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my LG washing machine says 'LE' in digital window?

I loaded the new LG front load washer (it is stacked with an LG dryer on top) and put soap and turned it on, like usual. The soap dish is washed with water, like the normal start of cycle, but then the machine stops doing ANYTHING and just sits for a few minutes, still allowing time to run down from the time cycle. Then the digital window flashes 'LE' and the machine starts to beep. Its a 2005 LG Tromm front-load washing machine.H HELP! I lost my CD for troubleshooting

March 2006
Had an LE code. Changed the hall sensor. Nothing. Came across the 4X left, 4X right fix. I honestly thought it was a joke, only slightly more sophisticated than a burning bag of dog poop. Tried it. Voila. Up and running. Crazy!

September 2019
Similar combination of ideas already described here solved my problem; much to my surprise.

Initially the magnetic rotor ‘gear’ stripped and after replacing it (an easy fix) the dreaded LE error occurred. The inside drum spun freely, I cleaned the pump, and tried the drum rotaion trick along with holding the Start button only to get the LE error code. That didn’t work so I ordered the new Hall Sensor. After replacing the sensor the drum still wouldn’t rotate without strain even after the rotating the barrel trick. With both sensors the drum seemed to struggle with a buzzing sound like the magnetic coils weren’t timed right. But...

I unplugged the machine for an entire day and went through the wiring harnesses at the back and unplugged and plugged them back in being careful in the process. Tried the drum rotation trick again (I had tried this many times already). Held the start button for 10 seconds then plugged it in and dialed up the rinse/spin cycle. To my amazement it worked. I really was just going through the motions hoping against logic that this time might be different. Hope this helps.

January 2019
Thanks for the advice! It worked and saved me a bundle! I'm a happy camper!

Sophie romas
May 2015
Here is the video of changing the motor sensor in order to fix the LE error fault where I use the upgraded ...2002a part instead of the ...2001a part, but it is clearly shown to be a different height, so has to be cut down to size in order to fit. It fixed the fault.
See here:

February 2015
I just changed the sensor in my LG F1247TD and the newer 2002a part is bigger and so not compatible with the 2001a original part, I made it fit by lots of plastic cutting and the washer now works fine, but people should be aware of the size difference. I will try and post a video soon of how to fit the 2002a part

February 2015
I just changed the sensor in my LG F1247TD and the newer 2002a part is bigger and so not compatible with the 2001a original part, I made it fit by lots of plastic cutting and the washer now works fine, but people should be aware of the size difference. I will try and post a video soon of how to fit the 2002a part

February 2015
I have a LG WD-10121FD. Last days, a LE message was shown on the LDC screen. It looked like in this video :
I checked the stator wires : about 9 ohms each pair.
I decided to replace the hall sensor ( 6501KW2001A ) to install the new 6501KW2002A. After install it I have seen that if I turned the rotor by hand, even with the washer unplugged, a red LED turned ON on the main PCB. The electric pulses generated by the motor turning on the hall sensor are able to turn this led on. With the old hall sensor, this led remained OFF. It is, may be, a good way to check if the hall sensor works fine.
Best regards.

Alberto ( from Spain - Sorry for my english )
December 2014
Don Norris has the trick to this problem,
to rest the LE message

** unplug the washer **
turn the drum 4x clock wise and
turn the drum 4x counter clock wise
***plug it in***

that is all.

December 2014
Had the same problem and started to disassemble to take out the HAL sensor. But as I was doing that, I stopped to look more closely at the wiring harness. I immediately found that the small grey wire had broken, probably due to the harness not having enough play during the spin cycle. Spliced it back together, wrapped it, and refastened the wiring harness with more play to avoid a repeat and the washer works perfectly now. Thanks to everyone who posted solutions - I never would have attempted to fix myself if I didn't get some confidence from all of your posts. And BTW.....SO GLAD I didn't let keep me from trying this fix myself. We're not all "wishful thinkers" here dude - some of us are just trying to make ends meet and avoid overpaying naysayers like yourself. Thanks again everyone else for the help!

September 2014
Fantastic! I am the hero of my house now!

Unplug, rotate the drum 4x to the left then 4x to the right.

Plugged it back in and started a new cycle and VOILA!

Back to normal!

Don Norris
July 2014
I tried the "unplug, 4 to the left and 4 to the right" trick. Hubby looked at me like I had 2 heads BUT, it worked. Bonus, hubby was quite impressed!! You people are awesome. Thank you.

Granny G
May 2014
UNPLUG. 4 to the right. 4 to the left... Plug in oh boy. 2005 Tromm.... Tried some tiny clothes from my child. As soon as I pushed the button, I held my breath and BINGO! Around and around she goes!!!

May 2014
Model LG WM2077CW
Went into service Jan 6/09
Broke Mar 10/14
Parts ordered Mar 11/14
Repaired Mar 12/14

I had a huge explanation but the iPad crapped out.
Anyways the wiring is too short and thus can break the wire harness to the circuit board providing that the solder points on the circuit board don't give up first on the Hall Sensor 6501KW2002A giving you the LE Code.
Extend the wiring harness by utilizing as much free length prior to the bottom anchor point and protect it as it previously was with electricians tape and fix the wiring if needed change out the Hall Sensor and voila enjoy washing your duds as before.
You may find the white zip tie missing as there should be two, indicating the unbalanced loads have strained and broken the missing tie.
The cause is that the drum can and does move vertically when unbalanced and stretch your wiring harness, to verify lift up on the drum and show the tension applied to the harness.
Have fun the fix is a 30 minute deal including the harness correction, please post your successes and fails as they all help everyone fix the beats we find ourselves owning from time to time.

Kevin Sk
March 2014
Just another confirmation that unplugging, rotating the drum 4x to the left and 4x to the right then plugging back in worked for my LG washer.

I was skeptical, but it worked like a charm!

Another Happy Canadian
January 2014
Confirming that unplugging, rotating the drum 4x to the left and 4x to the right then plugging back in worked for my LG washer.

While I was rotating the drum, even with the washer unplugged, it would start to do it's beeping routine. I feel that rotating the drum is discharging something and properly resetting whatever sensor was tripping.

Happy Canadian
November 2013
I was ready to buy a new machine and then fell apon this post, I'm sooo happy the "unplug/4 spins left/ 4spins right" method WORKED!

November 2013
I tried the ; pull the plug, rotate 4 times both ways and start a new cycle. I FREAK'N WORKED!!!!!!! I have the Lg Tromm 05 I admit i was a bit skeptic looking at some of the responses. I wanted to try the solutions starting at the top of the list. I was a little desperate with laundry piling up....

October 2013
Well, Hall sensor replacement didnt work. still generated an LE error at 26 minute on the quick wash cycle. I suspect this is when the motor should start spinning. Any ideas?

September 2013
Great forum. Got the LE error and tried the spin method. started the quick wash 28 min. cycle and the LE error comes back consistently at the 26 min mark. Ordered a hall sensor and will see if that fixes the issue. Thanks to all

September 2013
Have replaced sensor and worked for about a month. Got the LE error. Tried Serge's idea of unplugging washer and spinning the drum 4 times one way and 4 times the other. Worked like a charm. I'm going to do a thorough tub clean, not over load and use less detergent.

Kathy M. in Geogia
July 2013
Thanks to the posts here, my LE error was fixed by doing the following:

1) Unplug washer (or flip circuit breaker if plug not accessible) for about 90 seconds
2) While unplugged, rotate drum by hand for 4 rotations in each direction.
3) Restore power to the washer...done!

This "fixed" (actually, I think it just reset the sensor) my LE error.

Serge (Canada)
April 2013
Drum would not spin...LE error code displayed. Managed to find a Rotor Position Sensor Switch (6501KW2002A) in town. Replacing it took 10 minutes.

Another feather in Jayson's cap! Nice job, Pal!

Wholesale cost (when you could get the parts) was under $20. I had to pay double retail and had to convince the store to sell it to me because I am not authorized to repair LG.

Until there is a reasonable way for people to buy parts wholesale again, I would recommend STAYING away from LG all together. I've done my own repairs on my LG washer and dryer for 10 years and that won't change anytime soon if I have something to say about it. LG's Korea Head Office "changed their policies" forcing people to pay through the nose to have their machine diagnosed and parts ordered ONLY by technicians. That's CRAP and ain't gonna happen!!!

D & A Deis (Calgary)
April 2013
got LE message, read this forum, removed soggy clothes, spun drum at least 4 times in each direction, fired up TRONN with SPEED WASH cycle. seems to be running fine now. thanks all.

February 2013
Hey People If your Washer has the LE and you've replaced the hull motor sensor and still no luck more than likely the wiring is bad. I paid professionals to come diagnos it and they all come up with different answersI've done it all replaced the computer pcm hullsensor stator motor everything . I finally got out my multi metere and started tracing the wiring out as the diagram says and found a clean break in the gray wire for the hull sensor. it was between the hull sensor clip and the main wiring harness connector. I would highly recommend doing this. I'm so thankful for finding this site. I think this is a common problem considering so many people on here stated that they replace hull sensors after another. I believe all your doing is moving the wire enought to have contact with another whileyour replacing the sensor. I highly doubt the sensor was ever faulty.

January 2013
Hi guys,

I have a top load Sharp ESP65 washing machine that gave me LE error after working for a couple of years. After reading your comments I just rinsed the water, unleaded it, unplugged and left it for 15 min. On the meanwhile, I took off and cleaned the strain that you can find in the shape of a net purse on top of it. I put the strain back and plugged it again and valla!
It worked!

Note: the strain is very fragile, don't break it while washing and cleaning it and if you do like I did, well sew it back. ;-)

thanks to all of you!

January 2013
Jason's instructions worked perfectly for our LG washer WM2032HW. I didn't remove the 3 screws to the wire bunch b/c they were starting to be stripped. Way easier than I thought. Thanks so much!

Sonnie W
December 2012
For the last two years, I've had a battle with my LG washer. I have replaced the HAL sensor at least 6 times - I can do it in about 12 minutes now! But each time, the fix lasts for a shorter and shorter time.

I tried the heavy duty tub clean described by Jeanne (Dec 12) and my LE problem appears to be solved - 1 day before the appliance repair guy showed up to charge me 250 bucks, probably to change the HAL sensor.

I would say if you have the LE code, change the sensor, clean the filter and do the tub clean. That should give you the best chance for a fix that will last longer than a few months.

December 2012
Ohhhhh Thank you, thank you, thank you all. I don't know whom the first person is that posted this fix but, I just did the unplug, four hand spins left and four hand spins right, plugged back in. IT WORKED!!! A special thanks to that person. Could not even imagine where we'd get cash for a $$ fix right now. My sweetie just started a new job and no money yet. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE GREAT HELP!

Jeanne from CA
December 2012
Found on another post : Once a tub has become heavily contaminated--normal methods of performing a TUB CLEAN cycle won't "cut it".

Add the entire packet of "TIDE WASHING MACHINE CLEANER" directly into the tub (no laundry) and close the door.

Press and hold: SPIN SPEED & SOIL LEVEL buttons--then press POWER button.
Wait for door to lock.

Press the START button (6) times--this will fill the tub with hot water to the maximum setting when it stops filling.

Press the START button two more times--this will enable the tub to tumble.
After 3 hours--turn "off" the washer.
Turn the washer back "on".
Select the shortest wash cycle (usually "quick wash") and press "START". This will rinse out the tub.
This method of "TUB CLEAN" is *not* from a service manual but has been the best method for cleaning out LG washers more than a year into incorrect detergent useage.

After this--use the correct amount of "HE" detergent & perform a "TUB CLEAN" cycle every (4) months using the *tub clean* option on the control panel.

July 2012
I aslo bought my LG Tromm WM0532HW used off Craigslist in 2010. Have had no problems with it until about 2months ago when I got the dreaded LE code.....Order a new stator assembly motor with hall sensor, did the turning clockwise and then counter clockwise. Washer is up and running. I have a famiy of 6 andthe laundry mat was no fun while waitig to be able to buy the part.

Happy Mama
July 2012
hall sensor; 6501KW2002A was the answer for my problem; thanks for these comments; Canadian shops wont sell the sensor!!! got it from US. MY FIRST CALL to LG WAS A RIP OFF. problem repeated within six month. this time i tried to get sensor from Canadian part vendor; they would not sell me. so went to Amezon..

July 2012
I have same problem once every six months. For no reason LE appears. and drum will not turm. I believe motor overheated. I let machine cool down for 2 hours and I am back in business doing my 3 loads of laundry every day.

Willy - Ontario
July 2012
The new Hall sensor fixed my washer! My 2005 LG WM1812CW (Best Buy) washer has worked flawlessly for 7 years but had a large, heavy load in & then flashed LE.
The motor then sounded louder, a laboring noise, then it wouldn't turn more than a few mm's in either direction, like it was trying to turn, but couldn't. I did most everything, checking connections, purging drain pipe, checking hall sensor, all to no avail.
Per this & other forums I bought the new updated hall sensor; 6501KW2002A (not the ...2001A, which is the same old faulty unit) & it works perfectly now. I'm amazed. Note that the 6501KW2001A is still being sold, even though it's faulty & LG offers the stronger, updated 2002A to replace it.

June 2012
Replaced the sensor and it rocks again. I was about to buy a new washer.
1. Remove the back panel
2. Remove the center bolt that hold the cap which covers the motor coil.
3. Pull the cover out.
4. Remove all the bolts that hold the motor coil. Be carefull not to drop the coil when you take the last bolt out.
5. Remove the old sensor and replace the new one.
6. Put back every thing and it will rock again.

Thanks guys.
Vinny from Toronto, Ontario. Cananda

May 2012
Replaced the sensor as per Jayson's easy to follow instructions and we're back in business. Simple to do;anyone can do it.

Thank you very much Jay. You saved us much frustration... Oh yeah, and a lot of $$$$ too. :-)

This site rocks and has some wonderful repair/maintenance suggestions. Keep 'em coming.

Vic & Angela from Toronto, Ontario
April 2012
Tammy C. thank you. I tried your "simple" and cheap fix first before I called for parts. It far...

