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Mend > Washing Machines

Question - mend, repair, fix

haier washing machine?

i have a haeir washing machine not had it long but it has come up error 2 does anyone no wht it means

February 2009

There is more help available. Mend - haier, washing, machine

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

My washing machine does not let the water in the wash light is on then the rinse light comes on an they both flash

June 2017

I too, removed a rubber band from the impeller, also a hex drive phillips head bit, and a hair clip!!

Howell C
November 2016

my haier hw-d1470tve washing machine wont spin properly can you help

February 2016

well done James i lifted flap at front/bottom of machine then unscrewed bung,the water in machine came gushing out along with some pebbles and some chicken bones. Amazing what you get in your washing machine ha ha.Works like brand new again now had it a few yrs.

April 2015

Thanks all! Had the same error 2 problem, before turning to google i used a lamb so close to the front loader and noticed 2 pair of my babies socks inbetween the loader and the door i removed it connected to electricity, it only washed for a while then showed 'Error 2' again. Googled, followed James advice and found one pair of socks and 2 buttons in the outlet at the bottom right end of the washing machine. I now feel like an engineer all thanks to you guys.

September 2014

Thanks for the tip. All working now.

May 2014

There is fault code video on u tube

Davina Harley
October 2013

I had the same problem. Error 2 - machine wouldn't drain. I cleared the small drain at the front but still wouldn't work. I took off the black rubber hose that comes from the pump (after turning machine on its front) and cleared another 50c piece. The hard metal clips undo using wide nosed pliers. Now working fine. At first It didn't but that is because I forgot to tum the water back on, but that could be a female thing !!! Hardest thing was turning the machine over and back up.

October 2013

Thank you, followed the answers here and unblocked it.

Alice C, Melbourne
August 2013

Thankyou Jamesb. A 20 cent piece was blocking our drainage. Now working again

April 2013

I had the same problem which I fixed. I then put a wash on and err5 came up. Any ideas on how to fix this or what the error may be?

April 2013

my machine stops after a minute on any cycle it looks like it says err7

March 2013

I had the same error 2 message. Applied Jamesb's fix and it worked! it was a pebble that caused the fan not to spin. Removed it and voila! Machine is draining. Thanks Jamesb

February 2013

I had an err2 message. read this post and cured it. Unscrewed the filter as described by jamesb, drained the water (into a baking tray!) and saw a rubber band wrapped around the impeller. Removed it with some long nose pliers, turned it back on and the impeller started spinning straight away. Job done.

December 2012

i have a c1460tveme-u haier washing machine and i need to change the main bearing but the bolt with a star head is stuck solid is there a way to get this out easily

April 2012

Get the machine to a place with good drainaisge ie outside. On the front bottom right corner you will see a flap. Open this and unscrew the filter and remove. All the water in the machine will rush out hopefully taking whatever was obstructing the pumps impeller. Have a good look inside to check there is nothing else inside. Connect to a electricity supply and start a drain cycle. Look into pump as you do this if you see the impeller start spinning job done if not it may need a new pump.

March 2012

Hi, we have just fixed ours ourselves today and found a hair clip in the waste pipe. works fine now-(it wasnt draining water away during a cycle and it kept ending cycle mid-way) and have just done a wash. saved ourselves a bit of money by not getting engineer to look at it!

February 2012

I followed Phils instructions and removed the waste pipe from the spaggetti of pipes under my sink. The inside was blocked with half a handful of fluff and gunge. Removed, cleaned and rinsed; my machine now works a treat. Thanks Phil

Cornelius Balfour
March 2011

i just bought a haier washing machine. It cam up with error 2 (unable to drain). I found out that the non return valve in the drain pipe was the fault. when the drain pipe is connected to the drain, it pushes the non return valve up, blocking the flow of water to the drain. i trimmed back the drain pipe and then re-connected to the drain. this solved the problem and the washing machine was able to function correctly.

August 2009

not draining within 4 minutes regards phil

July 2009

I've got the same problem (error 2) and seemingly it's the drain pump. I've had the problem for over a week and trying to find a drain pump for the the model HW-C1460TVEME-u is like tryng o get hens teeth. Can anyone help?

stacey townsley
April 2009

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May 2018

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