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Question - mend, repair, fix


Hi, can anyone explain this code. It starts is normal wash cycle but once the water is drained this error code appears. This code does appear on Hotpoints Error Code Page. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

July 2005

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Werner almsberger gave a really useful guide, many thanks!!

Claire Manchester
September 2015

Problem solved small piece of glass stuck in the pump. Near disaster averted.

November 2013

I have read a number of useful posts in this thread but am still having a problem with my dishwasher. I have a Hotpoint fdw85 with a persistant Al03 error message. I have tried the following:

1) removing all the water from the bottom of the dishwasher, removing the filters, cleaning them, taking a plunger to the drain, cleaning that out. No luck.

2) checking the outlet hose for bockages, removing it, running water through it, putting the nice clean pipe back. No luck.

3) Removing the pump, taking it apart, cleaning it, purchasing a new pump, trying that one. No luck.

I can get the dishwasher to start and it will complete part of a cycle (say 30min of a 2hr cycle) before going quiet for a while, then giving me the dreaded Al03 code. Apart from taking a sledgehammer to it, I am at a loss as to what the problem is and how to fix it. I am nearly at the point of calling someone out or buying a new one. Anyone got any ideas on what I can do next before I part with a wad of cash?

January 2013

Hi every one,

I had the fault code AL 03 and using the guide by werner almesberger i fixed the problem which was a blocked wast pump. I opened the pump up and it was clocked up with shit i also noticed that the orange rubber pipe that is on the left side was hard in some places I thought this can not be right so I relised one end and all this shit came out man what mess this unit was in but sorted now thanks to werner almesberger and saved me £200 on getting it fixed by an engineeer call out.

March 2012

yes and dont forget to close the water witch come to the dishwasher))

March 2012

Top TIP!
When you take the pump out and take it apart. Notice the impeller (the twirly bit that spins around inside the pump) take hold of it with a pliers and pull gently. It's not connected to anything and the only thing that holds it in is the magnets on the outside of the pump. Anyway once you pull it out, you will notice that the shaft has become bunged up with black sticky residue. Get old rags and clean off the black stuff from both the shaft and the inside of the pump. When you put it back together again, your pump will then work much more efficiently and with a great deal more force. Potentially this could avoid problems with pips and small seeds because if your pump is working at maximum power, it is more likely to overcome small pieces of debris.


December 2011

Thanks to Ian - great step-by-step instructions, and better than any manual. Found a peice of glass in the grain pump - put it all back together and the dishwasher works fine again!

December 2011

Great help used the link to the pictures and it helped a lot. A small bit of plastic of the filter was the problem. The only problem i had was after undoing the three screws to split the pump housing and removing the bit of plastic i lost the exact location and though it went on fine it was the wrong way up and the biger part was at the bottom and this ment i could not get the bottom plate back on because

October 2011

Many thanks to this forum - had an AL02 error code overnight and followed the instructions posted on here. The pump had become blocked by a tiny chipped piece of crockery. Apart from manhandling the thing outside it was a doddle to fix.
Tools required - Phillips screwdriver for the bottom panel, Torx screwdriver to open the pump and big pliers for the clip on the drain hose.

Did not need to disconnect the flood level sensor on the bottom panel and just rested the panel with wires attached to the side of the machine.

The pump is easy to access once the machine is on it's side. Prior to removing the machine I spent about 10 minutes emptying out the old water with a beaker and then kitchen roll and that saved a great deal of extra mess - so much so that the whole job could be done inside if space is tight.

Previous problem had been with the sprung loaded door catch but also fixed this 'DIY' style. Had this machine around 6 or 7 years now and runs every day so not too bad.

Gareth T
September 2011

thank you so much for the step by step picture guide to the "AL03" only yesterday i paid a plumber £55 to remove a hair clip from the washing machine, and can you my luck today the "AL03" on the dishwasher, i found a small piece of plastic in the pump and saved £55 , thanks again,

tony in corringham essex 10/7/11
August 2011

Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! Fantastic !

