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Marantz sa 8400 sacd cd player no analog output?

hi a problem that i have never come across there is no analog output from this player however there is digital from the optical and coax outputs and yet even odder in that there is only digital output when playing standard cds and nothing from a sacd disc even though it reads and plays the disc any ideas most welcome

May 2010

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how to fix cd tray switch on marantz cd10 player?

cd tray has to be opened and closed quite a few times before the disc is read ,any solutions please....

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Marantz CD67 mk2 door opening?

The cd door does not open when you press the button on the unit, using the remote it does. Help!...

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How can I fix my Marantz CD6000KIB CD player, a hiss in left channel?

Hiss in left channel of Marantz CD6000KIB player bought in 2002...

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CD wont play?

Hi, I've got a Marantz CD63 KI Signature cd player that has performed faultlessly for more than 5 years. Took it to our holiday home to hook up to system there but it wont work! What happens is it connects ok, draw opens, closes as normal, shows number of tracks etc but when you press "play" nothi...

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Marantz CD 67SE has intermittent hissing noise on one channel?

The right channel on the CD67 SE makes hissing noise, but only sometimes! It's annoying and spoils the quality which in otherwise very good. Is it a serious fault and easy to have fixed? Is it something that I could do myself? I have done some mods before but am not an engineer!...

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How can I fix my Marantz CD10?

I bought my Marantz CD10 new in the late 90`s and up until now has been 100% reliable but it has recently developed the following fault.. When I press the open/close button to load a cd the tray opens as it should but when the button is pressed again to close nothing happens and a whiring noise ...

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Marantz CD67SE not reading discs?

Hi... I have a Marantz CD 67SE, which has become very tempermental at reading a disc, inlcuding the TOC. It won't even spin up when I insert a disc. However, if I wait for about 5 min's, and keep ejecting it, it will start to read the TOC, and then eventually read the disc and play. I have cleaned ...

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May 2020

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