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what is a HO7 code for Panasonic DVD Player RV-32?

a H07 code is displayed on my DVD and it will not allow me to play any DVDs? What does this mean? Is is fried? or dirty??Please advise.

September 2005

Need to mend your Panasonic dvd player?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Thank you all for this advice - i just picked up a free video player Panasonic RV32 and very first time I turned it on, it wouldn't work. It had the H07 code straight away. I spent hours trying to muck around with cords (it came without a remote) I thought it was me. Turns out it is the RV32. It didn't help that I recently was given a free wide screen Panasonic Quintrix SR TV also without a manual to use it with.

I will try a clean/WD40 lube and report back if it works for me. Excited to have options.

May 2013

hi ho7 means that the dvd player needs to go

June 2011

I read all the other posts and was ready to try them but when i opened the casing i plugged the dvd back in. It did the same thing, nothing happened and the ho7 code came up. So i opened the door one more time and then closed it, when it was trying to spin i gave the dvd a nudge and the dvd took off. I turned it off and back on to make sure it was truley fixed and it was fine. I think the gears were just stuck. So before you put lots of oil on your dvd player and run the risk of damaging it more try this. Hope it works. :)

September 2010

I've done this repair twice on our CV52, first time in 2004 and just today. Both times the plastic bushing on the motor shaft has gotten itself stuck. I use the little tube of light machine oil that came with my beard trimmer to lubricate the motor shaft and free up the bushing. I also use a little di-electric grease (found in the sparkplug section of an auto parts section) on the 2 steel rods that the carriage rides on.

January 2010

I have also experienced this however have yet to need to grease or oil it... One possibility is that you have a disk ( if it is a multi disk player) that slipped out and is roaming within your dvd player... this has happened to me several times... always get the HO7 warning and when i crack it open... voila - a loose (lost?) disk is usually hiding out in there..

November 2009

Thanks for excellent advices ( " , ). My DVD player suddenly stopped 15 minutes before a end of a movie!!! I searched on the net and found theese answers to the H07 problem on this brilliant site. I put it in a "open" posisjon, pulled the power cable out and opened the cover on my DVD player and lubricated the guidance steel axel rods to the reader with a oilpen for sewing machines. 3 times I tried to start it up and on the 4 time it started working fine again. I guess it needed some time for the oil to spread all over. Thanks again.

27 August 2009

August 2009

I have tried to sparingly put some WD-40 on the spin wheel and then sprayed some and then the DVD works just long enough for me to see the menu, but I can't watch anything... It stops when the film starts...

Is it worth my while continuing trying? I have done this at least 10 times. There is almost too much oil everywhere now..

Any other advice?

Cat from London
December 2008

I have a multuti changer, DVD-CV52. The oil trick (WD40) worked the first couple of times, but doesn't seem to work now. It would seem that as wide a problem it is Panasonic would make this a free replacement otherwise they are going to loose a heck of a lot of customers. Prior to these problems I WAS looking at the VCR to DVD recorders. I suspect that this is going to be the last product we ever buy from Panasonic if my wife has anything to say about it.

August 2008

Opening up the player (panasonic RV-32) and putting some oil on the spindle motor's shaft worked for me (of course not sure for how long it's going to last). Anyway, I took the front and the tray of and the drive out to have better access, but this turned out a little fiddly to put back together (for me) since you have to work out the mechanics for closing the tray.
(Mind the warning about the laser on the drive! Don't worry I did - just to mention it)

July 2008

July 2008

BE SURE TO UNPLUG UNIT with drawer open already for easy access to spindle motor shaft, and SAFETY

Good deal. I put a tiny drop of electic shaver oil, using a small pointed scissors, on either side of the white plastic bushing on the spindle drive shaft, which was causing friction. Two screws on pressure plate removes it for easy access.Works ok now thanks all.

December 2007

Here's the fix
I've replaced the motor once before on my 5 disk player to fix the HO7 error. The second time it appeared I tried the fix at the above link instead of going thru the hassel of the repair shop.

You may need to apply WD40 multiple times to cure the problem, depending on how stiff the rotation of the spindle feels. After the first application the player ran for about 5 minutes before the HO7 error reappeared. After the second application we watched an entire movie with no issues. we'll see how long this lasts. The fix was simple and hopefully wont have to be repeated soon.

Rocket Rod
November 2007

HO7 is a very common fault on Panasonic DVD's. This is caused by a crafty move by Panasonic to switch back to Brush Motors instead of brushless. I got the fault when my 5 disc unit was 13 months old!! I found a quick fix with photos by browsing the internet that ended up with the drive motor spindle having wd40 carefully run down it. The fault cleared and all is still fine 18 months later.

Mikkey The Shoe
December 2005

Here's an answer I have seen on another forum and been told in a store:

"Mike on Dec 26th, 2005 at 12:08 PM
Score: 2
Not sure when I bought mine but got the H07 error, tells me now that my discs are not readable. I called Panasonic C/S, person had me reinitialize DVD player by pressing and holding at the same time the reverse, pause, and on/off button. The word "INIT" displayed in the window, and I held the buttons down until "INIT" disappeared and the 00:00 reappeared. Didn't help my unit but may help someone else. C/S rep said most likely my spindle motor is bad. I am going to try oiling the spindle motor, as suggested in an earlier post, and will probably do some cleaning as well to hopefully prevent the H02/03 error codes as suggested in earlier postings."

December 2005

I got the same thing on a cv37 player...just happened. If I know panasonic at all its a stupid service disable function that needs to be taken to th shop to "fix". I remember my stereo doing something like this...what have you found out...bcuz I 'm not for sure

October 2005

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Fantastic! I disconnected the battery for awhile as advised.

Aug 2019

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