Del SOl
June 2011

Hi, as everyone else has said the link with the walk through on how to remove the pump is excellent ( I have a Hotpoint FDF 780P and I followed this, although my pump was slightly different to access (see bellow), and I found a small piece of glass in the pump. Removed this, re-assembled and it worked perfectly. saved me £110 which is what Hotpoint wanted to send an engineer!
To access my pump it was easier than the walk through. I took the machine outside and laid it on its side. I didn't need to remove a side panel because there is plastic access pannel underneath the machine that simply unclipped by hand. Under this panel the pump will be right in front of you, its the unit with the waste water hose comming out of it. To remove the pump I first pulled the hose away from the pump, by hand. Next there is a plastic catch that is preventing the pump body to rotate, push this catch so that the pump can easily rotate. You don't need much pressure so if it doesn't easily rotate you probably haven't released the clip enough.
Once the pump can rotate, in a clockwise direction, it will easily come out. You will then see if there is anything in the pump. Then simply put the pump back rotate it anti-clockwise until it stops, push the hose back in and your done.
I hope that helps.

Big Moose Monster
June 2011

Yeeessss these tips really work. Bye Bye AL03

S Edwards
May 2011

OMG this website is a godsend. Low and behold - a piece of wire in my filter (where it came from I have no idea) - dishwasher working perfectly now and no woman in distress call to my husband at work or crazy plumber prices to pay. Excellent - thank you

April 2011

Were would we be without the internet ..... i tell you where id be id be washing the pots thanks everybody

Rich fawcett ;0)

R Fawcett
March 2011

Hi all - Hotpoint DWF70, AL03. Thanks to this site, and following Werner Almesberger's brilliantly descriptive solution, no call out fees for us! My only tip is have something to suck up water handy as the machine is best attacked from underneath, and LOTS of water comes out when you upend the thing! Our ancient wet and dry hoover (bought when the free flights fiasco was on) coped admirably.

Derek Sowden
January 2011

Used the almesberger link and whereas my dishwasher is a completely different model and the error code is A3 -it worked.
The tip is worth a treat. Saved me £50+. Thanks a million.

December 2010

Thanks for AL03, it really helped.

September 2010

Used the link and follwed the instructions.
Removed a small piece of plastic from the impella housing (pump).
Be aware of sharp edges and burrs on the metal back plate, cut my finger when moving the DW.

Many thanks.

September 2010

Hotpoint SDW 80 - followed the link with pictures - small piece of glass in pump. Working a treat now! So pleased. Note when putting it all back together again (as someone else mentioned), be sure not to forget anything. I had the whole machine closed up again when I realised I hadn't fastened the clamp that keeps the waste pipe in place on the pump housing. Thanks again!

July 2010

Just done the fix on my Hotpoint FDW80, and the only thing I'd add is that there was a rubber 'O' ring on the union between the pump housing and the main dishwasher drain. I missed out putting this back when I reassembled and got an AL01 code as water was dripping into the base of the unit. Had to do a quick re-fix, and just wanted to save anyone else the hassle

April 2010

drainage pump jammed with small piece of plastic from top tray. removed pump etc found plastic and job done dishwasher now working A1.(for now)
link was very hepful.

Greg Holmes
March 2010

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the detailed description and photos provided to sort out this problem.

February 2010

This worked a treat on my hotpoint sw80 dishwasher. The only sticky part was reattaching the pump to the drain port once I has removed the piece of bone that was the culprit. Turning the dishwasher upside down (once drained!) made this much easier.

December 2009

Thank you for giving us the solution. - great help with pictures included !

Ian & Cristina
October 2009

Exactly one year after I fixed the AL03 error the problem was back. Luckily I had bookmarked this page, and I successfully fixed the AL03 error in about 30 mins :D

September 2009

September 2009

There is only one way to prevent the AL03 code from coming up and that is following Ians instructions on cleaning out the pump. I tried plunging, back pressure and flexi clearance and it is all pointless if there is a foreign body in the pump itself.

Thanks for the advice Ian and my wife now loves me again although the fairy did make her hands soft!!

