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SOLUTION : Replacing heater on Hotpoint wt960?

I've had issues with the electrics tripping out and have had it repaired twice. The last repairer told me what the problem was and so when it happened again I fixed it myself.

The problem is caused by scaling. The element gets full of limescale and so trips out.

To replace the heater element first unplug the electrics!!!!

Remove the panel at the back (bottom) of the machine - 2 screws, on on the left and one on the top right of the panel.

You should see the motor on the left and to the right the electrics onto the heater element (see pic)

disconnect the spade fittings.

remove the sensor (carfully - it pulls out but for obvious reasons is a tight fit) - see pic

the element pulls out (see pic) but again it is very tight

replacement is the reverse.

The part no is 1604486 and the cheapest place I found for a replacement is

Hope this helps someone - usual disclaimers apply i.e. you are advised to consult an eletrician, no liability accepted etc. etc.

July 2008
can anyone please help me? i have just replace my pcb of my washing machine Hotpoint WT960p and the two wires that coming from the heater i don't know where to connect them.Please????

December 2010
I've just fpund out that the element comes out easier by undoing the nut on the earth wire on the element unit. This is connected to a clamp plate which 'squashes' the seal to seal the elemnt in it's housing

July 2008


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