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My Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher has control panel problems?

I can't get the dishwasher to start, the control panel says the washer is in the "locked" mode. After reading the manual the "no heat/dry" button is the re-set button to "un-lock" the unit, doesn't work. Tried flipping the breaker to re-set the panel, got it to work one cycle (yeah) and now I can't get it to re-set again. I left the door open overnight in hopes of re-setting the control panel memory and it looked like it was going to work and now nothing works except "cancel/drain". Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

December 2005
I tried all the solutions on this thread for my light flashing and no starting, and none worked for me. I looked and looked for different solutions and after praying about the problem I decided to try something nobody has mention or that I seen..
For my fix I did the following:
Unplugged the dishwasher, or you could turn off the breaker, then I took a picture of the control board to make sure I put the wires back in the right spot, after removing the wires on the control board I took the board out to check for damaged circuit. nothing was damaged so I connected all of the wires back. I put the door back together and then got to thinking if it is the control panel all it really consist of is the ribbon. So I left it unplugged and with a butter knife I pulled up the buttons, going slow I pulled so not to damage the circuit wires inside or pull the ribbon from the control board. Then I plugged the dishwasher back in and pressed start worked. My next step is to figure out why it didn't work. I didn't see any bad spots in the circuit wires but my wife was very happy to have the dishwasher working again. I hope this post will help someone save money. If this ribbon stops working I will use a meter to see what wires are bad and try to fix it. Best of luck and I hope this helps someone.

January 2017
My Control Panel Labels are all peeled off of my Kenmore Ultra-Wash QuietGuard Deluxe dishwasher (of course, with the help of my 2-year old granddaughter) . . . I am not sure where my Manual/Guide is . . . is there a guide online that has a graphic of the "labeled Control Panel" so I may do some of the troubleshooting listed above? Thank you!

October 2014
Has power to the panel, push the start button nothing happens. Push the normal wash, air dry any other buttons they seem to work. Its like the start button has no power.

Bogey 1234
January 2014
The tip on holding in the heat dry button for ten seconds was the one that did the trick on my unit!! Thanks guys!! wife is happy and I'm playing gold in the morning!

Bill F
September 2013
The control buttons on my Kenmore Quiet Guard Deluxe dishwasher are peeling off. Does anyone know how to find a replacement?

July 2013
thanks for all the good ideas my dishwasher had the lock button for no apparent reason and I couldn't get to go off. I tried all these suggestions, took the inside cover off and unplugged the ribbon for a couple of hours, checked all the connections and sprayed with electrical cleaner, put it back together and held down the no heat dry button for about 10 seconds then left it alone. Eventually the lock light went off, but I waited for the next day to try it and so far so good. thanks again.

July 2013
I have a Kenmore 24'' Built-In Dishwasher w/ Stainless Steel Tub - Black ENERGY STAR®.

Yes! This works great.

I am so happy I avoided a service fee. I flipped off my breaker to the dishwasher for five minutes and then turned it back on. Pressed a series of four buttons in quick succession. "Heated Dry," "Normal Wash," "Heated Dry" and "Normal Wash.

The control panel works again.

Rachel P in SLC
June 2013
My dishwasher (2007 Kenmore Ultrawash) suddenly went dead in the middle of a wash cycle. No LEDs lit and no response to any button pressing. Tried cycling power at the breaker, etc.; no joy. I removed the inner door panel and removed the controls and button section. Dutifully checked the door latch and buttons for shorts as described in the service technician's troubleshooting guide and found no problems. Reassembled and everything started working again. I saw no signs of corrosion, loose connections, overheating, nothing.
It sounds crazy, but taking an hour to pull everything apart and reassemble with no changes worked. Its worth a try before shelling out for a service call or new dishwasher.
Thanks to previous posters suggesting this, I am forever (at least until we get another dishwasher!) in your debt.
Don't forget to be safe: unplug or disconnect power at the breaker before touching anything.

June 2013
Will never by kenmore/sears brands again. Worked on this for 3 hours today. trying all the different combos from other pages as well. What worked after 30 tries was the heated dry/sani rinse combo- light would stay on, pressed heavy wash and start every time but after 30 times it finally came on.

