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bissell proheat 2x perfect except won't spray to floor?

I TOO have the same issue as I've read throughout the posts in this forum regarding the ProHeat 2X not spraying water in "floor mode".

I called Bissell today and they told me they would authorize "repair of the spray problem ("problem" being the key word). BUT upon calling the service organization they referred me too I was told they received a memo from Bissell saying that Bissell will ONLY pay for the sprayer itself (which may or may not be the "problem"). Where's that tape recorder when you need it?

Anyway, after reading many things that COULD be wrong, here I sit with the little red things unhooked from their "bed" but don't know quite how to actually remove and clean them. That is, I can't pull the red things out of the tubes, so maybe they ARE cemented in there from soap.

I've got a crushed (yes, CRUSHED) and after four surgeries already have to drive over 30 miles to bring the darn thing in to have it looked at.

IF it's just those stupid red nozzel things, please tell me how to get them off properly so that I can try everything possible before having to drive that distance. I've tried pulling them out of the hoses but they just won't budge.

I'm not even SUPPOSED to be driving as I've been on Vicoden by the gigaton since February 8th of 2010.


P.S.: I've never used the heater on my unit, so I doubt that's the problem. Unit is PERFECT in every other way and I keep it immaculate. Even the tags are still on it and it's about 3 years old.

Thanks much!

Karen >^*v*^
December 2010
Karen...We have the same problem, my Hub has done everything possible to solve it, read and followed all the online solutions, so called. It is so frustrating.
This proheat 2x is 18 mnth - 2 yr old, looks absolutely pristine and now sits defunct and smirking at me, just want to smash it to pieces. What a waste of money.
The amount of complaints on this model I am surprised there hasn't been a recall....Course there won't be they are getting there money...

Mrs Angry
February 2011
i have a bissell proheat 11, and i,m suffering the same problem, but also the hand cleaner is playing up. i notice bubbles coming from the pump, water is weeping out of hand brush, also the flow indicator dos not work, even with water full.

February 2011
Even though you haven`t used the heater I think the water still passes through it and the orifaces where the pipes connect can get easily blocked. This may be the cause of your problem.

January 2011
Can you spray water from the wand ?, if not then it is more than likely that the pump has gone. If you get spray from the wand then you have a blockage between the pump and the nozzles. As you say you have not used the heater it is unlikely to be a blockage but a small drill into the inlet and outlet wont do any harm then blow through it to clear anything you may have moved. Only other likely cause could be failure of the solenoid between the pump and the heater (unlikley) but you can hook it up to the mains if you are competant and you will hear it click when you apply power. Note only do the last if you are sure and safe in what you know you are doing dont wont you killing yourself.

December 2010
OK... I finally took the thing apart and removed the red things (had to snip the hoses a little). But there isn't any clogging in there. The red things are clean.

It still won't spray. Unless someone can come up with a better idea for me it looks like I'm stuck driving 30 miles with a smashed arm.

Like I said in my first post, Bissell said they'd pay for fixing the "spray problem" and that's all they'd cover. I can sniff it coming now. The CSR that took my call probably used the wrong terminology and it will be a big repair.

I'll just squawk to the BBB if they pull that. It's OBVIOUSLY an issue with many people (the floor sprayer) so if Bissell has any sense, they will address the issue PROPERLY because one would have to be out of their minds to buy another Bissell with such a stupid issue anihilating the whole machine good for nothing. I currently own FOUR Bissell products and this is my THIRD Bissell ProHeat. The other two just got old and tired.

Please though, if you've more ideas specific to my issue, PLEASE RESPOND before I have to drag the thing 30 miles.

Thanks again.

Karen >^*n*^< PART TWO
December 2010


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