September 2009

i have also had the al03 eror code, i tried the wet vac, (vax), suck all the water out from the drain area inside the dishwasher, ( there is more water in there than you think, so be carefull or it will end up all over your kitchen floor)
worked a treat job do in 5 mins, ran a 12 minute cycle all is now fine

June 2009

Fantastic. Followed the illustrated guide found on this thread. Sweetcorn in the pump. Removed, reassembled and have a working dishwasher again. Cheers to the bloke who did the guide.

April 2009

I have just fixed the "AL03" problem on my Hotpoint Dishwsher.
The information on this site was very useful, thanks !

Here' s the detailed story, with pictures:

March 2009

Hi, I own a Ariston ld87 dishwasher, and yesterday it shows a "AL08" in the screen. Anybody knows what it is, and how it can be fix?

March 2009

Tried everything, in the end did the full take the pump apart routine, low and behold small piece of bone in there, all put together again and working a treat again, thanks for everyone for this fix, saved a nasty call out fee

February 2009

Many thanks for your description Werner ( It worked for me.

January 2009

Werner Almesberger and this forum proves that the combination of internet and people willing to share their knowhow sometimes is astonishing! Thanks a lot, people! I´m so thrilled to save the miserable phone call to an engineer and loose a lot of money. In Norway it would be at least 150 quid.

After solving the AL03 problem by Werner´s procedure, I experienced both AL05 and AL01, but all do to my own mistakes. Just follow Werner´s procedure and you will solve the AL03 problem. Just makes sure to reassemble everything exactly as they were :-)

December 2008

Amazing!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. We have a Hotpoint FDW65 and the girl on the Hotpoint phone line said we need an engineer at £100. Four days before Christmas - I don't think so!! We tried all the usual tricks first, but opening the motor worked. Followed Ian, and others advice. Not sure what it did, but it now works and I am very pleased.

December 2008

Followed the instructions from Ian and then used the page by Werner for the piccies to help. The whole process took 30 mins and found a wibbly wobbly eye from my daughters craft box sat in the pump :)
Removed and now its working again. Cancelled the Hotpoint engineer and saved my self at least the £100 call out.

Thanks to everyone for your help. This is what the web is all about.
Great on.

December 2008

Followed Ian's advice then did prewash setting and machine spat out a large seed, works fine now!
thanks to everyone for your help especially Ian

Iain M
November 2008

Thanks very much, sorted within an hour & dishwasher now working happily :) I particulatly liked Werner's pictures, very helpful.

October 2008

Big thanks from Norway! PS! I did'nt have to dismantle the pump. Just fiddled with the screwdriver inside it and out popped a plastic piece. Put it all together and no more AL03 error! However i too got the AL01 error. Opened up the bottom and it was filled with water. I had done the same thing as Jim: forgot one of the pins on the pump. I've reasambled it now, but I don't dare turn it on yet, since alot of parts got wet. Going to wait 12 hours, and then start it :)

September 2008

I've had AL03 code twice now. Cleaning the filters didn't help.

I solved it both times quickly by using our vacuum (a Vax hoover/washer - don't use a dry vacuum cleaner!) .

Put the vacuum hose into the drain area inside and sucked out all the water & crud in 5 secs. Guess this also sucked out whatever was blocking the drain as it worked both times.

July 2008

Realise I added a question to an answer thread apologies!! Anyway a list of error codes for Hotpoints below

Newer Hotpoint, Creda, Ariston and Indesit Dishwashers:

AL01 - Anti flood switch operated
AL02 - Valve or connections
AL03 - Time out - drain
AL04 - Thermistor (module)
AL05 - Circulation pump
AL06 - Time out - fill
AL07 - Not used
AL08 - Time out - heat
AL09 - Software recogntion error
AL10 - Heating circuit
AL99 - Communications error - connectors, cables etc.
H20 - Time out - fill (taps)

June 2008

anyone come across al99 for the same machines - again not covered in manual and forced to "re-boot" to get rid. Machine itself seems to be cleaning OK!!

