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Question - mend, repair, fix

My Bosch Exxcel 1600 Express washing machine has a key flashing in the disp?

Bosch Exxcel 1600 Express washing machine has a key flashing in the display panel, can you please tell me how to unlock this so I can use the machine?

Lynn Labrum
July 2008

There is more help available. Mend - exxcel, 1600, express, washing, machine
Need to mend your Bosch Exxcel 1600 washing machine?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Yes my Bosch Vario Perfect washing machine had this fault, Go back to the last programme you used hold start button until key symbol disappears Approx 8 seconds, It works!!!

March 2016

Big thank you from me. It worked for me too. That was quite a scare :)

January 2016

Thanks a million. I held the start button for eight seconds and it went off. Thanks for this website.

July 2014

Thank You - my kids nearly had to go to school in dirty uniform!!

June 2014

Another thank you here .

Alan from Devon
October 2013

a welcome solution to the perenial statement from the wife 'I think the washing machine is broken - we need a new one' (no we don't!)

July 2013

Turn machine on and hold Start until lock/key sign disappears - approx 8 seconds and all be well - works for all Bosch washing machines

November 2012

Yes, holding in the start button worked- thank you

July 2012

and it just worked for me, though I pressed well in excess of 20 secs !

Aidan, Farnham
February 2012

Thank you. Worked for me too.

Very happy mum
September 2011

I've just spent £160 on an engineer to fix my faulty Bosch. Only for him to tell me the child lock was on.
Not happy.

September 2011

Not sure what my model is but it worked! so happy!

August 2011

Brilliant!! Thanks to all that answered this question. Worked perfectly (turn it on and hold the start button for 10 secs.)

July 2011

Held for 8 seconds on last setting - worked first time - thank you.

Kate, Dorset
June 2011

Thanks! Much appreciated!

May 2011

Worked for us too :D Thanks very much!!

Happy Housewife
April 2011

Thanks it worked for us tooooo x

April 2011

thank god I found this website! Just had the same problem and now it's fixed. Thank you all.

February 2011

Thanks a ton! worked on my machine ( a different model of Exxcel) by turning dial to last used programme and then holding the timer button in for 8 seconds. Great website.

Nik G
February 2011

My Bosch Exxcel
Worked but by pressing the Timer button for about 5 Seconds I assume this is the child lock setting
I could not remember which programme I last set so had to work my way around all of them
But it DID work

January 2011

Choose the setting you last used and hold the start button for 8 seconds.

November 2010

thank you, Sally so much! it works!

November 2010

phew! thank you for that advice! Had just stripped all the beds and couldn't find the manual!

G Martin
July 2010

thank you it worked 4 me to

June 2010

tried b deans method. absolutley brill. thanks sooo much

r cooper
May 2010

set the machine to the previous setting when it was working and then push start button and hold it there for 5-10 seconds. it should then be okay

b dean
March 2010

Thanks Sally and this website...I don't what I do without this advice.


Trusha Shah
February 2010

Thank you thank you to Sally. I was tearing my hair out in desperation. Back working now.

Helen in Hanwell
February 2010

Thanks for the help. Couldn't find my instruction book anywhere and had a big load of washing to do.

January 2010

OMG u actually saved my life...I've wasted so much time on the phone trying to find a plumber who actually has an answer. Thank you so so much :)

January 2010

Great tip problem sorted thanks!!!!

January 2010

Superb. Many thanks for your help !!! Worked for me.

December 2009

Thanks. You have saved our lives!

Dave C
November 2009

Excellent tip - it worked for us too!

Andrew (BRISTOL)
October 2009

im leaving comments about Donald easton ur answer is great dude i have soveld ma problem thanx !!!!!

July 2009

Thanks it works! youv'e saved me! Thank you very much.

June 2009

is it 30 degrees clockwise?

June 2009

It worked for me to!!

May 2009

thankyou we're saved!!

May 2009

Thanks a million!!! Thought I was having to buy a new machine too :0/ Been browsing the web for 1.5hrs trying to find the answer. No longer Happy Washing x

January 2009

Thank you so, so much, I had visions of having to buy a new washing machine!
Thanks too, to this website.

January 2009

Thanks to the website

I had this problem also and could not find my manual. I know as I have had the problem previously that it was something simple to resolve

Lisa Bristol UK
November 2008

Reply for Sally above. Thank-You. My Bosch washing machine also had the flashing key. Your reply worked. Thanks also to this website.

Donald Easton, Edinburgh
September 2008

Apparently its the child lock, you need to turn the dial to 30 degrees & then keep your finger on the start button for 10 seconds & it should go off.

Sally Abbott
August 2008

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my Bosch excel 1600 keeps showing the looked key symbol and I can not get rid of it or get my washing machine to work. What can I do to put this problem right? Any help would be gratefully received. I've checked the filter and over flow pipe but they are clear...

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Thank you. Your answer sorted the problem on my Vivaro.

Aug 2019

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