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Safe Mode?

My old GE VCR is rigged up with a Phillips DVD player, a Sanyo TV and Armstrong Cable PVR. The VCR has to be on to run the DVD player and it is locked out in safe mode. It all works off of one remote. I've replaced batteries and I've unplugged the whole thing for several minutes. The VCR still says safe mode when I press the power button manually, which is what I've usually had to do to start it. Safe thing when I use the PVR remote and press the VCR button and power button

August 2009

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unlock region code for DVR-DX600 Sanyo DVD Recorder?

I would like to unlock the region code for my DVR-DX600 Sanyo DVD Recorder...

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we think the TV is ruining our DVD movie player, as we get sound, no pictur?

We have a Sanyo TV and our DVD movie player does not work. There is sound when we put in a movie but there is not picture. Could it be the TV and how can we stop this?...

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i have my dvrdx600 sanyo dvd recorder set up, will play dvds, but cant tune?

i have my dvrdx600 sanyo dvd recorder set up, will play dvds, but cant tune anything with the inbuilt tuner........ autoscan goes through the whole thing without finding a channel.........

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How can I reset time on Sanyo DVD JCX TS750?

How can I reset the time on the Sanyo DVD model number JCX TS750?...

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How can I fix my Sanyo DWM-400 DVD player?

Once the DVD is inserted, the player automatically starts playing the Disc, and I cannot stop the player. The Disc will not eject, and the player cannot be turned off. Even after unplugging the unit and plugging it back in after 30 seconds, the player turns on and the "Disc in" and "Play" lights a...

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How To get picture back on my Sanyo DVW-7200 DVD Player?

I have sound and picture on VCR but no PICTURE on DVD how do i fix it...

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how to connect sanyo dvd 400 to my TV?

I purchased this dvd mod 400 with out manual. I can not get it connected correctly to my TV. It is going straight to TV and has one cord with red, yellow and white on both ends of the cord. help...

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What is wrong with my Sanyo DVD player and how can I fix it myself?

The disc door won't open when you hit the button....

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