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Kitchen Appliances, Toasters (363 other questions)
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Mend > Toasters

Question - mend, repair, fix

Sunbeam toaster old chrome radiant control model T 20 B?

Will not remain switched off. Continually turns itself on briefly and off again. When toast is inserted works just fine.

October 2008

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Need to mend your Sunbeam Radiant toaster?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I have a newer T-40 Sunbeam toaster (quite similar to a T-20) that has heating elements that after a short time turn "yellow hot" and I fear the heating elements will self-destruct if left on. Any ideas as to what the problem may be and how to fix it. this toaster is probably 30 years old, but we LOVE it!

October 2015

This worked for my T20 toaster:

Jim S.
August 2011

1 - unplug the toaster.
2 - open the bottom as if you were going to clean the toaster and turn it on its side, with the toaster darkness control on your right
3 - turn the small screw in the middle counter clockwise 1/4 turn
4 - close it up and try it
5 - if it does not work keep tuning it 1/4 turn until it works.

it adjusts the tension on the carriage

April 2010

my radiant sunbeam old favourite seems to be 'running out of steam. It still works, but responds weakly. The control works for a brief time only.

Any ideas what the cause might be?

September 2009

Have you tried adjusting the screw found under the crumb tray on the piece of metal between the two bread slots? This should adjust the sensitivity of the toast rack. I'm sure you have already made sure that the crumbs are cleaned out.... Here is the webpage where I found the answer:
I love my Sunbeam! Found it at a yard sale for $5.00! Good Luck!

August 2009

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Radiant control 1988 sunbeam toaster?

My 1988 toaster works fine BUT the radiant control slide is at the absolute minimum and is still sometimes too dark. I know there is a secondary adjustment but under the handle at the end all I can see is a hex head bolt with what looks like an Allen key centre.... Is this the secondary adjustment?...

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sunbeam radiant toasters?

I have 2 that need repair. One is mine the other my deceased parents'. One doesn't turn off at all ( I must pull the plug to stop the toasting and the second releases the toast prematurely and I have to put the bread in 3 times to get toast. Any suggestions?...

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sunbeam toaster?

When I plug my radiant T-35 in, it automatically comes on without putting anything in it. I have to unplug it to have the toast pop back up, is there anything I can adjust or do to solve this, or just throw away the toaster....

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Why radient toaster continues operation?

My Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster VT 40-1 will toast , cuts off and toast rises but immediately the toast descends to toast again. It again rises to go down again - and again. I have adjusted the screw under the crumb tray to no avail. Are my corrections not right? Is an adjustment necessary on...

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