June 2013
I have been going crazy with this dishwasher and control panel...this time the lock button kept flashing. I turned off the power to the machine, when I turned it back on a few buttons lit up, the lock was one of them, I held it in for a few seconds...5+ and it worked...thank you for all suggestions

Mary T
February 2013
I have a Kenmore Ultra Wash Quiet Guard Plus probably about 8 years old.

Turned off braker,Took off front cover (Open door and remove screws from the inside), Removed box covering control panel, Removed and reattached all connectors and wiped ribbon, Put it all back together, Turned braker back on. Working great!

Dana - and yes I'm a 48 yr old prissy girl!
January 2013
We just pressed the un-lock button quickly until it turned off. Do not hold the button press and release right away. Sorry we lost count but it was more than 3 times.

November 2012
We had the same or similar problem with our washer (an 2000 model). First we tried doing the unlock procedure (by holding down the no heat dry button for 5 seconds). The lock went off, but then the no heat dry button would blink and within a few seconds the lock would go on again.

Eventually, though, we did take off the inside of the dishwasher with a screwdriver (we had 8 screws), and my husband took off the cover to the panel, and just cleaned everything up -- the ribbon, and the little connectors with a toothbrush (with the power off, of course). And that was enough to fix it. Good thing too because a new panel for $127 isn't worth it on our old dishwasher.

November 2012
2010 0r 2009 model . Kenmore Ultra Wash Quiet Guard Standard Dishwasher WOnt RUN !! Quick Rince,Heated Dry And LOCK LIGHTS ARE ALL ON , i cant find my manuel. when i hold heated dry down for 5 seconds all lights turn off, then (# 2) delay hours light comes oni have no idea how to fix...please help

September 2012
The lock light on my Kenmore 665 17777990 dishwasher was flashing. I tried pressing the no heat button and other random buttons, nothing worked. I turned off the power for about 10 mins, still blinking. The next day just as I was going to remove the front panel,I noticed the lock light was off. It seems to be working now.... ???

Tony D.
June 2012
I have done the alternating Heated Dry / Sani Rinse and I can see that it resets. The dishwasher is confused going back and forth between wash and dry but the buttons do not work while the dishwasher is running. Not sure what to do at this point.

March 2012
I found a series of numbers (on another internet site) that made the dishwasher run a self-diagnostic and then it reset the dishwasher. Hasn't had a problem since (and that was about 3 months ago).

Janet/Brush Prairie, WA
January 2012
Thank You, after turning off power and disconnecting all wires try restarting didn't work. Notice lights were dim on control panel. Unplug the ribbon a couple of times. Tried again dishwasher is working.

January 2012

I just follow Cherri advice from the beginning " the "no heat/dry" button is the re-set button to "un-lock" the unit" As soon as I repeated this 3 times.BOOUMM!! I press Start and it works.

Thanks to Cherri

Sebastien Raph
October 2011
I have a Kenmore Ultra Wash 665 15817990 and was having similar issues....washer wouldn't start, and lock light would stay lit and/or flash. I had been able to kill the power for some time, reset the machine, and get it to wash once but it didn't sound very happy about it. This last time that trick didn't work, and some of the other wash cycle lights appeared to be dimly lit.

Using the answers here, I took all the screws off the inner door panel, removed the black plastic cover, and one-by-one pulled each electrical connection off the control panel. I used quick drying electrical contact cleaner sprayed into the socket end of the wiring harness to (hopefully) remove any dirt preventing a good connection. Inadvertently, I did this with the circuit breaker turned ON (!), although I would not recommend this. :) I flipped the breaker back to off, reinstalled the black protective cover, reinstalled the inner door, and left the door open. I flipped the breaker, closed the door (no dim lights - good sign!), pressed the normal wash button, and hit start. VOILA - SHE WORKS! It's still running now, so we'll see if it makes a complete cycle, but I'm hoping for the best. Even if it's not a permanent fix, it's not too tough to do and will buy me some time till our kitchen remodel in the next couple of years. We're replacing all the appliances at that point and I really wanted to avoid buying something to tide us over till then. Fingers crossed and knocking on wood this keeps on tickin'!

Jason S.
October 2011
Thanks so much to all. Was ready to dump a two year old machine, but it seems to be fine after the "Thom & Andrea" fix.
I wish I had looked at this before I bought a new control board. Model 665.13839 Sears is dumb. You folks rock.