March 2012
How wonderful. LE comes on and on will not spin at all. No smell indication or noise indication of a motor problem so... Unplug, spin drum, plug back in VOILA! Back in business. This busy mom that averages at LEAST four loads a day is very VERY thrilled. Thank you!

Tammy C
February 2012
i bought my washer/dryer used last august... stupid me, i believed the guy when he said they were almost brand new. 7 years old? great. i've called the repair man out probably 7 times in the past 6 months, and i finally got sick of his 2-week fixes. spinning the drum doesn't work anymore, nor does unplugging it, and after i wedged my 7-month-pregnant self between the wall and the washer(of course it had to stop working while my husband was out of town!!) & replaced the hall sensor, it STILL doesn't work. with all the money i've wasted on repairs that don't fix anything, i think i'm about to throw in the towel and buy a new washer (with a warranty, and NOT from LG!!). i'd rather fork over the cash for a new washer than worry about whether or not my washer is going to start when i need it. LG can suck it!!!

January 2012
THANK YOU!!!........this worked for my machine too. How a service call could cost $300 and up for this repair is exactly the reason why people cannot trust most repair persons.

Not that they don't actually do the job properly BUT they charge FAR more then reasonable for such a simple repair. If they were to charge a reasonable amount I would have no problem sitting back and having them do it.

The ability to share information such as this is what makes the Internet unbelievably fantasy like!

Happy Camper
January 2012
I was sceptical, but Jayson's instructions did work perfectly!! Thank you, this saved so much $$ and was not difficult to fix. Doing laundry as I type!

December 2011
Thanks, Jayson! Bought the part Thursday evening on Ebay for $20 (expedited shipping), received it today (Monday). Husband gathered his tools and had it repaired in less than half an hour. Ran an empty load and worked great.
Thursday, when the code started flashing, I noticed it would wash clockwise but would hesitate and not go counter-clockwise...that's when the error code would flash. Someone may have posted that in this thread but it's a pretty long thread! Thanks again for sharing!

LG lover
December 2011
my LG WM1832CW had the same malfunction. Jasons solutions worked for me as well. Took 2 weeks to get the part, 20min install, glad it worked.
thanks Jason
Pemberton BC CANADA

November 2011
Jayson ----thank you!! I have an LG front loader that I purchased in 2003 (model WM2432HW) and recently went through a nightmare service experience. We booked 3 or 4 appointments with Sears to service the washing machine and when they finally showed up 5 weeks after it stopped working, the serviceman had no idea how to fix it. Off he went with a promise to call me the following Monday and come back. That was almost a month ago I won't hold my breath waiting. In desparation, I started reading all the blogs I could find about the dreaded "LE" error code and came across this forum. I ordered the part (cost me a grand total of $25) and with Jayson's step-by-step instructions, in less than one hour, my washer was working again!! For anyone with an LG front-loader who gets this error message, I would urge you to attempt to replace this part before you pay for an expensive service call you may not need. The part number again is 6501KW2002A (hall sensor). Jayson's instructions below (July 2008) are excellent.

October 2011
Wow ! Thanks Jason (July 2008)... I have an LG WM2032HW, and it is 8 years old... same as most of you, the drum stopped turning, and I started panicking... bought the part from Sears Canada ($29.99) as they were the only ones that had the part in stock, and my 13 year old son and I followed Jason's instructions and within 30 minutes, our machine was working again... Not only did you save me a ton of money and a headache, you clearly supplied instructions that allowed my son to try fixing something with minimal help from dad... thanks again Jason (whoever you are !!!)

Ross from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
October 2011
ausphoche - Did you ever fix your problem? I just replaced my hall senser and it did not work. I am thinking of replacing the main board, but wanted to see if this worked for you.

September 2011
My problem also was that my LG WM2032HW Washing Machine suddenly would not turn anymore, and it showed LE on the LED display. Instead of turning the drum, the drum just twitched as it tried to turn one way then the other.

The machine is about 7 years old.

After reading these posts, I followed the advice from JASON (like many others) to replace the Hall Effect Sensor. (His instructions are posted earlier on this forum).

It fixed the problem perfectly! Thanks Jason.

Supplier in Canada:
Part was 6501KW2002A
Price was $20 CDN
Delivery overnight by land courier: $10

Time to install:
45 minutes

Difficulty: LOW. The instructions provided by Jason are excellent. Just follow them, its easy.

Eric D., Ottawa, Canada
September 2011
I had the same exact problem. The washer ( LG wm1812cw) would make a funny sound when it was trying to spin or tumble, but the drum would only jerk a little bit, then I would get the "LE" error message. I ordered the 6501kw2002a part online and replaced it following Jayson's instructions (scroll all the way down to July 2008). The washer works great now.

As a note though, when you have to put back the motor cover, the central post might get pushed back. In my case it helped to have someone push the drum backwards to keep the post from sliding while putting back the cover.

Thanks to everybody in this forum for helping me save money :)

Happy Camper
August 2011
Spinning the drum 4x each way worked like a charm. Hopefully not just a temporary fix!

August 2011
I had the same issue. I followed Jayson's instructions after purchasing the part for $18. I am just a housewife with no real mechanical skills, but Jaysons directions were easy and spot on. Sears was going to charge me over $200 to fix it. Though I don't have the same model number that Jayson had, the instructions were exactly the same. I had the part replaced and laundry going in less than 30 minutes. My only addition to his instructions is to make sure you have a 17mm socket. My toolkit stopped at 15mm, but my neighbor was glad to loan me his. Times are tough, money is tight, seriously for $20 you CAN fix this yourself.

August 2011
I have an LE error too. When I attempt to run a load, it lets in water and starts to spin a bit, but the motor seems to make funny noises that have never been there before.....then all of a sudden it stops and gives me the LE error signal again - and the water is sitting in the drum.

This is the first time this has happen. My mother put in a shower curtain and it suddenly stopped, she had to pull out the curtain which was still very wet. It seemed it was off balanced, but we have tried turning the drum clockwise and counter clockwise with no luck:( I'm frustrated. I called the repair guy $40 later only to tell me I need a new motor:0 He's not even sure from what I gather!

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

August 2011
This is the second time I had the LE show up. This time nothing was working. I didn't take anything apart but tried everything else. None of it worked this time. I was very angry so I started randomly plugging and unplugging the machine. On, off didn't matter. pushed a lot of buttons when it was on and then unplug. Then plug in turn on then off and unplug. I don't know how many times I did this but it seems to have worked. One speed wash done and another in washer now. Hoping for the best. Good luck.

June 2011
Well, we've pretty much got the problem daily now. So far we've tried the simple things like rotating the drum 4 times, plugging/unplugging, replacing the Hall sensor, spitting on the contacts. Works maybe for a load or two a day.

I finally followed the "Spin trouble" flow chart in the service manual I referenced a while back and it pointed to the main PCB. Ordered an "updated" part from Sears and another Hall sensor and hope to be doing laundry without the error sometime next week.

June 2011
Awesome! 4 spins each way and works like a charm - though wear a raincoat as I'm soaked from the water in the drum :)

June 2011
Thank you Jayson! We have the LG 2032 with error message LE. Your instructions worked!!! For those who are in Canada you can get the part at Sears Service Center. Scroll down to Jayson's post July 2008 for clear instructions on how to replace the sensor.

June 2011
I had the OE error and replaced the drain pump on my LG TROMM WM1814CW front load washer. It is on a pedestal drawer so we had to remove the front of the washer. My son helped and didnt pay attention to how the drain pump motor was attached to the plastic housing that the hoses connect to. There is a black and a brown wire and we are unsure which post thest connect to. My quesition is...when mountd in the washer The two electrical posts on the pump motor, are they horrizontal to the bottom of the washer or are they vertical one on top of each other as if the motor is mounted on its side? also If Im looking directl at the back of the pump motor how do I verify what wire connects to what electrical post. Right now we get a hummm early in the cylce and turn it off as not to burn up the motor. IF someone has a picture of the pump mounted in the washer that would be helpful.

May 2011
Thank you Jayson! We have the LG 2032 with error message LE. It just needed the sensor replaced--$22 at a local appliance parts store and easy do it yourself repair. Scroll down to Jayson's post July 2008 for clear instructions on how to replace the sensor.

May 2011
I have this, too. I am reading through the posts and there is a mention of running the diagnostics. How does one do this?

May 2011
dont know if this has been mentioned, i found this on another site, our lg front loader was doing the same thing, taking 1 hour to run a 28 minute cycle, always stopping with the error codes, le and ue, solution(that worked for me): down in the bottom left conner there is a removable plate/cover, it is approx 4x6 inches, there is a drain filter there, clean out the filter and the area in there, runs great since.

May 2011
I have the WM1812CW showing the LE error and I'm unable to reset, so I assume it is the hall sensor I have to change. I have got the back of the machine off, I took the 17mm bolt in the middle of the stator cover off, but then I am stuck. I cannot get the cover off. I see three bolts sticking out through the cover but they have no nuts on them and then there are three plastic "thingy's" sticking out from three other holes. I tried to remove these since I thought these are the only ones holding the cover there but I accidentally cut 2 of them off when trying to do so. And the stator cover will still not come off. Please HELP, anyone! :) How do I get this off? I hate having to call a service guy and spend hundreds of dollars for something I might be able to fix for $20.

April 2011
DON'T waste money on it!! The fix is EASY. Turn the drum by hand 3-4 times to resettle the load, move spin to the highest, Quick Wash, Speed Wash. It should work just fine. I've had to do this 5-6 times over the last 5 years. Don't unplug, don't buy a sensor, don't call a repairman (they'll sell you parts you don't need).

Richard Vaughan in Nevada
April 2011
YET AGAIN... this time I did the 4 turn solution... (never tried that one specifically before. 4 clockwise, 4 counter clockwise and presto! Diags runs fine.

April 2011
Had the same "LE" problem in my TROMM machine today. Called up the Service Centre and was unsure of their immediate help. Searched and found this blog. Did as per instruction mentioned below and machine works fine now. Thanks !!

1) Unplug machine
2) Drain machine
3) Open machine and rotate barrel clockwise 4 times and counter-clockwise 4 times
4) Plug in, power on, and run regular cycle

March 2011
Well, we got it yet again last night. Seems like it was only a couple of months ago that we got it again. So let me recap.

Dec or Jan, we got the LE code and nothing made it go away. Changing the sensor, spitting, running diags. Nothing. So I tore the whole thing apart and re-plugged all the connections in the path from the sensor to the main board and it worked.

Here's where I found out that diags don't necessarily reset the problem. So that's the first thing I try. If they don't work, you have to try something else.

Today, we unplugged the machine for 7 hours... eventually my wife ran the diagnostics and it worked! So now it's "working" again. Not sure if I should 1) get a new main board, 2) mess with the connectors again, or 3) solder a big fat wire between the main board and the sensor. I highly suspect that it's a resistance problem between the sensor and the pick up. Thoughts?

Oh, and am I the only person here that gets this code every few months? Did the rest of you just give up and buy a new washer?

March 2011
Thank you so much Jason! We followed your instruction to the "T" and my washer is working now. Save me so much money from buying a new one. Thank you thank you thank you!

March 2011
I had the LE code flashing but on the L it looked like and e with the top of the e missing,called a service guy over and he put a new door lock on. worked for 3days then boom le again. This is an amana front loader washer. I then lifted the washer up and looked underneath there is abouy an 8x12 whole and you can see a sensor plugged into the drum orange and white wire the orange wire was broke re-wired it and wow it works like new. my advice is to check the wiring before u call the service guy. i am guessing from shaking so much it breaks the wires.

March 2011
Well it worked great for 3 weeks. Ding ding the error is back. Thank GOD for the extended warranty I had them come out yesterday. This time they replaced the thermister and its wiring harness. Ding ding ding. No fix. They now say the control board that was replaced must have been faulty. New one will be here wed Ill post back. One thing I did do was clean the inlet water screens which did have junk in them as I read elsewhere to do so. Also read something about possible bad inlet valve but we will see after service shows up, I sadly hope that it fixes temporarily as I can call again for service and the lemon law kicks in as in the past two months it has been down for a full month now. Ill post back.

Matt from Michigan
March 2011
Thank you!!! This was less than a 30 minute job. Test via diagnostics seems to be fine. First test wash going on now.

Since a Hall Effect sensor is solid state, all I can think of is that the constant shaking over the last 7+ years killed a connection somewhere in the plastic part.

Pity LG doesn't want to own up to it as overall I've been very happy with the washer.

Water isn't flowing over the door during washing/rinsing anymore, but there is no obvious blockage. Hopefully it will keep going for a number of years more now.


March 2011
Mine did the same thing. Unplugged machine, held the start button for 5 seconds and plugged back in. (found this on another site). Ran a rinse and spin cycle with an extra spin and now its fine!

March 2011
FIXED. .... had le error called for warranty service. 3 days later they showed up said needs to order motherboard. Week later showed up and installed motherboard, said fixed it and it was running as we did paperwork. Ding, ding error. After he was on phone with LG forever they tracked this "very common" problem with these washers. Apparently the thermister which is up front and wires to the motherboard in the back have been "zip tied" to tightly on their way to the motherboard and they can come undone as th washer spins which in turn makes cpu think its grounded out and gives the LE or upside down FE error. He loosened the zip ties pushed connectors back into thermister and no errors in a week. Keep in mind I was doing the unplug and then spin trick for a while and it seemed to work for a bit but luck ran out. Not sure of exact location of thermister except that it was up front and he had the top, rubber boot and front of washer apart. I hope this solves the mystery.

matt from michigan
February 2011
Anyone ever figure out what the cause of the LE error is? I changed my Hall Sensor and it worked for 5 loads and came back. My LG has run faithfully for 5 yrs with no issues and now I am afraid that I did not fix the actual problem. Thanks all.

February 2011
My story is the same as many of the others who have already posted. I got the LE error and was not able to clear it by re-booting the washer. Based on my observations of the way the drum seemed "stuck" and unable to move (kind of like it was trying, but something was telling it not to) I decided that the problem was very likely a bad motor position sensor assembly. Based on the post by Jayson and then the replies by many others who confirmed that it was quite easy to replace the sensor... I got up my courage and ordered the part on eBay. $25, shipped... and it arrived in two days. Since my LG washer is a model WM1812CW, I was able to determine (with a little Internet research) that the appropriate part number was 6501KW2001A.

