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Question - mend, repair, fix

how do i dismantle my sky remote?

i need to take a look inside as it`s broken,but cant get in,i removed the tiny screw but thats it,wht next

ian mccarthy
March 2006

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

See this video - it shows how to dismantle a fox remote which appears identical to a sky one. I used this method on my sky+ hd version9 remote and was able to disassemble it for cleaning.

Ron Boy
November 2016

Followed all this advice but still struggled to open my Sky HD remote but, luckily, had a tool for opening the backs of watches. (eBay for about a pound.) This is tapered and did the job double quick.
TIP: Read this somewhere and it's blindingly simple. When you've removed the one screw holding it together, from inside the battery compartment, PUT BACK the batteries, immediately and you won't lose your settings. You can still do the cleaning.
I got my back button up and running again after frustratingly bashing the thing like a crazy person when the wretched thing only worked when it felt like it. As expected, there was gunk on the back button contacts and under the rubber button. All sweet, now. Thank you, forum.

October 2013

dont overtighten the small screw - it can slightly shift the circuit board so some buttons won't work

June 2013

MySky HDi, black. 3 screw remote. Remove battery cover, remove batteries. 2 screws under battery cover, one screw under IR cover. IR cover ... place index finger on top IR window section, place thumb on rear section furtherest from front ... if you have a thumb-nail try to hook it into IR window/body gap at rearmost window point (not essential, but helps) ... if you have thumb-nail, push down with thumb-tip and pull forward ... if no thumb-nail, give up nail biting, push down with thumb and pull forward with thumb-pad and index finger ... if it doesn't slide forward fairly easily you are doing something wrong. Remove screw. Pull case halves apart as adequately described elsewhere in forum. Lift circuit board off pins ... no further screws or clips (my one, that is) ... clean contacts both sides with meths, surgical alcohol or other appropriate electrical contact cleaner.

Now, the bit I really wanted to add. I was having to do this every six months or so. Not the end of the world but irritating. Last time I put 2 small silica gel (desiccant) packs ex pill bottles, on top of the circuit board in front of the IC ... remote upside down, non contacts side ... there's a bit of lower case-half room there. Appears to have extended serviceability 25% to 50%. Reassemble. Might try leaving remote on top of the MySky decoder when finished at night ... see if warmth helps keep contacts serviceable longer (???).

May 2013

Just opened my sky HD remote in under 20secs. martins instructions are correct. I found it easier to insert a fine knife blade along the side , applying slight leverage to open a small gap, then insert a thicker knife or screwdriver and gently ease open the case moving the opening to the small end first . The casing can then be opened from the small end to the larger
end . Just be careful at the infrared end it is tight but will open.

January 2013

If this is the Sky HD remote then it is different to the old Sky remotes:
(A) The Sky HD remote only has the one screw which is accessed from the battery compartment;
(B) There is no need to remove the smoked Perspex infrared cover as there is no screw underneath it.

When you have removed the one screw then just lever apart the top and bottom main body sections with a flat bladed screwdriver (being careful not to cut yourself). Start at the bottom end and work up each side leaving the bit around the top left and right of the remote until last. The top and bottom section should just pull apart. Be careful not to damage the lower end of the battery terminals which come away with the top section.

Use a damp cloth to wipe around the fittings and use a mild washing up liquid on a damp cloth to clean the top surface of the circuit board. Do not immerse any part in water. Then dry everything thoroughly and reassemble, being carful to get the battery terminals correctly through their respective hole.

December 2012

Check bri's answer works there is a screw under the ir cover....
thanks bri

October 2012

I just got my sky plus remote apart.
Must be a different version from the one mentioned above.
There is 1 screw not 2 after opening the battery compartment. Also, looking from the inside I don't see how you could ever get the infrared cover off by sliding.

I got mine apart by prizing it apart with a screwdriver. Started at the small end (battery end) pushing screwdriver blade in and levering. About 1/3 of the the way in from the sides there's an internal gap that you can't see from the outside. Push in and lever. Once that's up, work your way up the sides.

Not easy and not without some damage to the plastic.

Had to get this off to clean the controls, otherwise the remote would have been useless.

September 2012

Re: Slide black IR cover forwards (using the raised bumps to get a grip) and remove it.

I found it best on the Sky+ remote to pull the top side of the IR cover first by getting my thumbnail in the gap where it joins the case (i.e. about 5 mm above the top of the 'Sky' button).

August 2012

Pip's method works for Sky HD remote. Thanks for the advice. Takes fair amount of force to prize apart

May 2012

Note that on a Sky HD remote, the one with the brushed aluminium front, there is no hidden screw under the IR window. Nor is it possible to slide this window forward. Instead remove the single screw in the battery compartment and then get a blunt object eg a lollypop stick to prise the case apart at the edges starting from the battery compartment and working round the remote. With a bit of persuasion it will separate into two halves and can then be cleaned.

September 2010

1. Remove Battery Cover
2. Remove batteries to reveal a tiny screw
3. Remove screw
4. Above compartment (towards front of remote) where batteries are housed, is a square opening. You can see the circuit board through it. Push a blunt object through hole onto circuit board until the remote separates.
5. Whilst keeping pressure on remote, prize apart remote.

Job Done

Lee Seager
September 2010

here is the complete solution with the Images and Instructions

September 2009

A SKY plus remote is slightly different from an ordinary SKY remote.
Open the battery case. Undo the two small screws revealed. Slide off the infra red cover by prising gently. Remove the third screw now revealed. Open the remote and remove the one screw retaining the printed circuit board. You can now gently clean the circuit board contacts with meths on a tissue. Also clean the rubber contacts on the reverse of the buttons. Some carbon will appear on the tissue..this was the problem with a lazy volume button or a button not working. Reassemble and if you have done this inside ten minutes the remote should still be linked to your TV and still work it. If not re programme it.

david akroyd
September 2009

the same as JH said but take out all the electrical componants and clean the buttons and remote case with soap on a toothbrush dry the wet buttons and remote case with a hair dryer and put it all together and the buttons that you had to press hard you no longer have to press hard at all

ravsta panchal
October 2006

Full procedure:
Remove battery cover and batteries.
Remove small screw revealed when battery cover removed.
Slide black IR cover forwards (using the raised bumps to get a grip) and remove it.
There may or may not be a 2nd small screw to remove, if there is, remove it.
You now have to pry the case apart. Start at the top of the remote and using a flat blade screw driver (or similar) pry apart the case just enough to release the clip. There are two clips at the top, two in the middle and another at the bottom of the remote. Once the top two are off the rest are pretty easy.
It may make prying the case open easier if the remote is twisted a couple of times or gently heated with a hair dryer. Of course there is always the risk that a tab will break.

March 2006

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July 2020

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