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Question - mend, repair, fix

White screen on Samsung E700?

Everytime I turn on my Samsung phone the screen is now completely white, you cant see anything at all!!, yet it will let me make phone calls still, even though I cant see what numbers ive typed out on the screen!!!, do I need to have the screen replaced or is there a simple way this can be repaired?

February 2006

Need to mend your Samsung mobile phone?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

how to raepayar white screen

October 2011

how to fix my samsung r570 screen its white

July 2011

I thought this was going to be a bigger problem but when I left my phone open, I realized if I tapped on the volume (or any key) it was fine. And I had no problem with phone calls either.

The Man from Nantucket
April 2011

Just change the screen

January 2011

yea, kinda same problem.
but mine just stays white for a while, and then goes back to being fine.
But it wont let me make calls, as in I cannot hear the person, but they can hear me.

stupid fone. =/
December 2010

u mite need to call up verizon store or fone store to fix it

October 2010

Same problem. Bigger issue though. I have no contact with anyone at all, not even email or an instant messenger. My screen is white, i've tried everything. Absolutely everything and it is not working. I don't know what to do.

September 2010

samsung 3010 white despley i'm chenge displeybut sem problem

August 2010

I know what all you guys mean samsung phones suck, my samsung i dropped really hard but it turned white for weeks i couldnt used it then finally after the phone died it worked but know its white again i dont know why but the phone is dying but it wont turn back normal is still dying but the screen is still white, i can charge it but the scren is still white, ive tried to reset it but nothing seems to work.. I dont have the money to buy another phone and i dont have insurance on my samsung.. I dont know what to do

Jacqueline Lopez
May 2010

omg same white screen prob. samsung sucks. it happend after i got a little water in it i think...ugh. but i think i can get my pix uploaded off of it cuz the phone isnt broken, just the screen is. hopefully.

April 2010

Ribbon cable!!!

Thabiso Maolwane
December 2009

This is a common problem with all E series Samsung phones and Samsung is doing nothing about it. Changing the strip cable connector will only work for a few days and the same problem reappers.

Best solution buy a new phone not an E sries this time

July 2009

I had similar problems to those described above. I can't fault the phone (apart from the infra-red never having worked), but the phone was 5 years old before it needed the screen replacing. I replaced the screen and all was good, but I'm having the same problem again only after a few months. Surely the ribbon can't be that weak? Outside screen is perfect, but the inside one is 'fuzzy' and the display seems larger but fainter. The camera function also seems to be affected as when I press the button on the side to activate the camera, it displays a warning

M Tahir
October 2008

The problem you have all described is indeed caused by a damaged ribbon. This is very easily replaced and the cheapest I have found is on ebay for about £14.00 complete with a T6 screwdriver

September 2007

Same problem here
You can buy a new screen and cable from ebay for around 15 quid
I looked into getting hold of just the cable but it comes as one unit (Screen attached)
If your confident its not hard to change the screen yourself

December 2006

I had the same problem the ribbon connections completly severed. So I bought a data cable in an attempt to rip off the info but I can't get at the data???any body else can give me a clue ..can the ribbons be replaced??

chris Butler
July 2006

im not sure if mine is the same problem. what happens is that, when i open my phone, the screen is either just nothing, or occasionally white. i do notice that when its 'almost' closed, the picture perfectly ok, but ONLY for that part (where its half opened). so yeah, im guessing its the ribbon that make the connection between the two parts of the phonce thts damaged and not the screen itself, since its proved it CAN display perfectly ok. the external lcd is fine though.

please remember to post if u guys come up with a solution

July 2006

Hi - have the same problem with this phone & assume its the
ribbon between the 2 parts of the phone that is damaged.

It may be possible (using the data cable & a pc) to pull all the contacts
& images from this phone without having to use the keypad?

I hope so as my screen is completely dead & I have some priceless pics on there.

Anyone ever done this? Thanks for any help

June 2006

I have exactly the same problem, it seems to e happening with loads of these phones.

May 2006

Turned out to be a damaged cable (ribbon cable) running between the main body and the flip up screen. Doubt this can be repaired. Looks like this cable is very likely to get damaged over time - remind me not to buy another clamshell phone!!


Paul Stanley
May 2006

Don't know - I've now got the same problem. The screen as you close it, does show a picture, leading me to think it's a connection issue.

I'm taking this one apart as we speak - T6 screws - I'll let you know what I find!


Paul Stanley
May 2006

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Help wanted!
Thanks so much for the life saving tip.

Nov 2020

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