Using the instructions posted earlier in this thread by Jayson, I was able to easily replace the sensor. It really was only about a 10 or 15 minute job. I did have to get my wife to hold the drum from the front so that it would not spin when I tried to remove that one big bolt in the center. I tried to do it by myself, but just couldn't apply enough force without a helper to stop the drum from turning. But after 1 minute of her help with that one step, everything else was an easy fix for one guy. It does really help if you own a set of socket wrenches... but if you don't, you could get by with a pair of pliers or vice grips.

Jim Zimmerlin
February 2011
i unplug my washer and rotated the washer 4 times clock wise an 4 times counter clock wise an it work thank you

February 2011
I finally called LG service and my code is actually a tE. thermistor is the potential problem.
Oh a new Sensor.

January 2011
Received my sensor today. I put on and took off twice. Still same code but seems worse now.

January 2011
My machine was failing to shutoff the rinse water filling the barrel, and eventually displayed the LE message.

For me, the magic combination was:

1) Unplug machine
2) Drain machine
3) Open machine and rotate barrel clockwise 4 times and counter-clockwise 4 times
4) Plug in, power on, and run regular cycle

Laura, Boulder, CO
January 2011
This problem has been on and off for the past year. Now I cannot get a load to cycle with or without clothing. The code is actually LE but on the L there is a line mid-way. It actually looks like an E without the top line on the E. Anyway, the drum rotates freely and when unplugged and rotated without water it will reset. With water I cannot get the it to reset.
I ordered the Hall Sensor which will be here next week. I was just wondering if others have had this type of code.

January 2011
I unplugged the machine. Waited 3 minutes. Spun the drum by hand a few rounds. Plugged it back in. Held down the play button for 10 seconds. Put it in the rinse mode. It rinsed fine. Put it in the Quick Wash mode. It washed fine (no clothes on both of those). Now, it seems to be working properly again.

January 2011
I had the LE error code 6 months after purchase of the WM0532HW in 2005. I called the LG customer service. They correctly advised unplugging the machine for 30 minutes. 4 years later the LE error came on again. This time unplugging didn't help. Spinning the drum and unplugging did not help either. I replaced the Hall sensor and it worked again. I also used a ShopVac to clean out the rinse nozzle over the door. The rinse sprays properly over the glass door again. 1 year later (2010) the drain pump failed (OE error). I replaced the pump. The impeller inside the motor was broken. All repairs described here are still good today. The machine has been used every 2nd or 3rd day for 5 years. The machine is still used today. I always leave the door open when not in use. HE liquid soap directions are followed with success. Thanks too all who have contributed in a positive and constructive manner on this website.

December 2010
You should check the wiring harness from the main board to the motor, I believe the wire is too small for the motor and eventually overheats and fails, mine was burnt through. I saw were others had the same problem thinking it was the sensor and the burnt wire was the real problem.

December 2010 ROCK!!! Everyone should read his post!! It totally worked!!

December 2010
Am at a friends house and used LG Tromm washer to wash a winter coat. Bad idea. The load must have been imbalanced and the LE started blinking and I thought I was going to be in real trouble for breaking the machine. Read the posts here, unplugged the machine, spun in around a few times, plugged it back in and now it seems to be working fine. Whew!

December 2010
This site is great. :) Thanks for the info.. I had the error code, unplugged the machine, spun the drum a few times, held the "on"? button (someone said "play" button which I didn't have so I just did the power button?).. then plugged back in. I was getting the error code over and over again.. and all of those things worked so far in fixing the problem! :) Thank you on behalf of my husband who I didn't have to wake up so I could finish laundry for tomorrow since it's 12 am!

December 2010
Well I've been plauged by this crap now too. I spun my drum yesterday to check for clothes. Since I've been trying to get a load of sweaters cleaned. I've since removed all sweaters and attempted to just run a hand wash cycle with nothing in the machine. Same thing LE.
So I got online and found this post.

I've unplugged spun the drum anywhere from 2 times to round and round and round..... Each time its toned and lit up the display like it does when you first power it on. I don't understand how it stores the power to do this when its unplugged for so long. I've waited a minute to 15 minutes between attempts to reset.

Every time I do and try to push the power button nothing happens. The breaker isn't tripped so i don't know what to do from her.

We had this problem before I would like to say August maybe July this year and they replaced the Hal switch. The warranty ran out Oct 31st so I'm on my own with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

November 2010
Hey guys,
Mine is having the same issue, and basic troubleshooting not working.

Any recommendations on how to track down an honest repairman? I live in Denver, CO.


Chad D
November 2010
I just unplugged my machine did the spin of the drum thing and plugged it back in and it worked!!! YES Thank you to whoever thought of this. I was panicking.

November 2010
Wow, this is a '5 year machine' indeed.... I was under warranty last year, and the geek squad guy said he replaced the HAL sensor. (He said 85% of the time, that is the issue.) I wasn't going to pay for warranty again, so of course it LE'd today. I did the power off, and spin, and looks like we're back in business. If it happens again, I'll buy the sensor referenced. The web rocks for repairs. Fraudulent repairmen be gone!

November 2010
Just had the same issue. Unplugged the machine for about 45 minutes, spun the drum about 4 times, and voila...machine started working again. We'll see for how long!

Thanks again for the great help!

November 2010
Tried the unplug then held the "play" button on while replugged. That worked for now.

Thanks to all and to google too!

Peggy davis
November 2010
OK, an update...

I found this URL that still had free service manuals

In there, it tells the sequence to go through to do a diagnostic of the system. It involves quite a bit and I won't duplicate it here, but once I was done, the LE code was gone. For how long? I don't know. We had it sometimes twice a cycle for a week. So it was pretty solid.

I suspect once the diagnostics were run, any risidual data causing the controller confusion was wiped out. Now the machine sounds fine to me and the drum spins fine. So I suspect it's a "bug" rather than something serious. I'll post again soon if the problem returns.

October 2010
If anyone wants accurate advice on how to fix the "LE" problem, please describe the exact symptoms your washer is exhibiting. The LE code could indicate a number of possible issues. (bad HALL Sensor, clogged drain filter, bad bearings, bad stator, bad control board)

All can be fixed by just about anyone with basis tools and opposable thumbs. I used to buy the HALL Sensor to fix my Washer. (2005 model)

October 2010
You may not have noticed but I have already replaced the Hall. And done the spit thing. Heck, I'll try anything. It could be weeks before a repair person can come and actually fix it.

The motor looks like new. Everything else looks fine too. Need another suggestion as to what LE really means to the computer in this thing.

October 2010
model: wm1812cw

October 2010
I fixed my LG TROMM Washer (2005 model) thanks to advice from people on this forum.

The symptom my washer had: the motor would attempt to spin but every time it tried, it felt like the brakes were quickly being applied and the motor would stop. It would spin the drum about 2-3 inches at a time. After a few attempts, it gave up trying and the "LE" code popped up.

After trying the "unplugging and plugging back in" trick, without any success, I tried the next popular suggestion, and that was to change the HALL Sensor.

I picked up a new HALL Sensor from a for $21.49 (local pick-up for me, so no shipping costs) and had the washer up and running in less than 20 minutes. The HALL Sensor is available from at least 10 different sources (including Sears parts center). (even E-Bay and

Before I found this website, I was looking at a $300 repair estimate from a local repair man. He said the motor was bad and needed replacing. Fortunately the estimate was free and I didn't take him up on his offer.

October 2010
We got the LE a month after we got the machine. Since in warranty, we had the service guy out and he just replugged it and no LE's for years. Recently, it just won't go away. I replaced the Hall two days ago and it washed three loads before getting it again. :-(

Looking for SOME idea where to go next. We'll try the "play" button thing, but I suspect I need to change something else.. BTW, when working on the Hall, I didn't notice ANY issue with the turning of the motor. The coils seem pristine, no odor, no dirt. Machine from that angle still looks new.

Problem is, all these nice folks saying they never had the problem again... well most are years old posts. Anyone have this thing go away, come back and not go away again?

October 2010
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried your suggestions, unplugged the machine, turned the drum a couple of times and held the play button for 5 seconds. When I turned it back on, viola! the machine was working once again. Thanks for saving me $300 to get it repaired. :-)

October 2010
Hi folks, I have a Front Loading LG that has done this periodically since 2004. A couple of years ago, I read an article about using vinegar to keep the internals clean and we noticed that we do not get the error when we do this--usually about a cup, one to two times per month. My guess is that the detergents are clogging up something... And although, the "service man" says it is the bearings, and for some it may be, this code obviously has multiple causes. Also, not to poke at anyone, but I don't see vinegar as a "magic fix", so I will stick with that until it no longer works. :-)

September 2010
Bearings are shot...!! Now what am I supposed to do? Is it something I can fix myself with minimal knowledge or should I call a repair company?

James Oliver
September 2010
Thank you Thank you! My vacation has been spared! Unplugged for 10 minutes and ran a quick cycle with no spin. The door unlocked and the machine is working like a champ again.
Many thanks for this.

August 2010
Following the pics on this blog:

I ordered the 6501KW2002A HAL/L sensor from, picked it up locally replaced it on our POS LG 2277 in under 30 minutes.

$30 bucks vs $300 from the service company. #WIN

Thanks to all others who posted up part numbers, etc.

August 2010
Sorry, but the unplug, wait, spin worked on mine, too.

August 2010
Unplug wait one minute, plug back in like a champ!!!

August 2010
Um..look people I have been in the service business most all of my life. This forum along with many others is full of magical thinkers. Here is the bottom line: This error code is telling you that something is wrong. This forum is full of people that want sooo bad for the sensor to be wrong (hall sensor, wiring to and from etc). Let me ask you this...if you are crossing the railroad tracks and your eyes (your sensors) tell you that a train is you blink and squint and pinch your eyeballs cuz it just cant be true?? Or do you get the hell off of the tracks???
OK look, this machine is NO different than the other front loaders out my lips >> THE BEARINGS ARE SHOT

August 2010
Thanks to everyone who posted here. You all gave me the confidence to attempt this repair. Got the part, followed directions, and - voila! So far so good! Couldn't have done it without all the helpful tips.

July 2010
Update: LE Error Solved! (fingers crossed)
We've replaced 3 Hall Sensors and the Stator and still got the LE Error. I took an old Hall Sensor and cut the plastic connector back with a Drimel so that the 5 male pin connectors were exposed. I then soldered 4 wires that were about 3 inches to each of the pins (the center pin doesn't require a wire). Ready to try a hard-wired Hall Sensor the next time we got the LE Error. That was yesterday after washing normally for 5 loads.

This morning... LE Error.

I drained the machine, unplugged it, removed the stator with Hall Sensor attached, unplugged the Hall Sensor and cut the 5-pin female connector plug. I then wired the old, hard-wired/soldered Hall Sensor to the machine, making sure to match the new, hard-wired/soldered wire to its respective wire coming from the machine.

After reassembly with the hard-wired Hall Sensor, I gave the drum a few good spins to reset, held down the play button for 5 seconds to reset the main board, plugged the machine back in and so far, so good.

July 2010
UPDATE: We ordered and installed a new Hall Sensor AND Stator and guess what... LE error. I pulled the wiring harness from the Hall Sensor and with a tiny nail cleaned the plug. I also bent the connector inside the plug to get a better connection. The machine is running far. Keep your fingers crossed.

July 2010
Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed to this topic. My machine stopped working after washing a large load of towels. I had the LE code flashing for the first time after 5 years of use. I bought the Hall sensor from MCM for a total of $33 with shipping. The only parts store that had it locally wanted $65 just for the part. The part arrived in 2 days using USPS and my machine is up and running again. I never would have figured out the problem on my own. Thanks again.

Todd from Arizona
July 2010
Thanks Terrell this worked for us!
This seems to do the trick for us (sometimes):

1. Drain the Washer by selecting "No Spin"
2. Unplug the machine.
3. Open the door and give the drum as many good spins as necessary until the drum seems to stop itself.
4. Plug in
5. Hold down the "Play" button 5 seconds.

July 2010
Hey Everyone, just wanted to add my two cents. The hall sensor solution seems to have resolved my LE issue also. I read through all the posts and also followed the pictures from It took me maybe 20 minutes to change this part. I got it online for $30.39 from Washer seems to be working right now and unless I re-post it's safe to say it is fixed!!!!!

Mike from Long Island
July 2010
Thanks Terrell - just replaced my Hall Sensor and drum was not turning still. Tried your 1st fix of spinning drum while unplugged. Machine gives a beep like it is turning on (unplugged!) and then the drum seems to "brake" to a stop (still unplugged). Ran machine and it appears to be working. Hope this continues to do the trick. WM0532HW

July 2010
Thanks to everyone for the info!

July 2010
We've been plagued by this LE Error and have replaced the Hall Sensor twice on our WM2277HW.

This seems to do the trick for us (sometimes):

1. Drain the Washer by selecting "No Spin"
2. Unplug the machine.
3. Open the door and give the drum as many good spins as necessary until the drum seems to stop itself.
4. Plug in
5. Hold down the "Play" button 5 seconds.

Other times we have to resort to the following:

1. Follow the above directions numbers 1-3.
2. Pull the washer out from the wall and remove the 4 screws holding on the back plate.
3. Locate the Hall Sensor plug underneath the Stator Assembly.
4. Unplug the Hall Sensor
5. Spit in the Hall Sensor Connector (No... NOT kidding)
6. Plug in the Hall Sensor Connector
7. Plug in the Washer
8. Hold down the "Play" button 5 seconds.

I figure it must be a connection thing with the Hall Sensor and spit seems to be a good conductor.

Go figure. Works for us. Thought I'd post it here.

July 2010
To those of you who have had success with unplugging the cord and plugging it back in great. We bought our LG WM2077CW in 2005 and from day one the LE code would flash on the screen. June of 2010 the unplugging trick would not work anymore and had to replace the Hall sensor, thanks Jason and all those who have helped on this site. I do a lot of Handyman work and the LG nocustomer service could give me no help, they just gave me the number of local repair shops! No thanks LG I found a local appliance shop who had the part in stock (same part number for my machine as the one listed in the original question), I replaced it in about 10 minutes and saved our family a trip to the laundromat, thank goodness I found this site.

