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Question - mend, repair, fix

Dyson DC14 has a burning smell then the power cut off ?

Whilst hoovering my Dyson dc 14 was emmitting a strong burning smell, the power cut off during hoovering and now has no power at all.

The power cable is damaged as we hoovered over it and the wires were exposed, we taped over the damaged cable to repair it, could this be related to the fault?

August 2010

Need to mend your Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

just replaced a new motor on a dyson dc14,after powering on can smell slight burning smell,is this normal for a new motor

April 2012

I've just bought a new motor for £28 on ebay for the same symptoms. There are guides on the internet,have a go at fixing it.

December 2010

Don't bin it.

Unless the Dyson packed up literally the moment you ran over the loose wires, I doubt it is a loose wire problem. The smell is consistent with a dying motor. Of course, I cannot be certain if it is just a loose wire. But if the wire got pulled out of its connection, the machine should in theory just stop working - you have a burning smell too.

I booked a £69 fixed price repair, all parts included (including bits unrelated to the fault save the three small plastic tools on my DC04). As two of the three items that Dyson replaced would have cost me £55 for just the parts, I feel that was a good deal.

For the £69 they'll almost certainly repair the loose wire problem at the same time (ask Dyson if it is included).

See these two threads on burning smells:

November 2010

the motor is shot,its bin time,

August 2010

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how can i fix my dyson dc14?

something arcing inside the motor housing, how do i remove motor from its housing to check there is no foreign matter in there...

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dyson sweeper?

how do i open the dc14 moto to replace the brushes...

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dyson dc14 all floors ...will not pick up ?

picks up fine with nozzle but not in upright position...checked all airways filter all clear brushes at a loss as to what to do next!! can you help please...

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the brush is not ging round?

my dyson dc14 is sucking but the brushes are not going round but the bets ok...

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