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How can I fix my pearl necklace myself - white string through centre of eac?

How can I fix my pearl necklace myself - white string through centre of each peral broke - white string is pretty strong - not sure where to purchase that and how to put the string through the centre once more. If you can help me please it would be greatly appreciated.

Pearl Necklace
April 2010
i suggest you get help from professional jeweler. restrung a pearl necklace needs unique thread and unique knotting method to prevent pearls from falling off. if you just lead the string through the center of pearl without knoting at each side of the pearl, the whole strand is easy to falling and you would lose some pearls!

October 2010
You can buy specialist thread from specialist bead shops - its stronger than thread and will be least likely to snap. You can get threads that are part transparent so will work well with pearls.

September 2010
Take a piece along to a fishing tackle shop and ask if they have anything similar,thread like that is used to whip the eyes on fishing rods(whipping thread)you can't snap it.As for threading it through just suck the end and thread like a needle,good luck.

April 2010


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