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How do I fit the drive belts in a Gardenline GVM-600 lawn rake?

One of the drive belts in my Gardenline GVM-600 lawn rake has snapped. I have purchased the 120XL-031 drive belts to replace the broken one but I am having problems in removing the outer belt. The nylon sprokets seems to be fixed in place and I cannot see how they can be loosen/removed to allow the belts to be fitted. Any help/advice from GVM-600 owner would be greatly appreciated.

September 2010

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For full help tel Solent Tools on 023 80578057. Basically though you need to remove the belt that drives the tine assembly and then fit the motor drive belt first. This will go on the middle pulley but on the larger pulley. You can then refit the tine driving belt to the small front pulley. If you need tines they also stock those at Solent Tools

January 2011

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Gardenline pressure washer leeking where the hose fits onto machine, ?

The black plastic part that hose fits onto is split and water pours out. can i buy a spare?...

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Gardenline G200 auto timer?

I am having difficulty in opening the battery compartment which seems to be jammed, any suggestions?...

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Where do I purchase a new lance?

Jet lance perished on my Gardenline power washer.,can I purchase a new one??Thank you....

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Gardenline (aldi) pressure washer gun replacement?

Can somebody advise if you can buy gardenline pressure washer parts, require a gun as ours is working intermittently think it's not pressing the valve correctly in the gun, would a universal kit fit it? Seen one in b&q ( Expand it universal Quick connect starter kit £34.98) thanks for any help...

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about an electric lawn rake?

how/where do i get a new belt for my electric lawn rake GVM-600 made by gardenline purchased from aldi?...

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where can I geet connectors for gardenline irrigation hose from aldi?

Hi I bought 5 gardenline irrigation hoses from aldi beleiving I could connect them all up together, only to find once out of the packet each one has an end cap! not a female connection. I therefore need a female thread to female connection half inch. Anyone know ehre I can get these or connect t...

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gardenline irrigation timer GL200 ?

I have lost my instructions for my "Gardenline irrigation timer GL200" which I bought from Aldi in May this year and I'm having a devil of a time trying to contact someone for a pdf or paper manual, I wonder if you could help please? Thank you...

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i cannot figure out how to set a Gardenline timer.?

just moved house and inherited a greenhouse with an irrigation system in place and i cannot figure out how they work. The batteries are ok and i can set the time and day but the rest leaves me baffled. I cannot see any model number shown, it is green, has buttons for up and down, set, diagram of a c...

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Oct 2020

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