October 2011
Thom and Andrea saved my day.. Thanks a lot. Worked liked a miracle...

September 2011
My Kenmore Ultra, purchased in 2000 worked flawlessly until today,8-29-11. Had the control locked problem and held the "no heat dry" button for 4 seconds as directed on the door panel inside. Ths didn't work so I removed the inside panel and disconnected all the wire and replaced them making sure they were tight. This didn't fix the problem so I unplugged the unit opened the door and let it sit for a while. Still no luck. Resumed pushing the "no heat dry" button as well as other buttons in no particular order. Still no luck. Then a friend called so I was telling her I was going to call a repariman. At the end of the call I was putting things away and voila, the light was out and it's working fine now. Maybe I didn't give it enoughw wait time. Mod. #665.17779990

Edward Fitzgerald
August 2011
HI i shut power off unpluged all wires from back of control module and replug them and turned power on this did not work the first time but did on second time . wigle the connectors back and forth as i suspect bad contacts anyway up and running just set quick rinse all ok ...

August 2011
my fdb1100rhs2 model frididare electolux runs threw the cylce but does water doesnt worl

August 2011
Had issue where Start/resume button was flashing green; only thing that would work was the cancel/drain button. from advice from this blog, we're back in working order... here's what I did:

Shut off power; open door and took off the 6 torx headed screws from inside top of door that hold the control panel on. Control panel then comes off from front of door, then remove the plastic cover that conceals the control panel "motherboard", disconnect the 16 pin tape connector. I left the connector disconnected, put control panel back into place with only a couple screws, left door open & turned power back on. Closed door, and the motor started running. opened door to shut it off, then turned power off again, reconnected everything, left door open, turned power back on, and then shut door. It then started blinking red lights above Normal and I think Heated Dry, and still didn't work. I then shut power off again, disconnected tape connector, plugged it back in, left door open while turn power back on, then shut door; viola, back in business... Model 665.13123K702

Dave L
August 2011
Clean light is blinking. Did disconnect the 16 pin on the control panel & reconnect after 15 minutes. But the DW still not working. Clean light still blink after reconnect. What did I do wrong? Help. :-)

May 2011
Thanks for all the input people. Had this problem. Tried everything listed here and only fix was to open the front with power off of course and then unplug the control board and plug it back in. Works fine now.

April 2011
Thanks for the great help! Mine is only a year old and could not get the normal wash button to stop flashing. Tried holding buttons did not work, then tried the suggestion from Thom and Andrea to take the control panel off, but could not figure out how to disconnect the ribbon, just kinda wiggled wires around reconnected and viola, it works!

April 2011
Mine is a kenmore ultra, but I had to hold the "air dry"button by the lock icon until the lock light went out. It was around 6-7 seconds. If you hold it too long the lock icon lights up again. Then chose my cycle and hit start. Thanks to everyone for guidance in the right direction. I sure didn't want to hand wash those dishes!

April 2011
Thanks. Our manual said hold the button for 3 seconds but the suggestion to hold for 5 seconds unlocked it. Thanks!

March 2011
Thank you ALL. Lights were flashing and my Kenmore DW would not work. Followed Ken Patel's instructions and just great. Saved me a lot of money and time, also. Love the internet!

February 2011
Just wanted to say thanks to all who posted this. Turning off the power, disconnecting the control panel and reconnecting worked for me.

It saved me a service call!

February 2011
i paid a repairman $96 to tel us " push heat dry then sani rinse and repeat." worked perfectly. this is my gift to you all.

Sears sucks and could have told us over the phone!

rave span
February 2011
Turbozone light was blinking. Tried Heated dry 4 sec. then alternate heated dry/normal wash. NOTHING! Then....found this site :) turned off breaker for about 10 min. turned it back on pushed heated dry 4 sec. SANI RINSE/heated dry quickly a few times. BINGO! Diagnostic ran. Washer working. Thank you thank you thank you to all who posted answers.