June 2008

Re my AL01 problem after initial fix...
After deciding to redo it all, I discovered (at about the 3rd attempt) that the inner one of the pump's pins hadn't been seated correctly and so was able to bounce and leak water. Once this had been properly seated, and all put back together it has worked perfectly.

Thanks again for all the advice given here. Much appreciated.


Jim Jackson
June 2008

BIG THANKS from Portugal!
Solved my problem!

Paulo Cabrita
May 2008

Many thanks, folks especially Ian (and Werner for the photo guide), I followed the instructions to get to pump on my Hotpoint DWF70 and retrieved a piece of broken cup so hopefully that fixes the AL03 problem (see below).

BUT, I loosened the leak sensor as I was taking the base off and now when I run a 12 minute function I get an AL01 message. I guess I mustn't have got the sensor back properly. Are there any instructions anywhere for fitting this one?

One other thing as well, it seems to have lost its timing as the 12 minute test went on for ages before I switched it off - but at least there was no water left in it!!


Jim Jackson
May 2008

A big thank you to Ian, Peter, Jenny and others for the advice here. It really was quick to sort out thanks to your instructions. I took the pump out but didn't need to dismantle it completely, I just removed the rubber flap (o ring??) and removed a piece of wood with some small pliers.
Take the advice about tipping the machine so that the waste pipe is high - it's easier to catch the water when you undo the pipe. All that's left now is to work out how it got there in the first place!!

April 2008

Well, from Portugal a big THANKS!!! I have the trouble AL03 error code, and with your help i have resolved this big problem (money to pay it and 1 to 2 weeks waiting)... well... THANK YOU!!

March 2008

Thanks for the website Werner - very helpful. Got to the pump (very hard to undo/reattach the clip without pliers!), and didn't see anything blocking... So have reattached and doing a 12 min run now. Fingers crossed it's just going to fix itself!

March 2008

I followed Ians instructions as well and despite a few concerns over which bit was the pump (and what a torx screw was). I got there in the end. Machine now just about to complete a test wash.
Thank you Ian for saving me £89+vat and a several week wait before being able to get someone in.

February 2008

Followed Ians instructions & so far so 'tip' would be use a head torch, lots of precautionary towels & don't forget the o-ring!!!

February 2008

Köszi szépen, megoldottam a problémát:). Örülök, hogy rátaláltam erre a sitera.



January 2008

Thanks for all the advice. I followed your instructions and its all working fine now. One thing I did notice though... There was nothing at all stuck in the pump of my dishwasher. I'm actually wondering if this may be a design fault on the pump and just by removing the pump it solves the problem?????!!!????

Thanks once again.

January 2008

Great site followed instructions to clean out drain pump and hey presto up and running again, saving me a fortune just before christmas. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the site. I also phoned Hotpoint for advice on alarm code only to be told it required an engineer call out and no further guideance. Long live the internet!!!!!!!!

Alistair Maclean
December 2007

I can only echo everyone else's comments here. Thanks for the instructions - last time this happened I had to call out an engineer to do what turned out to be a relatively simple fix. Mine turned out to be the remains of a chicken bone jamming the pump impeller blades.

December 2007

How easy was that !!
Thanks fellow Hotpoint users.

November 2007

Wow- how impressed am I!!? I followed the advice on this page after the dreaded error code AL03 was found flashing on my dishwaher (Hotpoint FDW80) conveniently after the guarantee had expired I might add!...And no help in the manual! Anyway, I followed Ian's instructions (with some help from Jenny Lindsay to know what I was looking for) and hey presto- a working machine! Although I think in my case is was not the rotar in the pump that was blocked, but a small piece of cardboard in the outlet from the pump behind the rubber flap- so don't forget to check there aswell. Also, I recommend you remember which way the pump fits back together with the Torx screws! Think I put it back together by luck!

October 2007

I have just cured the same problem - a piece of bone! A couple of tips
1. I rested it on my right hand side (as I faced the door) and when I took the drain off it ran out over the inside - I spent longer drying it than repairing it. It is probably better to put it on the other side if you can as there seems to be less electrical stuff for it to run over. (Yes it was unplugged - I'm alive and typing this!).

