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Question - mend, repair, fix

RX620 error message Printer error occured please see documentation ?

As above printer error message

Printer error occured please see documentation which says turn off and on again if it doesn't work contact dealer / Epson

they advise taking to repair centre at a inspection cost of £50.00 plus the cost to repair

Can i fix it myself ??


November 2009

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Need to mend your Epson scanner?

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Hi I tried this fix on my rx620 which froze telling me that parts in my printer had come to the end of their life, of course they had, that's why amazingly the reset worked perfectly, Thanks very much for saving me a lot of writing and getting another printer.
Ps I find it helps to mop up some of the ink from the head cleaning pads as they get full.
Cheers, Mick.

August 2016

Today Jan 28 2011 this answer work for me on my epson rx620 THANK YOU

Donald Delia
January 2011

YEs! thank you Steps #3 & 4 worked!!!!

August 2010

I just got ours going again. I am not sure exactly which step cured it, but here is what I did.
1) take a flashlight and check for ANY scraps of paper or foreign objects in the paper path (I found a tiny bit of Christmas garland in mine)
2)I took a cotton swab and carefully dabbed up some of the excess ink on the foam pad below where the print head runs
3) I reset the printer as suggested by others (with the printer off, hold down the "stop" and "BW" buttons turn on the power, it will come up with a message about "init eeprom", wait a few seconds, then turn the power back off
4) reset again, this time holding down the "stop" and "color" buttons while turning the power on

The print head ran back and forth a few times, then the regular menu came up with no error!

I hope this works for you.
Merry Christmas

December 2009

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how do i fix scanner on my epson workforce 633?

scanner comes error when turned on.Sounds like scanner is stuck...

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I have an epson xp202 all in one printer ?

Hi I Have the xp202 all in one printer form epson and it won't scan from the scan icon on the desktop but i also noticed that when i went into the printers and scanners section on the pc it was coming up with a yellow triangle and when i checked it said escnds was the application error please help x...

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how to fix my epson nx125?

Thank you I tried what you suggested moving it to the middle and It moved back to the home position but then the rollers continue to move but the belt dont then all the lights start to flash...

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How can I fix my epson nx125 all in one scanner?

When I turn on my nx125 the scanner moves fine at first then starts skipping like the belt is not catching . I have opened the printer and looked at the belt it seems fine all the other parts move fine. Can anyone PLEASE HELP...

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Taking apart sx415?

I am actually looking for a step by step procedure of how to remove and fix all parts in Epson SX415 Printer/Scaner...

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scanner epson?

When trying to scan xrays error comes up saying option error reads close the transparency unit and it keeps trying to scan but sounds like it is stuck and the lid is closed all the way...

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Scanning problems?

I have an Epson Artisan 725 all in one printer and the scanner has never given me problems until this week. I haven't used the scanner in a while, but use the printer everyday. When I use the scan icon it pops up "Network scanner is not available. Currently being used by user. User: us...

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Scanner making terrible noise?

My Epson Stylus SX115 printer/scanner is making a terrible noise which is coming from the scanner. Even if I try to print, I get an Error message so nothing works. It appears that one of the scanner parts that I can't get to, is just stuck! Should I just scrap it and buy a new printer/scanner. Th...

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Oct 2020

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