January 2011
Correction: i said heat was flashing, no, the lock is flashing, and holding heat does not work nor does alternating back and forth

January 2011
Failure: Quick rinse flashes, no buttons work, hold heat button, both quick rinse and heat button now flashing, no buttons work.
Followed circuit board instructions, turned off power, disconnect 14 pin ribbon from board, reconnected ribbon, turned power back on, no lights flashing but quick rinse is lit, press heat button, both are flashing again.

January 2011
Yeah! Thanks for all the tricks! Got it going right away!

January 2011
I had the "dishwasher is locked and would not unlock" problem. The solution was to disconnect the ribbon and at the circuit board, wait a bit and reconnect it.

January 2011
Alternate sani rinse and heated dry...bang automatic reset. DW started up but was confused kept alternating between washing
and drying. Cancelled cycle started a new wash cyce good to go.
Thanks for the remedy

Peter M
December 2010
I disconnected the ribbon but I am not sure I reconnected correctly. There appears to be an extra pin one side or the other. I reconnected with the pin closest to me (top) still open. Hope I did it correctly or maybe someone on here knows.

Thank you for your help.

December 2010
I have the same exact problem! I had a technician take a look at it today. The entire control panel needs to be replaced unfortunately.

December 2010
Thank you! alternating hitting the sani rinse and heated dry buttons worked for us and its running good again

November 2010
Had same problem with my Kenmore Elite 655, I followed Ken Patels instructions - WORKED GREAT! Turned the fuse off, took off the front panel only four screws and disconnected the ribbon cable, waited ten minutes(being paranoid) then put it back together. Turned fuse back on. No lights flashing anymore and I have run through a wash cycle without issues.

November 2010
Kenmore ultra wash dw had problem of no heat dry light was lit and lock key same time. the back door
2. remove the 14 pin plastic code and
3.plug the power for 3 min
4.unplug the power and connect the 14 pin plastic code
5. Plug the power and bingoooooooooooo
Thanks for all the support

ken patel
November 2010
Hi All, this forum is another example (among thousands) of why the INTERNET is one of the greatest inventions of our time!!! This forum saved me tons of time and wasted repair dollars! All buttons on my control panel lit up except cancel/drain and start/resume. Thanks to Thom and Andrea, my troubleshoot session was a breeze..."heated dry, normal wash, heated dry, normal wash within 6 seconds" did the trick! Sincerest thanks to them!

November 2010
My dishwasher start button keeps flashing, tried all of the things mention above and it is still flashing....Help!!! before I pull my hair out

October 2010
Had the same issue with my dishwasher ths week. I took out the top screws from the back of the control module ,unpluged it from the washer for 10 secs and reversed what i did. Worked like a champ. Probally could have fliped the breaker but did not want to have to reset clocks.

October 2010
It ran for one cycle. But I filled it with dirty dishes so at least I got them done.

Initially, there was no lights on the touch pad, then they lit up when we pressed the buttons. We tried the Reset buttons but no joy.
I'm thinking the touch pad is bad. Any ideas?

Hopefully, I'll be able to disconnect the ribbon cable & get it working for a load(or 3) until we get it fixed/a new one.

October 2010
I've got an older kenmore dishwasher model # 665.15764000. The DW wouldn't work at all, no lights, then the lights came back on. [i wasn't there so it's a little confused]. My husband tried the error code, {heat, 3*airdry} and it seemed to reset but it was now LOCKED. I then tried the 'hold air dry for 10 + sec.', which did not work. I then tried the 'turn power off, take apart, pull ribbon and turn on. At this point I tried to get lights or the pump to work, they did not. Despite that I pushed ahead, 'turn off, reconnect the ribbon, put back together' and it worked. yay
*Thank you* to whom ever first posted that fix!

September 2010
We have an Ultra Quiet Dishwasher. After doing the dishes the whole thing shut down. No power whatsoever! Any solutions, not sure where the control panel is located.

S. Renz
September 2010
Thank you so much for asking this question holding the no heat dry button for several seconds worked for me!

September 2010
my kenmore will not turn on at all no button works and it has water still in bottom must of quit working during a cycle any ideas

September 2010
I'm totally frustrated. The lock light stays on. I have tried everything listed here and nothing works. I had this problem once before and that time none of these options worked either. It sat for several weeks without running. One day my husband walked up and hit the drain button and it started working. Now we are here again. I don't want to have break down and buy a new one but think that my be what I'm up against. I'm making one last ditch effort to find some new options. Anyone try anything different from those listed that worked?