2. Matt try taking the drain hose out the standpipe (I am guessing that it is in one) and put it into the sink. If it works like that then your problem is a pressure buildup in the standpipe which may mean its u-bend is gunged up or simply that the drain hose is forming a seal with the standpipe.

October 2007

HELP ME! Dishwasher coming up with the ALO3 error, so did everything and cleaned the pump and filter, wasn't anything major in it. Tried dishwasher again, it works for about 10 minutes, then it adds about another 20 minutes on to the cycle and it starts making a bubbling noise then it comes up with the ALO3 error again!!! Grr, any ideas?

October 2007

I seem to be having similar issues with my hotpoint dishwaster (DWF 33) and want to get to the pump but the bottom of the dishwasher seems to be made of moulded plastic. There doesn't seem to be any screws to remove the bottom. Anyone had similar issues and how did they get access to the pump?

October 2007

Hi - fantastic advice - brilliant - a mere woman and it only took me ten minutes !!!

for all you ladies out there that doesnt know what a pump looks like :

lay the machine on its sonde and take the bottom cover off - right in the middles is the pump with a big fat grey tube coming off it to the right.
remove the clip from round the hose - you will need pliers and a good deal of strength !

unscrew the pump and twist it off - three plastic prongs hold it in place - mine had a hair grip in it .......dont ask cos i dont know !

take out article replace pump and screw back together - mine is now working perfectly !!

great if you dont want to tell hubby its packed up after the gtee ran out !

thanks for all your help guys - i'm well pleased !

Jenny Lindsay
September 2007

Had a problem with the error code AL03 tried all the stuff with the plunger and stuff and nothing at all worked. Tried Ian's suggestion which worked a treat. If I has only found this solution before all the others I might have saved myself the trouble of being socken wet with stinking water. Cheers Ian. The solution is so easy so dont worry about getting in about it.

August 2007

I followed Ian's guide too and I now have a fully functioning washer again!

A few (common sense) tips I would like to add/repeat are as follows;

1. Disconnect the power from the mains before you start!

2. If you don't drain the waste pipe before you start, have a dishcloth or towel underneath the pipe when you remove it to catch any content.

3. If you have this problem, deal with it sooner rather than later - I left mine till the weekend when I had some time, and the stench is not good!

4. The tools you will need are; A medium-sized posidrive/phillips screwdriver (for removing the 6 bottom cover screws and single pump screw), a large pair of pliers (for unclipping the waste pipe clip) and a T15 torx driver (for dissasembling the pump's plastic housing).

5. Mop up any stray water that may drip down from the disconnected pipe & pumps and ensure all electrical contacts and connectors are free of water before you put it all back together.

All I found in my pump was what looked like a few tomato pips that were grouped together. Cleaning it all out under the tap (taking care not to get the pump motor wet) sorted mine out.

Graham Gray
August 2007

good work soldier!!! just followed Ians instructions and saved ourselves 100 quid! found a 'pip' in the pump. . . as someone has said previously - always rinse!!!! ;)

July 2007

By the way, I fixed "AL03" on my Ariston LD87 yesterday.
The information on this site was very useful, thanks !

Here' s the detailed story, with pictures:

- Werner

June 2007

Had my dishwasher for 2 years and only just got it plumbed in, lol won't bore you with why anyway worked ok for a few days and suddenly AL 03 fault, tried the plunger idea and it worked
great... for 30 mins then AL 03. The thing i noticed while
desprately plunging away, god knows what the wife thought i
was doing, was that the sealant used by Hotpoint to join the
inside panels together was becoming so hot it was breaking
away and going straight through the middle of the filter. So
the plunger idea works but if you've got a new one be prepared to repeat the process half a dozen times.

May 2007

Ian's instructions worked for me. Thanks mate. :-)

I'd just add that you will need a set of Torx bits if you want to dismantle the pump - I had a chunk of cement wedged in mine!

Three torx screws hold the pump body together make a note of how the two parts are aligned as it will go together in three different ways.

Also keep track of the O ring which seals the pump inlet - we nearly lost it when rinsing the pump body.