July 2010
This worked for me too! Thanks a million!!!!

June 2010
Thank you Jayson! I first called out a service man when I got the LE message; before he got here I found this website and learned so much. Unfortunately, none of the unplugging, turning the drum, etc. worked for me. But then I read your directions and when the repairman got here and took off the back of the machine he told me I needed a new motor! I then asked him if it could be the hall sensor? He never called back with quote for replacing the motor, thank God.. I then read some of the comments on this website to my boyfriend and he said go ahead and order the part and I'll put it in..So I did, and with me reading your directions while he was taking apart, he was able to do it in about 10 mins. and then my machine was up and going! Thank you to all of you!

June 2010
I'm super happy that this site exists. My washer flashed the dreaded "LE" and I spun it for a few weeks and managed to get it to work and then finally had to replace the hall sensor last night (because spinning it no longer would work).

Well it worked great last night (with the new sensor) but now this morning it has gone back to flashing "LE" again. NOOOOOO!!!!

So I guess I'll pull it apart again today and see if I can figure something else out. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Just wondering if I should just call it quits and get a maintenance man to look at it instead of sinking more money for a new stater ring. :(

May 2010
Yipeee - You were all correct!!! I just unplugged the washer for 15 minutes and did 2 quick spins. No draining needed. My machine is working Great!!!!

Thanks so much for your help,

May 2010
Mine flashed LE after a load of heavy towels stopped part way and very full of water. I unplugged, plugged back in, turned it on and it immediately picked up with the washing part of the cycle. Thank God for websites like this :)

May 2010
Thank you so much. This is my first washing machine, which I bought in 06. The LE error code showed up and wouldn't go away.

I unplugged it for about 20 minutes, rotated the drum once, and emptied the water chamber from the tubes behind the bottom door.

It worked! Gotta love the internet... :)

Thrashing Violet
April 2010
YOU GUYS ROCK! I had the same problem "LE". After reading a ways down this post I turned the machine off, unplugged it from the wall, waited about 10 minutes for good measure, then plugged the machine back in and powered up. I gave it a cycle and pressed go and it's working (so far). I will say this, this is the last time I buy LG - their service people seem to know less than we do... THANKS TO ALL!

April 2010
opps had to call for repairs le code on my wm1812cw
he came out and called LG on my phone they told him what to fix and he charged me $98 .00 hall sensor + stater additional $118.47 LG's price plus installation but good news is that these parts come together but can't tell you how much serviceman say's but total repairs looking about 450.00 + fired him will fix myself install free 118.47 parts + 16.98 shipping=( $98.00 itot) 233.45 total

only in America
April 2010
I turned my machine off then unplugged it for a minute like the others said! Yay, it works again LE display gone! Thanks!

April 2010
Of couse it was the hall sensor. Thank god for all you smart people out there. I saved 300 Bucks and that not chicken feed.

April 2010
The problem is the RPS sensor located on the motor it has a 7 year part warranty

April 2010
My front load LG ran two loads fine on the third it gave the lE code. I read all the post about unplugging tried that and when I plugged back in and tried to start it instead of the water filling into the soap area it just makes a buzzing sound and after a few minutes it goes back to lE. Can anyone help?

April 2010
I turned the power off. I unplugged the power for two minutes. While the power was off, I spun the basket 2 rotations slowly. I did not drain the water. I plugged back in, turned the power on and pressed start. It worked!

GHD - Indiana
April 2010
I've been getting the LE error ALL DAY LONG! The resident 3 year old had a middle of the night vomit fest and his bed was destroyed. The bedding was taken outside, hosed off and put in the washer. All day long.. LE LE LE LE LE No matter what setting I would put it on. Finally, I decided to throw the bedding out the back door and try a normal load of clothes. STILL LE LE LE! So, before throwing the washer out the door to join the bedding, I decided to google it and here I am!
I unplugged the machine for 1 full minute, plugged it back in, started it again and its making all of those happy sounds a washing machine is supposed to make! I don't care who calls us a bunch of idiots.. without this site, I never would have thought unplugging something would reset it. Thanks a million for the suggestion! I think you all probably just saved me hundreds of dollars! Not just on a service call, but trips to the laundry mat while doing laundry for 8!
A million thanks!

March 2010
With the LE persistant but patient......I tried unplugging and plugging it right back in several times, turning it off and on, didn't work. When I finally turned it off before unplugging, and waited a full minute before plugging it back in, it worked!

March 2010
My LG Tromm front loading washing machine would not do nothing but flash a LE error code wm1814cw so i unplugged it for a minute or so and it reset itself. I turned the tub while it was off and it threw the code.

March 2010
Thank you to everyone for your answers in this forum. I was panicing and my 16yr. old son told me to go to and see if I could find an answer. And thank you lord my angels where here. All I did was unplug it and it starting spinning and working. I thought I was going to have to replace it, but I'm thankful I didn't because I can't afford one right now. Thank you again to everyone here. Unplugging does work.

Also with the funny mildew smell try wiping it out and leaving the door open a little bit when you finish washing the clothes. This has helped me alot.

Catricia Pough
March 2010
Wow! I love you guys! I was ready to call for repair. Unplugging worked just fine. Thanks!

February 2010
Yeah! Jayson! I picked up the hall sensor (6501kw2002a) at an appliance part store here in San Francisco after a friend had let me use the LGWM1814cw washer he had been storing when my old washer broke. The LG would not spin and gave an "LE" code after a minute or so of trying to run. Part was 22$, then it took 20min to swap out. Now, presto, the thing works great!

Vee in SF
February 2010
I also had the famous "LE" error on my LG Tromm. I unplugged the machine as suggested above and it works fine now. Thanks!

February 2010
I have the WM2277HW and it did the LE thing the other day. The wife had a single blanket running that unbalanced the machine. The only difference in my situation was that the washer was giving off a funky smell. It wasn't quite the burned up motor smell or even a toasted semiconductor smell. I couldn't figure out what it may have came from. The stator measured 7.4 ohms across any of the terminals. The spec resistance should be anywhere from 5 to 15 ohms according to the data that came with the replacement stator. I wanted to save time and effort so I purchased the stator (with hall sensor attached) and the main PWB controller board from MCM electronics. After swapping out the stator (with new sensor) the machine is running just fine. I'll keep the replacement PWB controller just in case.....
A suggestion on reinstalling the rotor. Line up the "teeth" of the shaft and the rotor. you need only to start the rotor on the shaft. Insert the 17mm bolt into the shaft, hold it with a box end wrench then spin the rotor by hand. This will pull the rotor onto the shaft without any grief.

Part numbers for the WM2277HW:
Main PWB 6871ER1003C (sticker directly on the board)
Stator 4417FA1994G
Sensor 6501KW2002A (sticker on the sensor)

February 2010
same problem here my wife spun the wheel and LE flashes and i unplug it twice then pulg it back while checking on this website for a answer my wife star a cycle and its working fine againe thanks everyone

February 2010
Same problem. I agree with a previous poster that I had hand spun the drum while it was off and that caused the problem. All I had to do was unplug it for a minute and it was fine.


Jeff S
February 2010
Great forum! Got the LE fault today (my error, spinning the drum to check for socks...). I had no idea what to do, but after reading some suggestions, got lucky! Thanks everyone for the helpful hints.

Little Joe
February 2010
I just finished fixing my WM2277H, I also had the famous LE signal in my display. Luckly, I saw this web site and I read JAYSON's Juy 2008, procedure to change the 6105KW2002A Sensor. I have NO WORDS to thank JAYSON for his useful explanation.

Trans Global Services were charging me $116 just to come and see what the problem was + parts + labour to install parts, imagine how much it was going to cost me.

I ended up doing JAYSON's STEPS and spend no more than $50, including a set of milimetric wrenches($15) that I had to buy, the sensor ($25) and a threadlocker BLUE ($8) for the 17mm bolt.

The only hint that I would add to JAYSON's procedure is a LEVER that I had to make to hold the stator cover while loosing the 17mm bolt. The 17mm bolt was way too tight, it had blue permatex. I made the LEVER out of a 2 by 4 piece of wood, about 50cm long, I put two self threading screw about 2" long each and I made those two screws go thru two little holes on the stator cover, about 4" apart. BE CAREFUL, THESE SCREWS CANNOT BE TOO LONG BECAUSE THEY MAY DAMAGE THE MOTOR WINDINGS. My son held the piece of wood while I unscrew the 17mm bolt. There has to be a safer way of doing it , but this worked for me.
I am just amazed how a site like this can help you save money and time.

Hope this helps someone else.

February 2010
I gratefully read all of your instructions, and being the wife of an engineer, (used to condensing information from brainiacs) I condensed them to:

1.Put on rubber soled shoes
2.unplug the blasted machine
3.wait about 90 seconds
4.Hit start again
5. Voila! Success!

NOTE: I didn't take out any clothes. I had already spent at least a half an hour carefully adjusting all of the clothes that were semi-wet in the machine, waiting, and re-packing when the LE light came on again. I decided to see if just unplugging it would work to re-set and it did.

Btw, I think that I started the LE problem by hand spinning the drum to make sure that there weren't any socks lurking about in the machine. I read that someone's son spun the drum w/ the same results.

Good Luck and many thanks!

February 2010
This happened to me last night...out of nowhere. The LE code - - won't spin. I panicked, so I looked on the internet for troubleshooting tips and everybody kept saying it needed a part, etc. So I called LG customer service before scheduling a service call and the wonderful cust service rep walked me thru "re-setting" the washer and VOILA! it works fine! Hope this helps!

February 2010
Surprised to see somany posts on this issue in last 1 month - as my LG WM1814CW ought in 2005 also gave this LE code. So may be designed to fail exactly in 5 yrs huh.. For example I have DVD players six of them all sitting pretty but won't work after just 2 yrs - no real mech problems, but some electric circuit issue just like this LE code. Whatever happened to QA or reliability ?? does any body any more think about making appliances that last 10+ yrs ?? .It does seem like a well thought plan by manufacturers esp. from Asia where they design stuff to fail exactly after a certain period (a small part like this sensor)such that you are back in market to buy new ones.. a sleazy way to create demand !

BTW If you are like me on west coast, might be a quicker option is to order the sensor from California parts supplier for LG (

All the instructions are very useful, and hope my issue will also go away.. and forum like this are helping stop those cheap mfrs scamming us to forcefully pay up.. thx guys.

February 2010
Seems these LG 2005 models are the problems. I haven't seen any other year mentioned. I read this forum and ordered the hall sensor that everyone talked about. Installation was easy. The hardest part was taking the large bolt off the hub cap looking part. I needed my husbands muscles for that. I ordered the hall sensor direct from LG. They delivered it in two days. For $20 I had the machine up and running. Thank you to everyone on this forum. You saved me $1000 for a new washer.

February 2010
I have had the same LE error code since purchasing my washer. I didn't realize that I had caved in on the extended warranty when I bought it. So after 5 months and 4 "failed" repairs. I think I am finally getting a new washer. We shall see if Best Buy actually comes through with there promise. All I can say is ..I will never buy another LE..err I mean LG again!!

January 2010

Solution #18

Worked for me! :)

January 2010
Yes Xiu, it apparently depends on what washer model number you have.

On my model, there is plenty of room to reach behind the stator without taking it off... I'm sure my short cut will work.

If your model is similar to the design in the pictures provided by Gino from TX, I can see it is not possible to access the hall sensor without taking off the stator.

It appears that the model in the pictures is an older model. In mine, it does not look like that. It is very open to reach around inside the entire washer once the back plate cover is off.

I don't know how many models are open design as mine is. But on those models, it should make replacing the sensor literally a five minute job.

Glad you got yours working. Those pictures really are a great help and a great asset to others thanks to Gino.

January 2010
I did it by changing the magic hall sensor. Thank you guys very much for sharing information. I tried to follow Reyrey's direction. However, my machine would not allow me to reach the sensor before taking the sator off (Mine is WM 1832 W). Actually, disembling the sator is not as hard as I thought. Jason's picture posting is a great help, and his warning about the magnetic pull is also valuable.

Xiu, Dallas, TX
January 2010
I followed the following process:
1. drain water
2. unplug for 20 minutes
3. spin the drum manually 3 rotations
4. back in business

I will order a hall sensor to have on hand. Thanks to all of you that saved me from frustration targeted at a device that is supposed to make my life easier!

Josh Phoenix AZ

January 2010
Thank you Steve!! I was quite aggravated when my machine kept giving me the LE error after the 2nd day of owning these, only to read I'd need a new Hall Sensor! I followed the same exact steps Steve suggested and she works perfectly again. Woo-Hoo!

January 2010
hi everybody !
thanks to Reyrey, i just changed the sensor 6501 KW200 1A and the the washing machine works as the beginning .
Bye !

January 2010
This just happened with my machine. I unplugged it for a few minutes and then plugged it in. I also gave the basket a manual spin and then set the spin cycle. It is spinning away and working fine so far. Of course, as I put off dealing with this problem last night, I will have to rewash the load that was already in the machine because it's been sitting in water for several hours.

January 2010
i followed jason's and it worked.
also looked at, it has pictures of the repair process:

good luck....

Gino from TX
January 2010
A million thanks to Jayson for his instructions (posted July 2008) to replace the hall sensor!!! I have a different model WH0532HW but everything was just as he explained.

I also got the dreaded LE code just a few days before Christmas. I called LG and tried resetting the system per their instructions but it didn't work. I had a repair guy come out and he was puzzled by the LE code but figured it had to be the motor. He was going to charge me $100 to put in a new motor ($140). I decided to Google the LE code problem and found this site and lots others stating that likely culprit of the LE code was a faulty hall sensor. I found an appliance store in the area that had the part. You can also find the part online. It is a very simple and straightforward job -- if you follow Jayson's instructions you won't have any problems.

January 2010
Has anyone in the UK been able to order a Hall sensor? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

January 2010
I got the error and after 20 minutes of being Lost in Space I decided to check online. I followed a couple of suggestions:
1) Empty washer and removed excess water.
2) Unplugged washer for 15 - 20 minutes.
3) After this I set it to Rinse and Spin and it was back working like normal.

January 2010
Where is the motherboard located?