August 2010
It worked! It worked ! After doing so many combinations as others had mentioned I finally got it to work by holding down the heated dry button for 10 seconds, didn't work the first time but the next time it did! I was finally able to get the dishes to wash. Lesson learned I'm not locking the dishwasher button again!!!!!!!!! WHEW glad I didn't have to call anyone out!

July 2010
hello everyone, i have a problem with my kenmore ultra wash dishwasher... there is a piece under the module that broke, it looks like a while ring...can anyone tell me where can i get replacement parts?

July 2010
Thank God for you guys. the alternating buttons thing worked!!!! i just lost my job and SO could not afford to fix this thing. thanks so much.

Robert Guidry
July 2010
Thanks for all your suggestions! We have been having issues with the control panel for a few months on and off!! Price of a new panel had me pricing low end your suggestions and it worked!!

Thank you!

June 2010
I looked at the above posts and tried holding and pushing EVERY button combination there was. I finally opened the door of the dishwasher by removing the 8 hex screws. Then opened the black box covering the panel. I unplugged the green and black (ribbon cord) to the circuit board and the dishwasher worked once again. Thanks for ALL the different possible solutions.

May 2010
thanks for the help. Unplugging the ribbon in the control panel worked for me. Thanks for all the help.

May 2010
we had the same issue as thom and andrea, only our keypad wasn't lighting up at all. went through the same steps 1. power off 2. unplug ribbon from control board (17 pin connection) 3. power back up 4. close dw door. That sequence told us it was our keypad, not the control board because the motor turned on for 2 min. At that point i turned power back off, reconnected the ribbon and like magic, IT WORKED!!!!
I'm still waiting too see if my keypad malfunctions again, but so far so good : )

brandon and katrina
April 2010
We just moved into a home with this dishwasher and had the same problem. We had no manual from the former owner. The dishwasher Lock light went on but we couldnt' get the washer to start. Tom (top of this page), was really helpful. Remember: It is important to HOLD THE NO HEAT DRY (it has a lock icon next to it) BUTTON DOWN FOR 10 SECONDS OR UNTIL THE LOCK LIGHT GOES OFF. Then press start. Tom not only saved us a lot of frustration, but also saved us big bucks ($95 for a repair visit).

April 2010
Thom and Andrea, Thank you for the tip. I was able to reset the control panel by disconnecting the band you mentioned.

April 2010

April 2010
my dishwasher will not get past the wash cycle
It will wash for hours but nothing else? Can I fix this myself?

March 2010
Can anyone provide help with removing the control board on a Kenmore Elite model 665?

March 2010
Like many before me here, holding in just the "No Heat Dry" button for about 10 seconds extinguished the "Control Lock" light. Thanks for the tip!

Tim H.
February 2010
Wow.I am not the only one. my Kenmore quiet wash is 3 1/2 years old. When I press the start button, no light comes on.No light comes on when I press Cancel/Drain and no light when I press delay. All the other buttons on left light up. I did try to reset by pressing temp for 5-10 seconds. Nothing.
Any ideas

January 2010
my dishwasher doesn't have heated dry option but does have air dry and high temp and sani rinse. my air dry/lock button is flashing. normally if it is locked it will stay lit. mine is flashing. how do i reset and use my machine?

January 2010
my problem is lock on light keeps blinking , if i press any button then quick rinse start blinking too.. they both blink aimlessly....tried everything .. took the back off.. all those combanitions.... any help how to fix ??

January 2010
Thank for this invaluable information. Christmas 2009 with all of the family dishes to do. My Clean Dishes light was flashing and nothing else would set. I disconnected the ribbon and power and POOF I was back in business, Thank You.

Jto the Waters
December 2009
Thank you Thom and Andrea that fixed mine. I had the DW turned upside down to replace the motor and some water ran in the control panel circuit board. Read another thread explaining how to blow the water out. Which I did and still had the lock light on. Performed the proceedure you described and bingo! The internet is full of helpful people.

Paul H
December 2009
Our Kenmore does not have a "no heat" button ,just an air dry/lock button . Machine wont start but will run a drain/ cancel cycle . Help ?????

