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Question - mend, repair, fix

how to unblock games?

how do you unblock girls games becuse net sweeper comes saying your not allowed on games

December 2009

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Answers - mend, repair, fix


I have to agree with the last poster.

If you need any idea of the damage you can do just by visiting a site which has been compromised, look at this article:

As you'll see in the article, it doesn't have to be a site which has been deliberately set up to infect you. Perfectly legitimate sites with poor security can compromised and made just as dangerous.

Try these as well:

Think you're safe with a video? Click on emailed links to videos at your peril. Follow the link to the video, video not there but you've been infected.

You can have all the antivirus protection in the world and your browser security set to maximum, but there's no substitute for simple common sense.

December 2009

I would guess you are trying to use someone else's PC to do things they would rather you didn't do with their equipment.

I'll say that bit again in case you didn't get it: THEIR PROPERTY. Not yours.

Are you completely without any integrity?

There's a damn good reason people block a lot of "entertainment" sites.

One reason could be that you are expected to use the equipment (and your time) for education.

Another reason is that so many "Entertainment" sites are circulated specifically because people who are too stupid to stop and think of the dangers, will blindly click through to a certain genre of site.

I, and 150 or so other people had a very frustrating day at work a few weeks ago because of just such a person.

He had visited an "entertainment" site and picked up a trojan infection. He didn't download anything, just visited without thinking or doing a simple check, a highly undesirable site he was sent in an email.

The result was that, when he conected his machine to the corporate network, his PC tried to dump about 1500 megabytes of crud to Lord knows where and brought the company to a standstill.

No EMail, no Intranet, no Internet.

He was instantly dismissed for gross misconduct.

Personally, I think he should have had his laptop rammed up his arse for his boneheaded stupidity.

And you whine about games being blocked!

Make a note: Never, ever do banking, paypal or any kind of sensitive transaction on your PC at home until you can guarantee with your life that your PC is 110% clear of all malware and you can at least understand how to use a PC and the Internet.

You could also consider spending your time at school learning how to write in English, using capitals and punctuation correctly, rather than trying to play games.

A. Grownup
December 2009

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Help wanted!
Many thanks for the answers. I was fearing a £99 callout charge.

Dec 2019

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