Can somebody post a link of the picture???

December 2009
Thank you all! Got the LE code. Pulled out the handy card and saw the dreaded "call for service" next to the LE code. Between Christmas and New Year's with LOTS of clothes for a family of 5 - this was not looking like my day! Love the internet - you all saved the day!

I unplugged the machine. Gave the inside a full spin. Waited a few minutes. Plugged it back in - and so far - so good.

I was teaching my 13 year old son how to do laundry this morning (my advice - start earlier!). But for "fun" - he spun the drum a few times when we were transferring clothes to the dryer. I am thinking that is what caused it. In the 4 or 5 years I've had the machine - never a problem. Keeping fingers crossed...

Happy Mom
December 2009
Just wanted to thank everyone here for their helpful suggestions. I tried to reset my WM1812CW LG washer after it threw out the infamous "LE" code. After several tries with unpluggin it and letting it sit, and after disconnecting the motherboard I was getting nowhere fast. I ordered the hall sensor and it arrived within a couple of days. This sensor is extremely easy to replace. Took me longer to gather up the tools I needed to do the replacement, than to perform the actual replacement itself.

I do agree with reyrey, that it is not necessary to remove the stator. But I think I only realized this after I had the stator off and could see what I was looking at. I could do it now, but before I replaced the sensor I probably couldn't have. Do yourself a favor and just remove the 6 bolts. Literally takes about 2 minutes. The rest is as described below by my fellow posters. Thanks again everyone.

David C.
December 2009
Jayson's directions worked for me. I purchased the part off of eBay and was able to get it fixed myself. Thank you!!!

Lindsay C.
December 2009
I replaced a device called sensor from the LG parts manual for my 1814 model. It was in the back of the washer being held in place by a plastic swivel by one screw and only took about 2 minutes to replace. Is this the Hall Sensor? It is the only part in the manual that has the word sensor in it. I didn't see any other type of electrical device in the system except for the main board and the stator. When I replaced this device then my washer worked for about 5 loads and then quick working again. Someone told me I should replace the stator also but he was just acting like he knew and didn't look at my washer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

December 2009
Have a LG1814 washer that shows LE on display. Unplugged, cleaned filter, spun basket, still had same problem, washer started and acted like it wanted to turn but would not, then LE display would show. Ordered Hall sensor and replaced now washer works great. Replaceing is easy, remove back cover, remove 17 mm bolt, remove 8 screws holding winding, pull off and replace sensor, then reassemble. Half hour tops.

December 2009
"You DO have to remove the stator to replace this part"...

I'm still not so sure you do.

There is enough room to put your hand behind the motor without removing it. Once you take off the silver bracket holding the wire harness and release the top clip as I described, the sensor should fall right in your hand. It is just the same then as having removed the motor except you don't have to handle the heavy motor or deal with the strong magnetic pull putting it back.

Putting the sensor back in then is just reversing the steps.

I did remove the motor to put mine in also but once I had it in, and looking at it closely, I'm quite sure it can be done without removing the motor. The key is releasing the white clip holding it on the top.

December 2009
We have the model WM 181 4CW and the world famous LE code was there. It would fill with a little water, stop--the drum would try to jerk left, then right. It did that about 15 times every ten seconds, and then the beep and the flashing "LE" would appear.

Replacing the hall sensor did the trick.

You DO have to remove the stator to replace this part, however. But the job is super simple - take off the big nut, then the nuts (10 mm) holding on the stator. Unclip and Unplug the old sensor and then just do everything in reverse order and you are done. Very simple.

December 2009
Johnny, I believe you must load enough clothes in the washer for the drum to properly operate. Even if the load is too light, this can cause the hall sensor to stop the drum. This sensor determines what the drum needs to do. See my post below.

Another thing that I hadn't noticed until now re-reading your post, was that you said you had the "top" cover open. I thought these washers were front load. Mine is and the posts here on this forum reflect the same thing unless you have a different model.

In any case you shouldn't hear squeaking and grinding I wouldn't think even if the load was not heavy enough. I do know too light of a load can the washer not to operate. It happened to me when I had only a few t-shirts in it.

However the smell is the concern and the squeaking. I don't think the smell you're describing would come from the sensor or PC board. Try loading a typical load of clothes in the washer and see what happens. At least that would eliminate one factor. See if you still have the noise.

I would recommend taking the back cover off so you can better tell where it might be coming from as well. Just take caution though when you have it plugged in to make sure you don't splash any water in the back as that's where the stator should be.

December 2009
Thanks for replying. When plugged back after hrs/days, the washer will wash on either mode (Normal, Quick, or Speed etc; however, this is on empty wash no clothes, haven't tried with clothes), but then toward the ends, about 5-10 mins remaining, the washer stopped and gave the "LE" code along with the Electrical Burning smell, tested twice.

I have ordered part#6501KW2002A (sensor) from SearsDirect, and it should be here today. So this may not be the part I need? I got this machine in 2005, what I understand LG warranty for 7yrs. the motor? My is only about 5 yrs old.

December 2009
I just fixed my LG ( WMO532HW ) Front load Washer..I bought new in 03..first problem since purchase..LE appeared in digital display, would not spin and would stop...I read all the blogs and unplugged first for 30 minutes..did not work still !! took off the TOP main digital control panel and unpluged and then plugged all sensors back in to the motherboard..worked fine after that..hopefully !! thanks to all the GOOD info..

December 2009
I happened to see your post.

Typically the one place that you would smell an "electrical" odor, which would probably be similar to a burning smell would be in the motor itself, or stator in this case.

There are many many copper wrapped coils or windings in the motor which creates and energizes the power. If they become overheated to such an extent that they "fuse together," this creates a burning smell and the motor seizes up.

A main board, or pc board in this washer doesn't have a lot on it to cause much of a smell and it's not very big. It's just a series of electrical traces with computer chips soldered into it.

This is just my opinion but it sounds like it's more likely the motor. If that is what the problem is, you could just buy the motor and put that in yourself following the instructions in many of these posts explaining how to replace the hall sensor. It just has eight bolts and it pulls off.

I don't think anything else in there would cause the electrical odor you described. It's possible that the grinding and squealing you heard was also the motor seizing up. You didn't say whether it will still run or not if you unplug it and plug it back in again.

December 2009
LG Washer TROMM with LE Error.
Ok I read all the suggestions here: replaced the Sensor part, Main board, etc..
I am not sure what I need to get my LE Washer Fixed.

Drained all the excessive water out of the washer. Ran twice with Speed and Quick Wash mode with top cover opened, it made squeaky, grinding sounds and near the end of the cycle about 5-10 minutes left it has ELECTRICAL smells then LE code came on, twice on both runs.

Could this be likely the Main Board? Since the top cover is open, I try to smell where the electrical coming from but can't pinpoint the source for sure, the Main board does smell it too, though.

Any suggestions???? Thanks. Have several laundry baskets and hate the crowd at laudromats.

November 2009
You guys are the bomb - thank you!

November 2009
I had my LG washer over for over 4 years LE light came on today. I unpluged it cleaned out filter still didn't fix. I again unpluged for 30 mins pluged it back in BAM!!!!!! Thanks!!

November 2009
I did what Steve said in June of 09. Turned the machine to no spin to get out the water, then unplugged the machine for a few minutes. After plugging it back in and turning it back on it seems to be working again. I too am very thankful for a site like this that helps me problem solve.

November 2009
2005 1814CW Machine with the LE error code. Luckily, have the extended warranty. In the end the fix was the Hall sensor. I tried all the other tricks (power off for long periods, cleansing of the filter, etc.) none fixed the LE issue. Might be smart to pick one of those sensors up for the future! Easy DIY fix if you don't have a service contract.

November 2009
Another success story!

I have model WM 181 4CW and the world famous LE code was there. It would fill with a little water, stop--the drum would try to jerk left, then right. It did that about 15 times every ten seconds, and then the beep and the flashing "LE" would appear.

After tons of research and gratefully stumbling onto this forum, it seemed like everything was pointing to the hall sensor being the problem.

With all the great posts on here with special thanks to Jason and David for the extremely clear and easy to follow step by step instructions, I had the motor out in no time. I called a local appliance repair shop here and further confirmed the symptoms I described with the expert there.

He said "yep, that's the problem. That's very common, I hear it all the time. What is happening is that the drum is trying to 'figure out where it's at' and the sensor controls that." I told him the drum still spins freely though both directions and he said that is normal for it to do that even when it freezes up and gives the code.

I said that's good enough for me, order that puppy. I got the #6501 KW200 1A. I put it in today, put it back together and it spins like a gyro now both ways and works perfect.

You wouldn't think that little white plastic mold form with a small black rectangle in it would possibly correct that major lock up. But that black thing is a computer chip and it has a brain function dedicated to telling that drum what's what and how it's supposed to spin.

If you have the code LE which just pops up one day after working fine before, nine chances out of ten this hall sensor will fix it. The repair center said they go out just like that. One minute they work, next minute they don't.

If you follow the easy instructions given by David and Jason especially, you can DO this. It is daunting to think you are going to work on something you know nothing about and this is a very sophisticated machine. But LG is famous for this malfunctioning hall sensor and repair guys charge big big bucks, when it is as simple as putting gas in your car. Just follow the instructions. They would charge about $300.00. I paid $27.49.

In fact after installing mine, I don't think it is even necessary to remove the motor to replace this sensor. The stator, which is actually the motor, and has all the tightly wound copper wire sections which you will see as soon as you remove the single bolt and pull the hub cover off, has the sensor attached to it.

So if you remove the stator, that requires you to remove the several bolts holding that. and then you have to pull that off. There are 8 bolts I think.

But the wires on the RIGHT side at the bottom of the stator lead to and connect to this sensor. There are only two sets of wires and they are held in place by a little silver plate. Remove the little plate holding the wires to the frame. This will make it a lot easier to work with the wires if they are not held in place. There is just one screw holding the plate.

Now grab the right side wires in your right hand and look inside. You will see what they lead to. That is the hall sensor. Now looking through the stator down toward your hand, you will see a very thin plastic "clip." It's a white clip on white plastic material so look carefully and you will see it. Now carefully put a very thin knife under that plastic and gently lift it upward slightly. I'm quite sure this will release it and it will then unhook from the three bottom nubs and fall in your right hand.

Take very close notice of where it was positioned to put it back in the same place. Now you can easily separate the pin connectors male from the female. Discard the old sensor, push the new one into the pin connector. Line up the three tiny little square holes you see on the sensor with the three little tiny square "nubs" you will see if you look under the bottom of the stator.

Now reach underneath with your right hand and push your white plastic clip toward you so it snaps in again where you took it off and presto change'o, you're done!!

Put the hub back on and fire up your machine. Hopefully you will see it working good as new again. Pour yourself a celebration drink because you just saved big money. Appliance repair technicians in your area will hate you.

Now, if the sensor does not come out as I described--and as I believe it will, then just remove the 8 bolts and pull the stator off as described by David and Jason in their posts and remove the sensor that way. I just believe this step can be saved. And removing that is the most labor intensive part of the job. I really don't think it's necessary to remove that and it will make the job even easier.

One final note, for those who had the code and only had luck removing the top cover and pulling the connections off the PCB board and then reconnecting them, my repair guy said by unplugging the machine and plugging it back in again, you are doing the exact same thing. The computer resets every time it is unplugged.

So chances are, if you unplug it and plug it back in after ten minutes or so and you are still getting the LE code, taking the top cover off to do anything, will most likely not be the answer.

I can tell you, if it's code LE you're getting, try the sensor. It's a very plain Jane looking piece of plastic but it's a miracle worker in that washing machine. Good luck.

And thanks to all the great people here who put a smile on my face a mile wide after I watched mine working like a Swiss watch again. I hope I have made it even easier for you to do yours.

October 2009
Yes, what Steve said below worked for me. drain the excess water (if needed). Turn washer off and unplug or kill the breaker for a minute or so. Plug back in and wash as normal. Thanks!

October 2009
I tried most of the options mentioned. Some worked, some didn't. What really helped for me: Unplug main power ! Open the top ( three screws ) Flipover the panel. Unplug all the main power clips on the motherboard. Replug them ( motherboard resets herself )...... problem solved !

October 2009
I also Did what Steve said to do in June 2009. It worked!! Thanks... looks like you saved me some $$$.

Stephen from TX
October 2009
I was having the same LE code on MY LG WM1814 thanks to the good people on this forum mine is fixed. My machine was down and had been for a couple days. Even after unplugging it for 30 or more minutes drum wouldnt spin.It would try but wouldnt move more than an inch. I bought the stator assy which included the hall sensor which may have been overkill, but I didnt want to go without it for the weekend. It was like 115.00 at mcmelectronics which lucky for me was just down the road from where I work. This is easy to fix , it took 10 minutes or less to get it apart and about 10 minutes getting it back together.Putting the rotor on proved to be tricky because of the magnets wanting to suck it in, but not a big deal. Anyone could do this repair, just pay attention to how you take it apart. I have a Dewalt impact that proved helpful in removing the drum/rotor bolt the 17mm otherwise you have to have someone hold the drum while you grunt. Thanks everyone!

Matt from Dayton OH
October 2009
Did what Steve said to do in June 2009. It worked!! Thanks

October 2009
After reading most of these postings (THANK YOU ALL!!) I have my own solution that worked for me:

I emptied my washer and made sure it was completely drained and the filter was cleared. I unplugged it and while it was unplugged I opened the door and spun the drum. Even though it was unplugged, it still made the same sound as when I push the power button. I think this reset something because it works perfectly now..

October 2009
Never again will I buy an LG appliance. This is twice that my hall sensor has gone out. Luckily, I found this:

Got it and it worked great.

My LG refrig. is also a piece of crap. The thermostat is all jacked up. I have frozen eggs, milk, and everything else constantly. The water/ice dispenser is constantly frozen as well. Lucky for me my husband can fix anything and we've worked around our LG problems, expecially since when I called for a service tech, he laughed at me and told me LGs were considered "disposable appliances." If you don't live very near a big city, good luck finding a service tech to fix your problem.

Never, never, never again.