November 2009
Thanks for all the helpful answers. My lock button went off after holding "heated dry" for five seconds. Dishes are washing now.

November 2009
All of the lights flash and stay lit up. And it won't turn on. What can I do?

October 2009
I'm on my third control panel. The second one it turns out was still working but had solder eruptions all over the board, so a new one would have been necessary shortly anyway. The real problem this time was the thermal fuse -- open circuit. Fuse is located on the edge of the control panel plastic housing and has two tan wires connected to it. $12 part.

October 2009
Thank you for all the advice! We unplugged the riobbon, reconnected everything and it works!

September 2009
Great information on this site, great job sharing info. So I tried holding the no heat button and the lock flashed on, so i did it again and the no heat button came on etc etc. I switched off the main power to the dishwasher and when I turned the power back on the lock light was off and the no heat light, within one minute the lock light was on again.
My next plan it to take it apart, when I remove the panel is it the entire frount panel on the inside? That seems to be the only way I can figure out how to get into it. I am not adept with this kind of task so any help is appreciated.

September 2009
I could not get the green lock light to go off and thus the dishwasher would not run. This is the first time I was trying to run the dishwasher. We just put the thing in today. But, thank to all of you holding down the "Heated Dry" button down for 10 sec. The "lock light" cleared. And its working for now. THANKS

September 2009
holding in just the "No Heat Dry" button for about 10 seconds.

Worked for me.


September 2009
My problem was with the lock on button blinking but could not reset by holing down the buttons.
I just fixed mine by securing the power, then opening the control panel and then unhooking the control panel ribbon then turning power back on and plugging the ribbon back in. Thanks for the advice!!!!

September 2009
Thanks for helping me fix my dishwasher!!

August 2009
Just fixed/reset my Ultra Wash Model 665.1595 with a stuck on "Control Lock" light by holding in just the "No Heat Dry" button for about 10 seconds. (No idea why it turned on to begin with though.)

Rob P.
July 2009
I have a Kenmore Quiet Guard, and it doesn't have the buttons you are talking about :o( The start button just blinks... It has a start button, hi temp and heat dry button... any thoughts on how fix?

July 2009
The green "clean" light was blinking and nothing would work. After reading just a few posts, I decided to try to "reset" the control panel. Amazingly, after hitting the "sani rinse" and "heated dry" button, it works!

June 2009
We too had the "lock" button stuck on. After searching the internet we found that behind the kick plate was the "tech sheet". This sheet tells you how to perform a diagnostic test to determine if your key pad is bad or your control panel is bad. It had us cut power to the washer, take off the control panel (6 screws) and unplug the keypad ribbon from the control board. We then reassemble the control panel LEAVING THE RIBBON DISCONNECTED, turned power back on, waited 5 seconds and closed the door. At that point if the washer started a motor spin for 2 minutes, the the problem is with the keypad not the control board - ours did. We then turned power back off, opened control panel again and reconnected the ribbon, turned power back on and that happened to be enough to reset our keypad but if it hadn't, there are further instructions on that tech sheet to then diagnose the keypad. Our next step would have been trying the reset trick - ours is heated dry, normal wash, heated dry, normal wash within 6 seconds. My husband swears he will never use the lockout button again - we'll see if yelling at the 2 year old everytime we use it is easier!

Thom and Andrea
June 2009
I had the lock blinking problem. The hold-down-5-seconds is in both the manual and printed on the top of my dishwasher (665-15979992). I tried that many, many times... and after reading the thread, tried various combinations of "no heat dry," "sani wash," and "water heat". No dice.

Finally I took off the front panel (top 4 screws only, use either a torx or a 3/32 hex) and disconnected it from the unit. In this model apparently there's nothing cleanable, but after I reconnected it, that was apparently enough to reset the panel. Hit Start and it started!

Don't know how long that will last, but it does seem to be an awfully stupid washer.

May 2009
if holding no heat works, hold rinse only instead

April 2009
Im in the US and i just pressed the heated dry button the hi temp wash alternatively about 4 times and the panel reset. now it works!! sweet!

January 2009
I have a Kenmore Ultra Wash with blinking Lock On LED? I tried the whole 'hold in the no heat dry for 3, 5, 10 seconds and no go....any tips?


