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Question - mend, repair, fix

Zanussi Jetsystem error E90?

What does the error code E90 mean on my Zanussi Jetsystem 1200 washer/dryer please?
October 2005

There is more help available. Mend - zanussi, jetsystem, error, e90

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Wriggling/checking the connections worked for me too.
Whether it is a permanent fix or not, need to wait and see.

May 2016

Experienced an E90 (twice) for the first time on our ageing ZWD 1270 and was very grateful to find all these tips. Like Jim, the guard hiding our blue wire connector is so extensive that trying to remove it just doesn't seem worth the trouble. I poked down front-right carefully with the handle of a wooden spoon, easing the connector out slightly, then back into place, and so far so good, the machine is working again.

John W
August 2011

I also have had the same problem with my 1200 zwf. I got an E90 error code and all I did was to unplug the connector contacts on top of the machine and then plugged them back in and it too now works like a charm. Many thanks all!!!

March 2011

Yes I just had same problem with my 1200 , got a e90 error , all I did was unpluged the connects on top of machine and plugged them in and it works like a charm :)

November 2010

I have tried several pulling off connectors and refitting them.
I also pulled the 2 small pipes to the pressure switches off (I couldn't reach the bottom end). Then forced air through them with foot pump to clear any sediment that might have been restricting them. Since doing this I have had not further problem.

Jim Robinson
August 2010

My machine had a set of 5 blue wires, not 4, and also there was a metal guard stopping me from getting my hands to them.

I poked the plastic socket with a wooden stick from above and it moved slightly. It seems that it was at a slight angle and it is now square on to the control board.

Now it works! :D

August 2009

Our Zanussi Jet system 1300 with an error code of E90 was repaired in 15 mins by cleaning the electrical connections especially around the controller its a tight fit but worth it

Ray / Sally
June 2008

I also followed this procedure. The connections all looked in new condition and I could see no rust, corrosion or other debris inside. However, I disconnected and reconnected all electrical connections. I did not remove the control box, but did re-seat all connectors to it.

Hey presto, works as good as new. Many thanks for your help and guidance.

Edward Manley
December 2006

Zanussi Jetstream Turbodry 1200xc suffering from delayed display functions after pressing th on button and E90 intermitantly displaying at start up and mid way through any cycle.
After taking top off and ivestigating the connections around the hoses and water / soap intake found high resistance connections which were cleaned with wd40 and re-connected. Started machine which responded as new and has yet to display E90 since.
At the time I had the top off I also sprayed and re-connected as many connections as I could including all around the main board which is easily disconnected from the main chasis by a screw and a 7mm bolt.
A big thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Shaun Robson
March 2006

I had the same problem and found the following on

"Q: My Zanussi FJS1225W is showing an E90 error code, what does this mean?
A: I have had a few emails on this one, and it seems to be a common error code on some Zanussi models. This error code seems to be the control board detecting a wrong configuration (in other words, an illogical set of sensing conditions, from its connected sensors and wiring). It apparently can happen, when wires become badly contacting, or if contaminated with motor brush carbon (the horrible black powder that comes off the motor commutator and brushes), or corroded from other contaminants from the soap dispenser area. You should be able to check this, remove, clean and replace the contacts:

Take the top off the machine, (ENSURE IT IS UNPLUGGED) and on the right hand side of the machine, you should see a set of 4 blue wires that go from the electronics module to the front display unit. Take this plug off (it is held on by plastic retainers) clean with wd40, or silicone (Servisol) contact cleaner, then dry, replace, then try again. If it is very badly corroded or pitted, you may have to replace that part of the wiring and socket.

If it is not that, then the wiring to/from various other sensors could be damaged, or the control board could be faulty. It is probably worth checking around other plugs and sockets, re-seating each one in turn, that lead to the control board, before calling an engineer in, or getting a spare board, as they are expensive (£60 - £80). Pulling off and plugging back on (Re-seating) the plugs and sockets has the effect of cleaning the contacts, and may fix certain intermittent faults like this. Obviously check for any plugs/sockets that appear burnt, corroded, or discoloured compared with the others, and clean the contacts with emery or a needle file."

I cleaned up the contacts as instructed but be warned, access is difficult and I had to remove more stuff than I expected. However everything now works a treat. 15-Oct-05

November 2005

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Thank you so much for the tip.

M. F.
Sept 2017

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