Julianne Williams
September 2009
Goerge, could you tell me exactly what you mean by resetting the main board? I have the LE error code and what I did, if I understood your instructions correctly, I removed the top of my washing machine and disconnected the electronic board that sits on the back side of the washing machine in the upper right corner (when looking at the washer from behind). I disconnected the plug leading to the board and all the plugs inside the board. Then I plugged everything back in. I did all that with the washing machine unplugged. It did not fix the problem. What exactly did you unplug on that board and did you do that while the washing machine was plugged in and under electrical power? Is the board that I mentioned the main electronic board? I would appreciate if you had a more detailed explanation of how you fixed the LE error code. Thank you very much!

September 2009
There is a small door on the bottom front left of the machine that has a filter in there. Removed the door and cleaned out the nasty and that did the trick.

Same worked for Brian in CT!

August 2009
I hate to tell you this but it may or may not be the hall sensor. If you suspect that as the problem and change it and not see the problem again then good. I have chaned it out 3 times and the error still comes back. It is very random and I think it has something to do with spining the drum. It sets the main board into some weird state that has to be reset. SOmetimes unplugging does the job. I found the best method on mine is unplugging all the connectors to the main board and then plugging them back in. It is resetting soemthing and it then works fine. I can hear all the relays click and reset. I am sure people think replacing the sensor is fixing it but I think most of the issues are being fixed becuase when you go to replace the sensor you have to unplug it and you are then turning the drum and who knows what else.

Anyway I have had our machine for about 6 or 7 years with no problem. Then in the last year it started this. Like I said I replaced the sensor 3 times. The last time did not fix it so I put the one I just took off back on, it still did not work. I ordered the main board but the one I got was a new revision and had diffrent connectors so I sent it back. I put the original back in and it worked. This is how I figured out the disconnect the board solution. I just did it again as the LE error came up again after 3 months. I tried all the unplugging spinning drum, and then now of that worked so I unplugged the board and plugged it all back in and BAM it worked again. I am almost sure it is a relay or something on the board. If I can find this same part number I will buy one.

CAn someone else try this next time you get the error??

August 2009
The problem is not the Hall Sensor. It is just resetting the machine. DO NOT BUY ANY PARTS UNTIL YOU TRY TO RESET IT. When you are doing all the steps to replace the HALL Sensor you are in most cases just resetting the machine. It is a very flacky problem that has to do with spinning the drum by hand, unplugging it and running an empty load. When you unplug the machine to work on it and then you are rotating the drum just right while trying to remove the strator you are doing just teh things needed to reset it. I have not got a firm fix on excatly what needs to be done in which order but I will . I have replaced the hall sensor 3 times and the problem always came back.

I can take the connectors off the main PC board and reconnect them and then it all works. It has something to do with what state the board is remembering. I do ythink it is caused by turning the drum by hand. i will prove that once I get it running again tonight. Mine ran for 4 years with no problems then all of a sudden the LE error. it comes and goes but I know it is not the HALL SENSOR in most cases.

Also there is no motor as most people think, it is a DC inducted startor. It is the stator and the windings. the startor is hard to pull on and off because of the magnets.

I will get it all figured out this trip cause I am tired of this crap. I have reset it about 6 times over the last year but everytime it is by doing something diffrent. I will post my findings later.

August 2009
Mine would make a clicking sound and then the "LE" code would come on.
I replaced the Hall Sensor and it worked for a couple of weeks. I took the cover back off and cleaned out all the rust that had built up in the drum that surrounds the stator and off the top of the magnetic windings. I used a shop towel with a little WD-40. It fired right up and seems to be working. See how it goes now. If this does not work I think its the control board.

August 2009
Mine would make a clicking sound and then the "LE" code would come on.
I replaced the Hall Sensor and it worked for a couple of weeks. I took the cover back off and cleaned out all the rust that had built up in the drum that surrounds the stator and off the top of the magnetic windings. I used a shop towel with a little WD-40. It fired right up and seems to be working. See how it goes now. If this does not work I think its the control board.

August 2009
I had the same symptoms that everyone else did, replaced the sensor only to have the spin cycle go very slowly, and began to smell an electric odor. Stopped the machine, unplugged and removed the back. The stator cover was so hot I could barely touch it. Removed, replaced without as much torque, and tried again. Same slow spin cycle, and then the dreaded LE. I guess I am going to call a repair man before I buy a new machine since I paid 800.00 for this piece of shit. Any other suggetions??

August 2009
Mine would make a clicking sound and then the "LE" code would come on.
I replaced the Hall Sensor and it worked for a couple of weeks. I took the cover back off and cleaned out all the rust that had built up in the drum that surrounds the stator and off the top of the magnetic windings. I used a shop towel with a little WD-40. It fired right up and seems to be working. See how it goes now. If this does not work I think its the control board.

August 2009
I meant to say $50 including overnight shipping. Don't know what to do at this point.

August 2009
I'm getting the feeling that everyone here eventually had the problem come back. Realized that all this was a waste of time and just had it professionally fixed without reporting back here. Maybe I'm just bitter because I spent $50 for the part plus overnight shipping, and hours of trying all the other suggestion here with only temporary fixes.

August 2009
We followed Jayson's explanation (THANKS JAYSON!!) for our WM1812CW model which was identical except for the part, which is 6501KW2001A. It was a very easy fix (hardest part was moving it off the pedestal). Our only difficulty was when we put the stator cover back on it wouldn't go back all the way, so with a little extra help from a rubber mallet it went in the rest of the way. Works wonderfully now!!

Donna in Minnesota
August 2009
I followed the advice from Jayson (thanks!) and Tom and got my machine running this morning. I ordered part number 6501KW2001A
Sensor Assy from for my WM1814Cx, replaced the item its running!. Super easy. The only tough part was getting the initial bolt off of the stator cover since I had nobody to hold the drum. I ended up rigging up a breaker bar for my socket wrench which then made it easy as I reached on arm into the drum to hold it from turning while I pulled on the longer breaker bar. Thanks everyone.

Brian in CT
August 2009
i was ready to take the back panel off but opened the little door on the bottom front of the washer and cleaned the massive amounts of dog hair from the filter. fixed the problem immediately with no parts, no washer moving.

July 2009
I took the advice of this forum and changed out the stator assembly. The washing machine is now working great. It cost $35 with expedited shipping for the part. I did not realize (until I took the 17 mm bolt off) that it was originally installed with locktite. It took some several hits on the ratchet with a rubber mallet to get it off. Went back much easier. Thanks for all the advice.

July 2009
The drum has started to make alot of noise during the cycle as though it has worked loose

July 2009
rather than unplugging the machine, would flipping the circuit on the electric panel yield the same results. I'm only asking because my machine is VERY hard to move from under the counter to get at the electrical plug.

July 2009
Thank you John in Atlanta!

My hose connector was clogged. I was getting the LE error code and after troubleshooting all the hall sensor items, I checked the connector at the 12 o'clock position and removed a clog. I hope it will work troublefree for another six years!

Debra in TX
July 2009
Hey everyone! I am SOOOO glad I found this forum before calling to get our washing machine repaired!

We ordered part #6501KW2002A, and followed Jayson's tutorial in the comments below. The instructions were very easy to follow. The only tough part was unscrewing the big bolt, but my boyfriend was in charge of unscrewing the bolt, and I sat in front of the machine and held the drum so it wouldn't move.

Anyway, DEFINITELY spend the $18 on the part instead of wasting hundreds of dollars! We were so surprised when we turned on the machine and everything worked. We couldn't believe it was all because of one tiny plastic part...

July 2009
This usually happens if you're washing on a delicate setting with a moderate load of clothes. Apparently, delicate also means very few items to wash. To clear the LE code - no need to unload the clothes:
1. Press the power button to turn the washer off.
2. Press the power button to turn the washer back on.
3. Cycle the spin cycle selection to 'no spin'.
4. Press start.
The washer should set to one minute, lock the doors, then drain out the excess water.
Once the 'End' cycle comes up, unplug the machine for several minutes.
Plug the washer back in, press the power button, then set the washer to 'normal' with 'low' spin setting.
Note that the only difference between the normal setting and delicate is the wash time and spin cycle speed. If you have a moderate to large load of delicates, use the normal setting on low spin cycle. The clothes really don't care. Also, make sure you're using 'HE' detergent - low suds. Regular degergent in a front load is not recommended.

June 2009
LE on my wm2077cw left a drum full of soapy water.
A neet trick to empty the water using the pump just press Spin speed and the on button at the same time then 14 min. pops up and then perss start. It will not stop pumping on its own so press off when empty. Un plug for 5 min. and bingo mine fixed its self.

Mike Mutzig
June 2009
My LG washer WC1832CW, during washing or spinning cycle’s get stalled (some time rotate in one direction & stay stalled in opposite direction).
Any remedy for trouble shoot?
Drum moves freely with hand.

May 2009
In my case (LG WM 1815CS) it was that sensor. Pretty easy to fix as well. I followed the directions from various answers in this post, as well as contacted Anytime Appliance Repair in Maryland. The gentleman was very nice and explained how to go about the repair. Took about 20min to fix. NOw I get to do the Laundry. Yippee

April 2009
If you are getting a "water inlet" error "IE" I found out thru trial and error that my inlet valve(s) were messed up. On my particular machine you can put the machine in trouble-shooting mode by pressing the "Spin Speed" and the "Soil Levels" at the same time and press the "Power" button while doing that. Then advance thru all the functions by pressing the "Start button"
1 time; Tumbles clockwise,
2 times Low level spin,
3 times; High speed spin,
4 times Inlet valve for prewash,
5 times; Inlet valve for main wash,
6 times, Inlet valve for Hot water,
7 times: Inlet valve for softner,
8 times; inlet valve for bleach,
9 times; tumble counter-clockwise,
10 times; turns Heater on (if equipped)
11 times; circulation pump,
12 times; drain pump,
13 times; power off and unlocks the door.

I bought an LG service manual online, but I later found out if you search hard enough you can find one free online (downloadable)
I must say if I had to do it all over again...I wouldn't even look at an LG appliance!

April 2009
If it's not the "Hall" sensor, it may be the problem I had. Fixing my repeated LE codes required no more than a pair of tweesers!! So you all might want to try this first. If your machine has a water recirculation outlet at the twelve oclock position on the big rubber ring, then check to see if IT IS BLOCKED! If the water pump cannot move the water, the machine will sense an overload at the electrical pump sensor. A "pinky size" lint plug was stopping normal water flow in our machine. Took the service guy 3 days to figure it out. It is a dime-size white plastic outlet on our machine. LG model WM2032HW. Bought in 2004 and worked without problems til early 2009.

John in Atlanta
April 2009
Another success story, I fixed my model 2077CW by replacing the Hall sensor (part #6501KW2002A) per Jayson's steps. Piece of cake; no more trips to the laundromat, for now! I got a discount at Sears PartsDirect using code 80016 (the currently active 20% off code.)

March 2009
OK..Nobody answered my question, but now I have the answer: Take the big (17mm) nut off (right now that's the only one) grab the what looks like a goofy hubcap with your fingers hooked in behind it off. (it will be tight...but it will come off) Then you will see the stator (what looks like an old airplane engine) take loose those bolts (10mm) and gently lower that down. There will be 2 plugs at the bottom. Try to get them off. When you get that stator in your hands it's the almost plastic comb looking thing. (the Hall Sensor)take a small screwdriver and pry the small plastic tabs over the keepers and remove the Hall Sensor. Replace it with a new one in the same spot. Re-install the stator. (make sure you plug the 2 plugs back in) Get the cover (the hubcap looking thing) and place back over the stator. (the magnets will pull it in) I had to have somebody push in on the drum from the inside because the little shaft kept moving to where I couldn't get the bolt started. Tighten the big 17 mm bolt. *Smile* just saved a LOT of money on piece of junk machine!! (LOL)

March 2009
I read further up in the thread that take off the big (17MM) nut and pull the drum off. Do you take loose the (what seems like) 43 other 10mm bolts too? I have loosed the 17 MM nut (took it completely off) and tried to pull the unit out and it will NOT budge!...There are some "reverse" threads on the unit that you won't be able to get to unless it's out. Is that holding it on, or what's the deal? I've tugged, and pulled (and cursed!) but it won't pull out. What's up?

March 2009
I have LE model WM1814 and got the LE error. I ordered 6501KW2001A (sensor assembly), and fixed the problem. Note that the part I replaced is the "bulky sensor" mentioned in Jayson's procedures, not the smaller snesor he replaced (the part No. is different from above too). Thanks Jayson!

John Guo
March 2009
Don’t hesitate to replace the Hall sensor yourself. It means moving the machine and taking the back off then everything else is right there in front of you. Here is all you need to replace the Hall sensor. Socket wrench and a 10mm and a 17mm sockets and a Phillips screwdriver and a little knife with a very thin blade. However, because the big bolt is hard to turn a breaker bar and a hammer is very helpful. Put the socket and breaker bar on the bolt and hit the end of the breaker bar handle with the hammer in the direction of the desired turn (counter clockwise to loosen). A few whacks with the hammer and you will know it is turning. Repeat this in the opposite direction to tighten when you are finished.

Remove all three of the Phillips screws that secure the wires to the machine before removing the stator from the machine. I suggest loosening and removing all of the bolts saving the top one for last. It is a little heavy but you can lay it on your lap to remove the Hall sensor with the sharp knife blade to release the clips on the Hall sensor, yes, it just clips on.

This is really a very simple procedure, not any more complicated than ordering the part. I think the most difficult thing was finding this blog that had the solution to my problem. Thank you all for your help.

Lance Smith in Orlando
February 2009
My washer is only two yrs old and runs like a top. The same thing happened to me this morning & I was upset.But after reading these stories, I realized that I spun the tub too fast last night . After unplugging my washer for about 20 minutes, it ran fine! what a relief!

February 2009
replaced the sensor after many LE errors - worked for about 5 loads... and the error has returned. Unplugging resolves the error for a couple of loads... then it returns.


January 2009
my LE error was solved after I read this blog and disconnected the power on my LG washing machine for about 10 min.
Thanks is working again!!!!!!!

January 2009
Another tip to make it a little easier to work on the drum motor, such as to change the position sensor (6501KW2002A) or stator:

If your machine came with shipping bolts, and you still have them, put them back in while doing the work. This will lock the drum assembly to the chassis so it won't wobble around.