Other tools used were water pump pliers and a set of cross head screw drivers.


May 2007

Tried plunging didn't work and jamming wire or plastic through was in my opinion dangerous as I don't want to perforate any rubber: is there anything to perforate?
Back pressure by blowing through the waste pipe causes some bubbles but didn't work this time.
Judicious plunging caused my wife to be sprayed in the face from the waste pipe and then the machine started to work because it had been fully drained by us. However, even if you can drain the machine it doesn't mean you have got the pump working again because after completing the first rinse the machine is again filled with water as the pump is still jammed. I have repeated the step again and hope that it is not electrical or mechanical failure.

March 2007

Also went for the plunger approach. Removed all filters and alike. On the second time of plunging the machine kicked into life.
On a 12 Min cycle as I type.

Thanks for all those who posted - was about to use the hammer approach.


January 2007

Error Code AL03 Just wanted to say thanks! I had lost my instruction manual, as you do ...... and thought I would do a bit of research on the net. I tried the Hotpoint website only to find that I had to pay an extortionate amount to download the manual for my machine (FDW80). Anyway, I tried the normal testosterone route first .... Kicking and shouting at it (which didn't work, you may be suprised to hear!!!) I read a few of your suggestions, such as tipping thewhole dishwasher up and unscrewing everything (far too technical for me!!!). I decided on the sink plunger remedy which worked great ...... take out the plug/sieve thing, the cylinder thing and the other filter thing ...... get the biggest sponge you can find (a car sponge is best) and soak up all the mucky water. Add some clean water to fill the filter area (so you can see what you dislodge) and use your sink plunger for a few minutes. Anything that is blocked will soon be free and hey Presto .... AL03 disappears and you can now put your emergency Fairy back under the sinK. Hope this helps!!! Neil

Neil - Nottingham
January 2007

Thanks Ian. AL03 happened to us on Christmas day. Had it sorted in 30 mins thanks to your instructions. Cheers.

December 2006

Just wanted to say thanks to Ian for his comprehensive reply. Followed his instructions only to find a peanut in the water pump. Wouldn't have found it without Ian's instructions. Hero. As others have said, rinse plates before putting them in the machine!

November 2006

My Hotpoint has been standing my dining room for 9 months, because of a lack of space in the kitchen. Today I decided to make a plan and finally managed to squeeze it in. I Gave it a full load to clean, did an economical run, and 33 minutes into the cycle it stopped with this dreaded error AL03. I looked on this forum for a quick answer and decided to take the right cover off. Well I tried, without success, so I drained the water out of the filter area and stuck some wires & a toilet brush (mmm) into the holes, and then switched it on again. 20 minutes later I had the same problem and was cursing the thought that I would have to call a hotpoint engineer on Tuesday. I also noticed my drainage pipe was leaking in two places, which I thought was strange, so undid the PVC around the loopy bit, and discovered by fluke that there were two pieces of plastic blocking the entrance to each of the connections into the drain pipe (these were new connections I had bought from B&Q today. So I removed them, checked the anti-sypohing washer and put it all back together again. This time round I tried the 12 minute pre-wash and it all worked fine (including the drainage at the end)... and I am currently doing the 30 minute Guest Dusting cycle and it's draining like it's suppose too...

So the moral of my story is before you think it's your drainage pump, check the PVC plumbing bits if you have bought some. I figure for me they were blocking the flow of water, so the water ended up not being able to go anywhere, and so the clever dishwasher figured blocked pump = AL03.

August 2006

Ian is right on the money. I had the same fault tonight, followed his instructions to removed the pump & voila there was a very small piece of bebris preventing the rotor from turning. In my case it was also a small piece of wood (hickory chip from a BBQ!!!). I wondered how this got past the filter... Took a look at how the machine was loaded, would you believe, right above the filter assembly was a jug in which the chips were. Obviously a single chip dropped directly down the centre of the filter and therefore sidestepped it - what are the chances??? Lesson learned - rinse EVERYTHING before filling the dishwasher.

