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Technics RS-EH 600 Twin Cassette Deck won't play tapes!!!?

It is fully connected to the Stereo, and is illuminated when on. When I place a cassette into the door and close it, press makes a sound as if it's starting to play and then it stops. This happens in both decks. Please help me, as I have over 2,000 tapes which I cannot listen to.

April 2009
Hi, I want to use a 3.5mm jack adapter with the eh600 cassete but it switches to deck 1 then deck 2 back and forth, how do I stop that? I get sound for a few seconds so the adapter works.

July 2016
Ik wil graag de cassetterecorder afkoppelen van de stereotoren.
Ik gebruik deze nl. niet meer.
Hoe doe ik dat??

Ik kan de brede platte kabellint er niet uithalen

October 2013
Is this belt Capstan or RF belt? Thanks

August 2010
I am pretty sure the problem is just the two smallest drive belts needing to be repaced.
Those belts becomes like chewing gum with time.
I just repaired one today, this is not too difficult if you are familiar with cassette decks.
You need two belts 1.73" in diameter

April 2010
Yeh Dont Be fooled That This Is An Easy Job IT AINT
I Am Just in the Peocess Of Doing one
NOT For The Faint Hearted

Problem Aswell Where Do You Get the Damn belts

George Tidswell
February 2010
It's interesting that the same thing has happened with mine; it will not play forward but will play in auto-reverse mode on both decks. It will forward (in auto-reverse mode) and even when you press rewind, it still goes forward. I wonder if it's something to do with the programming? I did take it apart and the bands/belts are all connected. If you do get any answers, let me know!!

November 2009
Sounds like the rubber drive belts have slipped off the drive wheels. This often happens you will need to open the case and check the drive belts.

November 2009

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