*** Be sure to remove the bolts after the work is done, before operating the machine! ***

Scott in Toronto
January 2009
Jayson, thanks for providing these easy to follow instructions.

Either I'm a lot weaker than I thought or maybe there's a trick to the trade...I can't get the rotor bolt off to save my life. I've used one hand to secure it and another to turn the ratchet and I just can't budge it. Any tricks of the trade out there? I'm assuming its supposed to be turned counterclockwise. I've tried using an object to stop the spin, but with the wobbily nature of the drum, that didn't work too well. With my two hands as described above a gave it a heck of a go and I'm just wondering if I'm missing something simple. Thanks for any help you folks can provide.

January 2009
Unplugging it did the trick. Now I know not to spin the drum.

January 2009
Jayson I would like to get in line to thank you for the easy directions to fix the LE CODE on MY 2277H LG washing machine. EVERYTHING WAS AS YOU SAID!
EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT WITH JAYSON'S DIRECTIONS THIS REPAIR IS NOVICE LEVEL - EASY! I am not a handy guy and I was completely comfortable with every step! Thanks to this site , and to Jayson! I know I saved at least $200.00. I owe you Jayson! Thanks - Grateful in the OC.

January 2009
A rinse/no spin cycle did the trick for me. Unfortunately I already ordered a sensor assembly but it sounds like I might as well have one around because it will be needed one of these days.

January 2009
I experienced the same error after giving the drum a good spin by hand to get the socks off the drum wall. I do this all the time, but on a few occasions I notice that the lights will all come on and the beeper will sound just as if you had hit the power button. I was pretty sure that I had messed with it's pea brain, so I unplugged it to clear the fault. No luck.

Googled the problem, found the site. Waited 10 minutes, removed clothes and did a rinse and spin cycle with no spin. Got call from neighbor asking me to please close the curtains. Was wondering how standing there naked was going to help the situation. (JK) Doing the rinse and spin with no spin drained the water just fine, and reset the machine's pea brain. It is working fine now. Thank you to all contributors.

We use the machine heavily, (3 years now, I believe) and we love our liquid fabric softener. It has been a very faithful machine until I gave the drum a spin like a uniformed soldier on the Price is Right. I will be a little more gentle from now on.

January 2009
Glad to have the internet knowledge base nowadays. I have the LG washer for 4 yrs and finally get the LE code last week. I call LG support number and they give me the reset procedure to unlock the motor. That does not work. I call the local service man but he cannot come out till after Xmas. So I decide to fix it myself after reading this forum. Tom's service manual is very helpful. The QC steps point to the sensor problem. Order it from SearsPartDirect with expedited shipping (got this 20% off coupon code 80013). The site has the machine's manual and links to make sure you order the right parts. Get the part today. Follow Jayson's steps and fix it in no time, a very simple task. Thank you guys!!
To unscrew the bolt on the rotor, I stick a metal tool into one of the slot. Make sure it is resting against the metal part of the stator not touching its wiring. I use this lever to counter the spin as I unscrew the bolt. The bolt is not tighten too hard. It can be opened without much of a struggle.
In my case, the motor unlock after going through the reset procedure. But in the QC steps, it cannot spin up to speed. I guess this is a protection to prevent damage from a faulty sensor. I also smell a burnt. It could be from the motor overheating as it is jam locked.
I recommend to run the QC steps in the manual. It helps to identify the problem quickly.
Now I'm researching the circulation pump problem. It is very noisy.....

December 2008
Resolved my 'LE' error on a LG WM1814CW washer w/ a 6501KW2001A drum position sensor (part description is "SENSOR ASSY"), per Jayson's instructions. $16 from Sears Parts Direct, plus shipping (I opted to expedite, so about $18 extra, total of $34). Thanks Jayson for the AWESOME simple instructions (although his were for a different model, the steps are basically the same for the 1814).

-Upon starting the wash cycle, the washer would fill, but then wouldn't spin, sounded like it was trying to spin, but had a 'whrrrrrr' sound. You could see it trying to spin in either direction, but wouldn't.
-If I paused the cycle, I could freely spin the drum, with no resistance.
-After letting the washer continue to try and run/spin, it would stop w/ the 'LE' error.

Resolution attempts:
-Cleaned drain filter. Quite dirty, but didn't fix.
-Tried to run just the rinse cycle, but didn't fix.
-Unplugged and let sit for a while, but didn't fix the issue.
-Purchased the drum position sensor from Sears and installed in less than 30 minutes, super easy if you're at all mechanically inclined, and still doable w/ basic mechanical skills.

Additionally, you can get the SERVICE MANUAL in a PDF from the 'LG Customer Service Academy',

The WM1814CW service manual is here:

The general page for the 1814 is here:

Good luck everyone!

December 2008
just replaced the sensor took no more than 30 mins easy job machine now as good as new this is great

December 2008
OK, I have the LG WM1814CW that is giving me the "LE" error. I have cleaned the trap, unplugged for 2+ hours. Worked fine with an empty load. I put a load in it and it kicked out the error again. I can sometimes run it on a "quick cycle", but then sometimes it will kick the code again. I have ordered the sensor assembly, but am worried that this isnt what is the problem. I am noticing people are saying it wont spin. Mine will spin. Please tell me that it probably still is the sensor assembly? I have a big load of laundry that needs

December 2008
OK, I have the LG WM1814CW that is giving me the "LE" error. I have cleaned the trap, unplugged for 2+ hours. Worked fine with an empty load. I put a load in it and it kicked out the error again. I can sometimes run it on a "quick cycle", but then sometimes it will kick the code again. I have ordered the sensor assembly, but am worried that this isnt what is the problem. I am noticing people are saying it wont spin. Mine will spin. Please tell me that it probably still is the sensor assembly? I have a big load of laundry that needs

December 2008
OK, I have the LG WM1814CW that is giving me the "LE" error. I have cleaned the trap, unplugged for 2+ hours. Worked fine with an empty load. I put a load in it and it kicked out the error again. I can sometimes run it on a "quick cycle", but then sometimes it will kick the code again. I have ordered the sensor assembly, but am worried that this isnt what is the problem. I am noticing people are saying it wont spin. Mine will spin. Please tell me that it probably still is the sensor assembly? I have a big load of laundry that needs

December 2008
I just had this happen for the second time. The first time, I thought the machine was busted, and called LG. They were great. They walked me through it, and everything was fine. That was close to a year ago. Now, it just happened again. I set the machine on spin and rinse, and pressed no spin to be able to drain the water that was in there. Pulled the clothes out, and unplugged the machine. Threw the clothes back in and watched the whole quick cycle. Fixed.

.... at least I hope. ;)

Kara in Canada
December 2008
Spun the drum to get to the laundry sucked to the side of the drum. LE light came on. Jason looked up the answer. Shannon freaked out and started pulling his hair. We found your website. Unplugged it, plugged it back in ten minutes later. Fixed. Shannon will now not be bald and Jason won't have to sleep on the couch to get away from crazy partner. The End.

Thank goodness we found your site!!

Shibaguyz in Seattle
November 2008
We have the WM1812CW
Unplugged / turned the inside a few times / plugged it in and it 's working fine .

Dave O
November 2008
As many have said before me....thanks for the internet. I got the LE code and dropped a couple of F bombs. After Googling and finding everyones comments...... unplugged the machine, gave it a couple of spins and waited 10 minutes.....success. I also did a rinse a spin cycle to start for good measure.

Thanks to everyone!

Fingers crossed it doesn't again.

November 2008
Jayson was right on. We have a WM2077CW which was banged around on 2 cross country moves and a 15 month stay in storage. We hadn't had it hooked up in over 2 years. Our drum would barely move back and forth. 2 inches at most. At first when I saw the part I thought there was no way this could be the problem. Decided to try it since there was no way I could afford a repair person for several months. I am Not a mechanical person but his description made this an easy fix. I did manage to get that back bolt off by myself but it was a struggle so if you have help you can easliy get this going in 30 minutes tops. Ended up doing the Snoopy happy dance after seeing it run. Saved us hundreds of $$$.

November 2008
I also did what jayson and others suggested and it worked like a charm! If you have exhausted all other avenues order the sensor and give it a shot. It is a very easy replacement for even a novice. Thank you to everyone as you saved me some big $$ I'm sure. The internet rules!

October 2008
Jayson's repair worked on our WM1814CW "LE" problem! If unplugging the washer for a few minutes doesn't work, just order this part. It's WAY easier than you might expect.

My personal comments, to add to his solution:
-- Step 2: The stator cover was hard to pull off. Be patient . I sat on the floor and grabbed it like a steering wheel, putting my bare feet to either side to enable me to pull more carefully, slowly and deliberately. Keep trying-- it pulls straight off once the hex nut is removed. Remember you're pulling it away from a magnet.
-- Step 3: The only reason to remove these screws is so that the 2 wire bundles come away from the machine. Otherwise when you pull the motor away (next step) you won't be able to hold it far enough away from the machine to work on the drum-side, where the sensor is. Taking these screws out gives you some slack with these wire bundles. I set the motor in my lap to work on the drum side.
-- Step 4: You'll see the sensor you want to replace. Take a knife blade to pry up that little plastic clip holding it to the motor. It'll slide easily up off the motor. Now you'll see the wires going into the sensor (blue, red, grey & white.) These connect to the sensor as one unit, and unclip as one unit by pressing down on the little tab you'll see. Unclip the wires from the old sensor, then slide the old sensor out. Slide the new sensor in place and clip the wires to it.

Our LG model WM1814CW used the same "Sensor Assembly" most other people seem to use: part 6501KW2001A, which I ordered from Sears for about $17. Another $17 for express shipment.

It took about 45 minutes. Thanks for your research, Jayson. This saved us the infamous $600 service call.

David in Washington DC
October 2008
I have found that spinning the basket and having the machine interpret that as a load will cause either a CE or LE error. The fix for this (as directed by LG's support line which I ACTUALLY got through to) is to unplug the unit for 2 minutes and then run a "quick" 20 minute Rinse and Spin custom cycle. You can then load your next bit of laundry and have happy days!! Ciao...MPM

October 2008
We tried unplugging it for 20 min, unloading it, draining it, cleaning the drain filter (not clogged) and starting again. The basket tries to spin, but cannot, and the 'LE' warning comes on again in 2 minutes. Guess we may have to try to order parts.

David in Washington DC
October 2008
I have a LG WM - 16341FD Direct Drive washing machine with the LE error and what looked like the drum being jammed. After following Jayson's fantastic instructions for changing the sensor and Ola's UK part number info "6501KW2001A can be sourced from" my machine is happy washing my not so smalls. Thanks all.

October 2008
Thanks for all of the great posts. I spun the drum to get a stuck washcloth from a previous load, making the washer think it had turned on and threw in another load. I got the LE, and didn't know why until I read this page. I unplugged the machine, only for 1 min (not sure why 10 is recommended) and it is fine now. Thank you, thank you, thank you all! Now I don't have to tell my boyfriend that I broke his machine! Yay!

September 2008
Thanks Jayson for your post dated July 2008. We had the famous LE error on our WM1480FHD. after following your instruction we were able to successfully change the faulty drum position sensor. For our washing machine this part has a slightly different part number 6501KW2001A and can be sourced from
As usual we are normally ripped off in the UK the price of every thing is almost twice or triple the price of the same item in the US. So the part ended costing us £26.75 (approximately $47.136) as opposed to the $17.70. Not to mention an additional £4.98 delivery charge.
But having said that we are very pleased that we didn't have to call the repair guys who are even more of a rip off.
Once again we want to say thank you and to confirm the instruction given by Jayson as authentic by somebody else from across the globe.

September 2008
I have had my LG Washer and Dryer for about 3 years.
I too had a LE error appear on the washer. I was so upset, I have never had
a washer that was so expensive go bad so fast. I was just about to call a repair man, then I thought to check on the net. Glad I did, unplugged the machine for 30 mins. and it worked. I'am going to take Carolines advice and call LG to report the problem. Thanks so much!!!

September 2008
I want to thank Jayson for the DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DO NOT CALL FOR A SERVICE TECH, AND LISTEN UP!!!!! writeup...
I followed your instructions and my washer is good as new, and the GREAT thing is I did it myself.
Cost only $25 for the part here in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Thanks again

September 2008
Jayson---Thanks a lot for posting that... It worked perfect and it cost me $20. I would've had to call the service and we all know how that normally goes.

August 2008
Thank you Jayson, you rule!

I followed all the steps suggested on this forum and none of them worked...until I finally broke down and bought a new drum position sensor ($40 including shipping).

There I was, trapped behind the laundry machine with a half-ass set of janky tools (it would have been a lot easier with 10mm and 17mm socket wrenches) and a six pack of beer (I recommend the IPA from Stone brewery, but any alcoholic beverage will probably do the trick). 30 minutes later and I emerge a complete hero to my wife! I put on a muscle flexing show for 10 solid minutes in the living room in celebration!

If you're having the problems everyone else is reporting on this forum and nothing else seems to work, take the plunge and try Jayson's solution.

Then you will worship gratefully at the altar of Jayson like everyone else who has followed his advice.

August 2008
Jayson, thank you! I replaced the sensor and it worked like a charm.

August 2008
Jayson's instructions helped a lot. If the unplugging replugging, turning the drum doesn't work try this. The part was $18 with overnight shipping of $29 from The three screws in step 3 would not come out so instead of stripping them I skipped it and held up the motor while removing the sensor. Took a half hour to remove and 15 minutes to replace. Works great now. Thanks Jayson.

Russell Akred
August 2008
My LG washer flashing "LE"
I simply unplugged the machine, waited for 30 minutes...plugged it back in and it was fine. It's 3 yrs old-works great.