January 2009
I had the same problem, flashing green clean light. After reading all these ideas, I pressed the "sani rinse" button and the "heated dry" button alternatively 3 times, and all the contol panel red lights went on, then off, and the unit was fixed!

December 2008
my dishwasher seems to have water in the panel, you can see it in the buttons when you push them. all that will work is the cancel drain button nothing els works and will not wash dishes. any suggestions?

Joshua Holden
December 2008
I too was having problems where my Kenmore dishwasher (665.16769000) would not start. The control panel was not locked, it just would not start when the start button was pressed. I could take it apart and disconnect the control panel and get it to work for a few cycles. Thanks to Shaun Wilson and his reset solution (Hi Temp - Air Dry - Hi Temp - Air Dry) I do not have to take it apart anymore. Thanks again Shaun!

Jeff F.
November 2008
Kenmore Ultra Wash door part 3384256. Read the thread. Mine came with the house also. Did we all get some defective unit sold to contractors? Holding the no-heat button worked a few times but now my unit isn't running at all. Got any other tricks before we call the Sears-Home repair?

applied hold failed
August 2008
LOL after reading his whole thread, and trying EVERY SINGLE idea...Hitting every button in combination, I finally got to the end and read the last one...counted 5 seconds as I held the heat button is so impressed, I'm getting lucky tonight!!! This website's getting bookmarked lol...Nighty night!!!

July 2008
The only buttons on my control panel that light on and/ off are the heavy wash and heated dry. I don't have a No Heat button on mine. Not sure how old mine is (moved into house 1 year ago.) Repair man said I have to replace the entire control panel 100 + labor. Any suggestions before i bite the bullet?

July 2008

I had same problem. Hold the "no heat" button in for several seconds until the light goes off.

June 2008
What an amazing website!!!! Our dishwasher panel started flashing on the "Control Lock" a few days ago. It took a couple days to fill it with dirty dishes, and all the time I ignored it and figured if it didn't work, the "dish fairy" would come in at night and do them by hand, but alas, tonight after dinner, my partner informed me that when I agreed to "do the dishes if you cook" didn't include the caveat of 'if the dishwasher is working'. Rather than dive into a disgusting bowl of soapy dishwater I decided to try the web. Viola!!! Holding in that "No Heat" button did the trick! No dishpan hands for me tonight! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Doug J
June 2008
Holding in No Heat for 5 sec worked for me.

May 2008
Thanks for getting THIS computer to fix THAT computer! Two heads are better than one!

Jenny B
May 2008
I just had the same thing happen on mine, model # 17772, looked at manual and it suggests holding the no heat dry button, tried several times without any change, googeld the model, found this site, read the thread, went back to dishwasher, retried...and sure enough it unlocked and is running as I write, keep trying.....

mother of 3
May 2008
I've had my Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher with Quiet Guard1 for 4 1/2 years and the control panel has failed 3 times. The 2nd time was within 2 weeks of the 1st failure. According to Sear's appliance repair there is a "flash" that the control panel has been redesigned! (I think the redesigned panel was installed after the 2nd failure.) Obviously there is still a defect with the control panel.
I've spent almost as much on repairs as I paid for the dishwasher; think I'll cut my losses and buy a new dishwasher under warranty. Buyer beware...take out the extended warranty on this product.

April 2008
Press Hi Temp, Heat Dry, Hi Temp, Heat Dry. You will see all lights flash and it will be re-set. You probably need a new heating element. Until then, you can probably have it work if you make sure the heat dry is off. You will have wet, but clean dishes...

Shaun Wilson
March 2008
This was the first site that appeared in the search engine. Everything is working now. Thanks for the help. I was amazed how easy it was to fix. Keep up the good work!!

December 2007
I just tried holding the "no heat dry" button for five seconds and Voila! It was back in service. Thank you!

November 2007
And yet another one fixed by holding down the "no heat dry" button!!!

Dennis & Angela
October 2007
I was amazed that this website appeared when I keyed in "Kenmore dishwasher control lock"! And yes, holding the no heat dry button fixed the problem. I am so grateful. What a world this is!!!

