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How can i fix my fridge?

My zanussi fridge-freezer ZFK 56/38RF has its fridge compartment not cooling, whereas the freezer works fine (apart from a bit of ice unusually building up near the ice maker) and the light is ok. From the exterior everithing seems fine, including motor and non-iced pipes.
Any suggestions?

November 2005
I know this is a bit late - but when this happened to me (same model) it was because the room was too warm in the summer, and to compensate rather than tuning the thermostat to a colder setting, you turn it down to a warmer one and hey presto it worked again !!

Chubby Cheshire
April 2007
Someone told me to turn the fridge upside down. Incidently has you fridge been repaired yet, if so what did you do?

December 2005


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