whilst other don't. What is the best free one?...

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got no synoposis?

my dtr is on 14 day extended tv guide only got 6 dys but no info about any programmes comes up anymore the box is a thomson 250. top up tv will not help me because i dont subscribe. please help....

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Where can I find free Disk Imaging Backup Software?

I would like to backup my hard drive by creating an image of the disk. Years ago I used PowerQuest DriveImage. I can't afford to buy more software. Is there a good free opensource version for Windows 7?...

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my digivox xl went off last year?

my digivox went off last year i have just got it back out the box cos someone has told me thay can be put back on is this true and if so how. thanks gary...

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codes ?

codes for my digibox...

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switxhes its sellf of ?

hi my starveiw 3 wiill not go to the main menu all that happens is the box symble comes on the tv and tnhen switches of any idears abbo...

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Thank you. Worked a treat!

Dec 2019

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