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Question - mend, repair, fix

Scantronic 9651 with 9930 pad?

I have reset this system after being dormant. When I enter user code now it comes up MAINS FAIL however the mains lamp is glowing to indicate mains power in use.

Any suggestions please?


Nicky B
February 2011

There is more help available. Mend - scantronic, 9651, 9930, pad
Need to mend your Scantronic 9651 home alarm system?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

guess you not want to know,:-) all is well in the world,

February 2011

if you wish to know how this is done,come back here,
its very easy,once you know how :-)

February 2011

your panel has been left on engineer reset,witch means that you will have to through that routine each time it triggers,you should reprogramme it to user reset,
that means you can reset it by just keying in yyour number,

February 2011

your welcome,

February 2011

That did the trick. Thank you V much.

Nicky B
February 2011

i will be here for a while

February 2011

it could be,try 07890,see what happens it may show installer mode on keypad,if it does,key in 99 then press the tick,it will ask leave engineering,press the tick,it will then say checking system,then it will show date and time,
you are now reset,try this and get back,

February 2011

As soon as I enter my user number it wont accept any other entries.

Does it need an engineer reset or setting back to factory default?


Nicky B
February 2011

are you looking at the log by any chance?if not,rekey your pin num ,then press the tick

February 2011

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showing zone 6 and 7 open and wont arm?

i have got scantronic 9651 ewith 9943 keypad. it was working fine till there was a power cut for 12 hours. when power came back the time gone to default time and the alarm wont set. i changed the time and put the original code back but now when i try to set it says zone 6 & 7 open....

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Scantronic 9651 Global Tamper Front Door - call Engineer on Display?

Hi, Moved into our house a year ago, we have Scantronic 9651. Just Changed my front door, as the fitter removed the the old frame the Alarm went off which I then stopped, now the disply shows "Global Tamper Front Door Call Engineer". I've read through the Hardwired Control Panel guides for bot...

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how do I change the main access code on Scantronic 9651 alarm system?

I have been given what is believed to be the main access code to a Scantronic system model 9651 and need to change this obviously to a new one. I have no instruction manual to use as a guide. Please help!...

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scantronic 9651 excess keys reset required but does not reset?

my scantronic 9651 is displaying the error message excess keys reset required so i managed to get a copy of the installation and programming guide and tried to reset it by pressing 0 7890 99 tick tick, the time and date appear however the alarm continues to sound until I enter the code but then it r...

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can i add smoke detectors to my security alarm?

i have a scantronic 9651 alarm system can i make one of the zones a fire alarm and if so how many can i put on one zone.thanks...

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scantronic 9651?

hitaken cover off my alarm to wallpaper the alarm went it wants a installution code to reset tamper also lost a piece of foam can any one help thanks dave...

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Scantronic 9651 Remove a sensor completely?

Also I forgot to mention that i believe the tamper is not Engineer reset because i have set it off by taking the cover off the sensor and then just enter the code to reset...

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Scantronic 9651 Remove a sensor completely?

I have 9651 with a 9930 keypad, I want to remove a sensor from the system to install a cabinet and the sensor will not be reinstalled, Can someone tell me how to do this....

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