August 2006

AL 03 seems to be a common fault which manifests itself quite soon after the gaurantee expires!! Typically, the manual only states obvious fault codes, otherwise get ready to part with £100 for a callout. Basically, i've found that AL 03 means that the drain pump is not functioning. (This will be obvious because there will be water in the machine when it fails). This can be due to a mechanical or electrical fault but more than likely a bit of debris has become trapped in the blades or impellers of the pump.
In my case, I spent ages poking about about with bits of wire as advised to clear any stuff from the holes at the bottom of the filter hole as well as using a a 5" sink plunger to try to dislodge any bigger matter. Anyway, I ended up siphoning out the water, blasting with garden hose, siphoning again all to no avail. Eventually, I put the unit on it's side and removed the cover plate from the bottom of the machine. Don't remove the two screws in the middle of the plate(they hold a water sensor in place) just take out the 6 screws around the outside and remove the cover carefully. Once you have located the drain pump, remove the drain hose clip and ease the hose free. The pump is held in place to the drain exit with only one screw. Remove this and turn the pump body clockwise to free the locating lugs. Then you can withdraw the pump for examination. The electrical connection is easy to see and remove so you can do this in comfort. Unbelieveably, the cause of all my problems was a a bit of woody apple stem about 5mm long. Unfortunately, after putting it all back together and proving that the drain pump was working, the filter absolutely clear and the main pump working perfectly the bl**dy thing decided to report an AL 05 fault which IS in the book and just said to clean the filter but that's another story!!

August 2006

soaked up water and removed filtered then replaced them and it seems to be working ok know hopefully

November 2005

The drain pump is blocked. The engineer from hotpoint used a piece of solder wire and pushed it down the drain holes under the filters. He also said a toilet plunger would work. He drained out all the water using a plastic cup, towel and sponge. Hey presto, 90 quid and its fixed. The problem is that small peices of debris get stuck in the blades in the pump, sweetcorn is seamingly one of the best. THe wire / plunger forces it out and everything works again.

October 2005

Hi the al03 means ur pump is blocked. I have read that if you take the right side off the washer you can unblock it. I have just tried that but I didnt know how to get into the pump ----- not technically minded so its back to the washing up bowl i am afraid till pay day :). Unless anyone can give me ABC steps :) Good luck

September 2005

Hi Paul - have not been able to find out what error message means. I switched off machine at the mains, and it has "touch wood" corrected itself!

August 2005

Hello, we have the same error. Did you find out what this error was please?



July 2005

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Hotpoint SWD60 keeps on tripping the fuse on first start?

i have a Hotpoint SDW60 about 6 year old. I have not used it for few years as we purchased a bigger dishwasher. I had stored it in the garage. It was working fine. I recently connected it and started the machine. It keeps on tripping the fuse box after about a minute. I have checked the pump and the...

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Water not heating?

I have a Trinity Bendix cdw 101 eco plus dishwasher. When I use it the water is only cold, it doesn't heat up at all. Any suggestions as to how to remedy this and is it a simple fix?...

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The on/off switch on my Miele646SC dishwasher won't remained in place. Any?

the on /off switch on my Miele dishwasher 646SC won't remain depressed. Any suggestions as to what to do?...

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AE.g. favorite 40300 dishwasher how to repair circulating pump ?

Washer not filling with water. If manually filled it does not circulate the water. Pumps water out at correct place ok. What is the likely problem? Is it fixable at home? Is it a major problem.....i.e. Replace machine?...

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Tablet drawer of Tecnik TDK 7000 won't open.?

I have a Tecnik TDK 7000 dishwasher. During the wash cycle the tablet drawer has stopped releasing the tablet. Any ideas? Thanks...

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Dishwasher odor?

Is there a filter or screen I should be cleaning? I have run an empty load with vinegar and still notice an odor....

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how do i tell what the fault code means?

kenwood table top dishwasher, wont work, displaying E2 fault code, can anyone help please, thanks....

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I got IGNIS DS48 can somebody guide me please?

how to operate it. I really need Idiot's Guide to operate it....pleeeez Ravi...

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