LE flashing on my LG
July 2008
I am furious with LG's service and their machine!!! This is a way that we can have this machine recalled from what I've been told by one of the supervisors from LG. Now, all of you who are having a problem with this, please take the time to call LG at 800-243-0000 and report the problem with your machine. Make sure you get a case #. If they get enough complaints, they will recall the item. Once you've done it, if you want to e-mail me at with the subject: washing machine, I'd be happy to make a call and write to LG collectively for all of us. We shouldn't have to spend $1000+ and have this kind of problem!
i have been having this problem with my wm0532hw. I got the motor replaced 10 months ago by the LG recommended service center. After 2 weeks, LE came on again. When I called them back, they said that it was the motor getting used to the machine; unplug for 10 minutes and it should work fine. It did. It happened occasionally on and off. The little trick always seemed to help it start again. Now, 10 months later, I have the same problem. However, none of the little tricks seem to be working. Now different service centers are quoting me from $150-$250 for the stator replacement labor. If it's the sensor or the electronic board, it's going to cost me about $600!
Let's have LG take back an awfully manufactured item! We don't have to sit back and just take it.

July 2008
For those of you who have the WM2277H series LG washers, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DO NOT CALL FOR A SERVICE TECH, AND LISTEN UP!!!!!

At least for this model (I don't know about others, but I imagine it's similar), 9 times out of 10, this LE error in the window indicates a faulty drum position sensor. As I write this, I literally just got finished fixing it myself. THIS IS NOT A DIFFICULT FIX!!!!!!!!! IT TAKES ABOUT 30 MINUTES IF YOU ARE HALFWAY MECHANICALLY INCLINED!!!!!! Here's what you do. Thanks to my friends over at Fixya for helping me with this. Just spreadin' the love... :

1) Unplug the machine and remove the back cover. I know there's a warranty-voiding sticker there, but your machine is probably out of warranty anyway, especially if you're here. There are 4 phillips head screws. Get 'em out and remove the cover.

2) You're now looking at the back of the motor, which is mounted to the back of the drum. In the middle is a large hex bolt which holds the stator cover (the big metal cover with the vent flaps in it). Get yourself a 17mm socket and a ratchet and remove this bolt. It's easier if you have someone else stick their hands inside the drum (through the front door) to hold the drum still from inside. It can be done without, though. Once you're at this step, you'll see what I mean. Remove the stator cover and place aside. BE CAREFUL WHEN PUTTING THIS COVER BACK ON UPON REASSEMBLY, BECAUSE THE MOTOR IS ESSENTIALLY JUST A HUGE MAGNET, AND THERE WILL BE SOME PULL!! BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR FINGERS!!

3) Toward the bottom-left, you will see a couple of wire bunches held to the motor by three screws. One holds a metal bracket, one actually holds a ground wire, and the last is through a plastic bracket toward the bottom. Remove these three screws and don't lose them.

4) Through the motor (the big ring with all the copper coils around it), there are 6 bolts holding it onto the back of the drum assembly. Grab ya a 10mm socket and put it on that ratchet and remove 'em all. You will now have the motor off the back of the drum. Those wires that the screws/brackets were holding in place will be attached to this motor by two little harnesses. Disconnect both of them. You don't have to remember which direction they go in. If you try to put them back together the wrong way, they won't fit together.

5) Looking at the surface of this motor that was facing the DRUM (not the outside), you'll see two little doo-dads clipped onto it toward the bottom. The sensor you are looking to replace is the one that looks like a kitchen magnet. NOT THE BIGGER, BULKIER ONE. It is attached by small clips. You'll see how it goes on. It's easy to remove.

6) Go to, and search for part number 6501KW2002A. This will bring up an LG sensor assembly. It costs $17.70. Buy it.

7) When you receive the sensor, simply reverse steps 1 through 5, and most likely, you will have a happy LG washer that remembers how to turn!!!!

How this is of help.

July 2008
I got the infamous LE error on my LG WM0532HW front loading for the first time after more than 4.5 years of modest use. Front door locked and will not open.

Pulling the plug and restart did not work for me.

There's high pitch sound when the drum moved back and forth but could not spin. I gave up when it started smelling like something burnt.

Pulled the plug and will call service tomorrow...

Nhan Trinh
July 2008
my LG is a great machine. i got the "LE" and called a local appliance repair guy (thought he would be cheaper than Sears), the guy took one look in the door with the machine on and quoted me $600.00 for a new motor! he didn't pull out one tool! i kicked him out. called sears, their service man came out spent 2 hours diagnosing the problem, turns out it was a faulty Hall Sensor. the part was $27! with labour & tax came to $170.00! apparently sometimes unplugging and cleaning out potential soap scum works but, only temporarily. if it is consistent it is probably a Hall Sensor. very easy to do but, if you have one of these machines then you know what they are worth. i'm a handy guy but this was a job for the pros, diagnosing the problem is more difficult than fixing it, but if you are not experienced with eletronic repairs than i suggest you do what i did and call the guy who sold you the machine. I paid $1200C and in 4 years only 1 relatively small problem.

July 2008
I have a WM2077CW machine and had the famous LE code to "Call for Service". Thank goodness I decided to check on the web first before making the call. After reading the various comments tried the “unplug the machine and wait 10 minutes”. Works just fine now. Thanks to all those inputs.

Johnnie Y.
June 2008
Sorry! Forgot to add:

Run a complete cycle to wash away foam and vinegar residue.

Albert V.
May 2008
LE Error code is a LOAD ERROR motor fault, but can be caused when too much soap/too small a load combination causes soap to foam up and fill the drain hose, causing the hose to not be able to create enough vacuum to drain the water. The motor will shut down to prevent an overload/overheat situation.

Put a cup or more of vinegar into the soap dispenser and this will "kill" the foam in the lines. The machine should work with no problems after that.

Albert V.
May 2008
LE was flashing, tried all these things suggested. Ordered new motor. Changed the motor myself (Easy to do). $160 for the new motor. Washer works great now.

Stephen Humphries
May 2008
I also have an 2 year old LG front loader. WM1814CW. When I realized the LE message meant to call for Service, I was so worried. We don't have the money to fix this right now! Turns out we had manually moved the drum right before the error came on too. After unplugging it is back to normal! Thank you for taking the time to post all your wonderful advise. I will also clean it out soon to remove any build up, as this seems like good advise too. Thanks alot!! You've made my day.

Thankful in Seattle
April 2008
I love our LG even with the LE prob. I had the problem early on and called the service center and here what worked
1) empty drain the washer and clean out the trap(usually nothing but a little lint)
1a)my little trick when my wife cant get it to work (keeping my magic status)
2)replug and dump in 4 cups of vinegar in the drum
3) unplug count to 10 and plug back in
4) run a spin/rinse using hot/worm water setting.

THATS IT once a month should keep all the soap scum from plugging things up!

I did like the suggestion of using only 2 tablespoons of soap.
I think we would not see old LE agian.

Gerry Williams
April 2008
LG WM1814CW ""LE"" code AND Mold
First off I have to say we like this machine. We are a family of four with 2 teenagers ( at least one load a day ) We have had our machine for 2 years. When we first started it we got the "LE" code. Unplugged the machine for a few seconds and restarted. Never appeared again. Attributed to moving and setting up the machine. My machine will actually power up if we spin the drum!?!?!? What's with that??
As for the mold - my service man told me that the soap dispenser holds too much soap and the markings on the "HE" soap bottles are far too generous. We never use more than 2 tablespoons of soap and have drastically cut down on fabric softener. No problems since. About every 6 months I run the machine empty - for a full cycle - with a 1/2 cup of CHEAP powdered dishwasher detergent. Then I run a full cycle with about 1/2 a bottle of soap scum remover. Because of the small amount of water used by these machines getting all the soap to rinse out is a problem if you use too much. Soap and fabric softener scum breeds bacteria very fast. Additionally you should remove the filter screen at least twice a year and run a cloth inside its receptacle to remove soap scum.

Terry Roy - Saskatchewan, Canada
April 2008
Thanks! Unplugging worked for me too. I also recall spinning the drum accidentally unloading the washer.

Do any of you guys have SMELLY LG Washers? I acquired my washer through a recent home purchase.

Minnesota Mom
February 2008
i have the experienced the LE error problem after spinning the drum when loading/unloading. today i loaded the machine to its maxium capacity without spinning the drum, and for the first time in a year it ran without crapping out. so it appears that if you spin the drum the electronics get fouled up and it thinks the machine is over capacity and it set the LE code.
i also noticed that when spinning the drum the fromt dipslay lights up and chimes. you think that lg would have isolated the possibility of the direct drive motor back feeding the controls!

Michael in delaware
January 2008
my 2077 says 'l----' in window and won t start at all
it has been cold in the basement 44 F
will reply if warming helps

Michael Koski
January 2008
I have the same problem have unplugged turned spinner and everything else suggested. I did actually get it to spin and do a full load then the error came right back.

This is just crazy it also only washes in hot water for some reason. I am out of warranty and do not wish to drop a wad on service call. there should be a class action suit or something i HAVE HAD CRAP MACHINES THAT LASTED YEARS AND THIS IS THE WORST AFTER JUST 3 YEARS

January 2008
Uplugging and waiting works. Have the WM1814CW mode. I was unloading and spun the drum to get a washcloth that was stuck. Loaded the washer and started 2 minutes into cycle got the "LE". Before makeing a call I googled the internet for troubleshooting and came acroos this posting. I followed the instructions to unplug and wait -- All is back to normal. As Bill from MD mentioned it seems that manually spining the drum can cause the LE error display

JG from SC
January 2008
Just unplug and plug back in. Push and hold power button for 3-5 seconds and your ready to go. No reason to wait for 10 minutes.

Steve-Keller, Texas
December 2007
Same thing on my side. We have had the washer for a month or so and now it is starting to throw the LE error message. The first time, I unplugged the machine and then put it on the rinse/spin cycle. Now, it just seems like I need to un-plug it and then we are back in business. Thanks for all the tips team!!

December 2007
I've also had an LG TROMM machine for over 2 years now, and LG clearly do not want to acknowledge the problem. We have 2 kids, wash at least twice a day, and get this LE code a minimum of two to three times a week. Clearly this is a design fault but it beats me why LG won't just acknowledge it and deal with it. FYI bought it in Portland, OR, where the problem started on day 1, did all the usual stuff but nothing's changed. Now moved to Autin, TX, and sure enough our friend LE moved with us. Bugger. May try pushing them to get the motor and sensor replaced and see if that fixes it.

November 2007
Just to add my 2 cents, I would agree typically just unplugging it and being pateint for 10 min (which i find very hard to do) typically does the trick, however one time I had to completely drain the machine then clean out the drain filter as somehow a sock got into the drain. Very odd but luckily didn't need to make a service call

November 2007
I wish I had thought of the unplugging thing, I just had a motor replaced in my LG frontloader, purchased it in 2005 so it was under warranty, the tech took one look and said his info was to replace the motor and that's what he did, if it happens the next time I will try the unplug first. Oh ya and I learned how to change the induction motor, it's super easy two connections and some bolts and that's it.

October 2007
Oh yeah, I just tried the unplugging thing, and it worked. Saved me at least $100 in service call. Thanks.

October 2007
The same as one of the others above I spun the drum while empty looking for clothes and got the ding like it was turned on. Then loaded and ran a fairly large load and got the LE error. I am unplugging now and we'll see what happens.

October 2007
I also got the LE error after 2+ years troublefree use. I did, however, install a new faucet today which made me drain the lines. I suspect that air in the lines confused the unit and it ended up overfilling. I did have many towels in the load, but not more than ususal, I expect. Reading these posts (thanks for them, btw, I am beginning to suspect the link to air inthe line, as in the case of a new install.

I'll try the 10 minute unplugged reset, hopefully that will do it!

October 2007
Turn machine on for first time. Brand new. We even paid to have it installed by the experts. after turning it on for first 2 minutes - LE sign. GREAT. wish i visited this site before buying LG. Can we refund?

August 2007
Tromm WM2077CW with LE error.

I can confirm Bill's post. I had just put my load in, hadn't started it, then turned the drum manually to find something at the bottom. While I turned the drum, the machine made sounds as if I had pushed the start button. Odd. As Bill notes, electronics are thinking something funky here. Then I closed it, started it, it filled, and went to LE error. Tried to restart a few times, nothing.

I called their customer service, they had me unload part of the wash, thinking it was too heavy, when that didn't work they had me do just a rinse/spin cycle, nada. Then they suggested I find the receipt and call back for a service call since I was within the 1 year warranty. Thank you very much have a nice day.

I then went online (should have done first and saved 20 minutes of hold music and 10 minutes non-fix). Once I unplugged it, and plugged back in (waited maybe 5 minutes) I was back in business. I had not drained, but did partially unload the wet load (as per their suggestion, but I doubt this is necessary.)



Sudsy in Seattle
August 2007
I just got back from vacation late yesterday afternoon after driving 6 hours. I go to do the laundry and get the infamous LE error for the second time in the year I've had the machine. I tried the usual things based on the manual, cleaning the strainers and all that. The machine started running a cycle and half-way thru got the same error, but nothing fixes it now, I even left it unplugged overnight, and the drum simply won't spin properly. It goes a half revolution and then just sits there and wobbles back and forth. I guess we have to make a service call now.

I'm disappointed to find that this is a known issue that LG isn't dealing with, similar to MAYTAG with its front loader problems, which we finally got rid of and got this machine based on recommendations from various people and a repairman.

Bob Hovestadt
July 2007
We just had the same problem: blinking LE error message. We unplugged, checked the inlet strainers, drained the machine, cleaned the discharge strainer, and restarted it. Total time unplugged was at least 10 min. and that is probably what allowed it to reset (strainers were almost empty). So far so good, it's working again.
Still unclear what may have caused the motor overload. The laundry load was a little small if anything but there did seem to be a fair amount of water in the drum (but not enough to spill out when the door was opened to investigate).

kathleen and joe (unhappy consumers)
May 2007
I have a WM1814cw that did the same thing showed LE in the window, I unpluged it, spun the drum a few times by hand, waited 15 min. then pluged it back in and it works.

March 2007
I own the WM2277HW
Unplug machine...wait 10 minutes, restart.
If this doesn't reset it, empty machine, drain, unplug and wait 10 minutes again, although I have never had to empty the machine. The LE error seems to correlate with spinning the empty drum by hand after unloading the previous load; I have tested this a couple of times. It would guess that this upsets the electronics of the machine. (Too bad there isn't an ethernet feed on the washer for a firmware upgrade)

Bil from MD
April 2006
LE= Overload in motor. Unplug machine, drain water, call for service.

April 2006


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