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Question - mend, repair, fix

Hotpoint WF860 washing m/c error code "F-01"?

Our Hotpoint washer Model "WF860 1600 spin" tries to fill but stops after a few seconds, then empties and display reads "end" as if it as completed the programme. The display then flashes "F-01" and the washer ignores all buttons. If you switch off at mains then on again everything appears to be normal, but setting a programme results in the same trying to fill etc. All the pipes are clear and water is getting to it. Does anyone know what F-01 means?

July 2005

Need to mend your Hotpoint WF860 washing machine?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Like Jane, below, I had the 'test' error message and like her I successfully overcame it using the start/on-off method desribed by Wudz even further below.

Thanks to both and to the 'other help site' from where it came.

August 2013

Hotpoint is a joke...

April 2013

mine keeps saying f but it also keeps blowing the electric in all fairness first fault in 5 yrs not bad

January 2011

Could be caused by condensation in cold weather. I just took the back panel off mine, let a hairdryer run on low heat on the floor inside it for about ten minutes, then it was fine.

David Bourke
December 2010

Same model, same problem. Accessed the motor through the back panel, and (eventually) found a loose wire on the 7 pin connector block attached to the motor. A quick clean up & a spot of soldering & the machine works fine again. Presumably the lead was snapped off over a period of time when the super silent (Yeah, right) wachine machine was vibrating away during the spin cycle.
Just goes to show that something like an F-01 code isn't always terminal, and it's worth checking everything over before you call out an expensive repair guy!

November 2010

I had an error code 'test' that wouldn't disappear - used the start/on-off method described below and it sorted it - thank you so much as it's just saved me probably about £75 call out for someone to come and do just that! Suggest trying this method as first possible solution for any error messages.

August 2010

Sometimes this may be a blockage too, or even just a change of brushes

December 2009

I replaced the main board few weeks back on WT721 and got 1 wash out it then F08. Got the board wet as there was some water leaked from somewere? Left it as was fair hacked off. Tried it last night and it kicked in and starting working?? Came home tonight and got F01 fault. I have just managed to get rid of F01 fault may not work for all i took off all the plugs on the main board and resat them all turned on machine and way it went Must have been the wash last night that made them move around as the main board is still dangling by duck tape as im not too sure if there or even were there is a leak from the machine? Check board wires plugs for burn mark ect as that happened to my board orginally. Dampness.

these guys repair boards
and these guys replace boards

Robbie Miller
December 2009

I've fixed Indesit WITE 107 F-01 failure error!

We have the washer like 3 years and the F-01 error kept showing irregularly since one year ago - just after the warranty expiration. Usually unpluging the washer from the power supply solved the problem, sometimes immediately, but mostly overnight. When we moved from flat to country house, the problems frequency slightly increased. Till last couple of days it was still bearable. But in the recent days the error didn't even show up, and the motor was not turning at all. Just the pump was pumping the water in and out, so the program got hanging somewhere. So resolution became necessary. I've contacted tow servicemen yesterday, but none of them answered yet - well it's weekend. But as usually, when you ask for help, you'd find it on your own right after. So I decided to look at it myself.

- unplugged the washer power supply, closed the water
- unscrewed two screws that hold the control panel
- removed the panel - you need the lid to be semi-opened
- (re-conected all connectors to fix any possible oxidation or unpluging - then tried the washer, but problem persisted)
- unscrewed all screws that hold the side cover - only the right one had actually been necessary (when standing in front of the washer)
- unscrewed all four screws hidden under the bottom cover in the front of the washer that hides also the filter (those still hold the side cover)
- unscrewed two more screws at the top back of the washer - they hold the circuit board to the washer body - it needs to be loose
- by pulling the top side of the washer up by the lid and pushing the side cover away "to the back" (with a screwdriver), see how the side cover is held by the top, remove the side cover
- observed the motor and immediately saw heavy corrosion at the ground connection (yellow-green wire) at the motor board and possible slight oxidation at one other connetion of the black wire
- using sand paper and screwdriver I've cleaned the contact together with the connector and tried the washer - still no effect
- cleaned the black wire connection with the same way
- tried the washer (spinning program) and - voila! It works!
- tried unplugging the black wire and running the spinning program - both the motor AND the pump didn't start

So, it looks to me that the problem was in an oxidation of the black wire connection - that is apparently a power supply for both the pump and the motor, that caused insufficient voltage and thus a power for the motor but probably still enough for the pump. The randomness of the problem was probably caused by humidity in the room and maybe some more factors - the washer is actually opened from the bottom so when I test the washer more times and see this as a solution, I'll probably cover the connetors with silicon to avoid corrosion or oxidation in the future.

Here are also some tips for putting all together:

When removing the side cover something fell from it inside. It was a plastic lath that is placed on the nearer edge of the cover and fits both onto the edge of the cover and the adjacent edge of the washer. It's a bit tricky to put it all back plus there is a plastic piece at the bottom of the side cover that is fixed there also very loosely and keeps falling inside when srewing the filter side screws - but this can be fixed with pliers adjusting the edge of the side cover to make the plastic to fit there tightly

So if you are a bit handsome, try this before calling the service. It might help. And also you'll know your washer a bit more.

Martin Dvorak (
June 2009


December 2008

never buy hotpoint or indesit. its all just cr*p. best stick to whirlpool, bosch or miele. all made by themselves.

bob hoskins
November 2008

wf860 leaking from drawer not draining! easy fix , remove plastic panel on rear two screws. black hose ,drum to waste three clamps, remove inside ball filter blocked by colour strips, clean replace problems fixed, so simple , £85 call out saved

July 2008

From another help site:

" reset it : hold the 'start' button until all lights display, then press 'start' again. hold the 'start' and 'on/off' button together until it reads d-end or d-off. it doesnt always work 1st time so keep trying, good luck"

Not tried with mine as mine has not failed (yet)

March 2008

F01 is a motor faulty normally caused by the module,but sometimes the wireing to the motor plug tht works loose as its to tight,give them all a good wiggle make sure there all in!

September 2007

I got the same problem with my Indesit w/m.
Try to unplug your one for at least 6 hours and then plug it back.
My problem was solved like that.

January 2007

F-01 is some a motor short circuit (Hotpoint service centre explained today).
Currys have been pretty cr*p so far, they can deliver within three days but cant get an engineer for 5 days, didnt even accept that its DOA with F-01


December 2006

I've just taken delivery of a WT960 today, does exactly the same thing. Will be getting back onto Currys first thing in the morning for a replacement machine (as it's DOA).

August 2006

for indesit(hotpoint) F01 ive read up means a problem to do with the motor?

peter pintus
November 2005

ANY F error is fatal in my opinion - I am on my 3rd WD865A which was delivered today to find that the dryer buttons are not working... BTW love the new advert on the telly for it - gives a true representation of the product - not!

November 2005

Had the exact same problem on a WD645 after the first wash when it went into the Drying stage. An engineer (not a Hotpoint engineer) came to inspect, didn't diagnose the fault, but put down Faulty PCB on his report. Machine was replaced with a WD865 which initially came up with a F-08 code but appears to be okay now.
I suspect an F-01 is a terminal code requiring parts to fix.


September 2005

i have the same machine but with code f-18

adam daines
August 2005


August 2005

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It worked. Such an easy fix.

Apr 2019

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