August 2007
I had the same problem. You need to replace the front console with all the buttons on it. It is one piece and about $120 from Sears. I would also replace the vent in the door for another $7. It takes about 15 minutes if you have the correct size torx screwdriver. Take off the inside cover, remove the circuit board, jiggle the console out, put the new one in and you are all set.

July 2007
In Canada perhaps, as I am in CANADA .. the Air Dry & Lock On button are the same button, there is no Heat Dry. Last night I did press & hold as the instructions on the door read BUT nothing. Today I came to the web. I held the Air Dry button again & it worked! I did hold the button believing if it worked for everyone else then it would work for me! Ta Da.

July 2007
Amazing! I have been fiddling with our washer trying to start it for the past 12 minutes. Like others, it came with the house and no manual is available. I pressed the no heat/dry button for about 5 seconds, it flashed, then I pressed the start button and now my washer is working. I don't know how long this will work but at least I won't need to handwash dishes just yet!

What an amazing website!

June 2007
We've had the Kenmore Ultra Wash with Quiet Guard dishwasher for about 9 years and just had the "Control Lock" problem for the first time today (5/8/07). I looked for the manual and couldn't find it so I resorted to the Internet. I came across this website and tryed the recommended holding down the "No Heat Dry" button for about 5 seconds. The "Control Lock" light went out and I was able to start the dishwasher. So far, so good. Thanks for sharing so I could remedy the problem.

May 2007
I hold down the no heat dry button for 5 sec and sometimes it will blink. Still have no idea. I had this happen before and then it worked for a cpl months. Now its on again. I have no idea how i fixed it before.


Mike Guilford
March 2007
This site is amazing. Holding down Heated Dry worked. Thank you all.

Rob Keown
March 2007
I have the same problem,holding down the NO HEAT DRY button for about five seconds did work and it is working fine

February 2007
It's working now. I pressed the WATER HEAT and NO HEAT DRY buttons alternatively for about 5 times each. The next day everything started to work again.

(I found that advice on the Internet)

October 2006
I have the same problem with my machine always saying "LOCK ON". Holding down the No Heat button takes the lock off, but I can't get it to start all the time. Sometimes when I can get a Normal Wash to start, it keeps stopping and the LOCK ON light goes on, then it goes back to a Normal wash, then back to LOCK ON, etc... Strange.

October 2006
my gosh is this a defect? we are having the same problems!

jill nunn
June 2006
I had the same exact problem ... and I couldn't find my manual. Your web site saved me from frustration! I, too, will put this web site on my favorites!!!!

June 2006
thanks for the tip on holding down the "No Heat Dry" button. It took care of my problem in short order. I'm adding this site to my "favorites" list!


May 2006
Good news! I just wrote about my Kenmore. After talking to a repair man, I tore the whole door apart again (about 15 minutes if you have the right screwdriver) popped out the inner button panel, removed all 10 plastic buttons and sprayed them with WD-40. Evidently they wear or dry out. Now it's back together and working like new. The repair guy told me this is only a temporary fix, but no sweat, I can repeat it every few months if needed. $500 saved.

February 2006
My control buttons gradually failed more and more, working only intermittently. I was told by the repair guy that when the Kenmore buttons fail, it gets worse and costs at least $140 to repair. I took the whole thing apart, and the inner buttons look fine; there's evidently a relay or control component on one of the circuit boards that's failing, and these boards cost $150-200 to order the part. (No way to tell which component on which board needs replacement, and just solder it in.) Now it's back together, stuck on "Control Lock," and the NO HEAT DRY button doesn't work to unlock it. Looks like we'll have to replace the whole dishwasher. Can't get any detailed help from Sears without a warranty. I think the unit is about 5 years old... it came with the house.

February 2006
Flashing green light ("clean") means heating element failure. Trying to figure out how to repair it myself
December 2005
I couldnot get the dishwasher to start, the control panel says the washer is in the "locked" mode.
I tried the fix that was suggested on this web site: hold down the No heat dry for about 5 seconds. It worked!!


December 2005
Did you try holding down the No heat dry for about 5 seconds? I had the same problem and that got the control panel to unlock.

December 2005
Any luck with that? I have the same dishwasher and it is stuck with the clean button flashing and I don't have the owners manual. I tried everything and can't get it to start up, any thoughts? thanks

December 2005


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