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Citroen Xantia Radio problem?

I have recently purchased a 1998 Citroen Xantia fitted with a 4035 RDS Audio System which has a problem as follows:

1. The radio will ONLY work if the on/off and the BND buttons are depressed simultaneously, it will NOT work using the on/off button alone
2. When working stations change ok and all controls are fine (including steering column controls) but the radio emits a constant beeping sound
3. After running for only a few minutes the radio switches itself off.

I have a code which I presume is correct but I have not been able to recode the radio because whenever I press the BND button all I get displayed are the 4 dotted lines, no mention of CODE or CODE IN and I was thus unable to insert the code. I tried this both before and after disconnecting ( and reconnecting ) the battery.

Any advice on solving this problem would be appreciated.

April 2010

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

The theftlock function of the radio has been activated.

There are 2 kinds of the theftlock function:

1. PIN-code. The radio requests a PIN-code after the power has been disconnected.

2. "Electronic marriage". The radio has the car's VIN number in its memory. If the number mismatches, a frequent beep sound is heard. The VIN number can only be changed using a EEPROM programmer or a dealer's equipment.

I think yours has the PIN-code as you can see 4 dashes on the radio display.

I think you're unable to enter the code as an invalid code has been entered several times.

To reset the radio unit, you should leave it turned on (showing 4 dashes). After 2-3 hours, the dashes will start blinking or the display will change to '0000'. Now you can enter the radio code. Be careful, after a certain number of invalid attempts it may lock up permanently.

October 2012

Hi, I have just got the same problem after replacing the battery & was looking for an answer when i found you had the same fault, did you ever manage to solve it?

May 2010

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Citroen Phillips radio code?

Hi was wondering if anyone could help me with the code for my car radio. Model: 22rc200/35 SN: phacffy9139260 TOT382 Thanks in advance...

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problem with radio in Citroen c5 HDi 2002?

When I switch the ignition and turn the radio on, it bleeps but no music. Can anyone help me please. I must have press the wrong button as it used to function fine up to few days ago....

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need a code for my citroen pf1 (a) radio?

Hello all, I have a Citroen pf1 (a) radio which I have lost the code for can anyone help ? BPA5914414 9612037980 Many thanks for your help...

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cd code?

citroen dispatch 19d stereo code needed please model nos pu2294a (c) had 2 rewrite as put as answer...

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code in radio citroen xsara?

necesito el codigo para en cenderla...

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citroen c3 cd player?

Hi I have just bought a cd player for my citroen ce and after fitting it a beeping noise comes through the speakers. I have been told the player needs to be coded for the car. Can anybody help Thanks in advance RG...

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Installing stereo in Citroen Saxo (1998)?

Hi, I have just bought a Sony CDX-GT540UI car stereo and I have been trying to install this into my 1998 Saxo, which is proving to be extremely tough!! Does anybody know how to do this please? There are soooo many wires. Thank you...

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how do I find the code for Citroen Philips car radio?

can someone please tell me the code for my philips car radio? Model number is: 22 RC 465/35 and the serial number is: PHACDFW8007431...

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Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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