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cooker control unit?

So i have the above in my kitchen which is a combination of cooker switch on/off,socket and switch. Now the socket switch has broke so the on light is always iluminated so the power is always on.
I have unscrewed from wall to try and replace but the wires are too short and i cant pull it away from the wall to do this.
Dont really want to remove tiles and parts of wall to replace.
Any tips, i have thought of calling an expert to have a look.
Thank you.

February 2011
you can bet your life it was not a spark who wired it,because we always leave enough cable in case of burn outs,you may be able to pull the tails out a bit you must turn of your power first,try and get the same type as the one you have now,so the terminals will be in same place,

February 2011


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