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Getting no spark from plugs on a vauxhall cavalier 1.8i 95 petrol ?

Hi, about a month or so ago my cav started playing up by stalling, (thinking this was a carb prob) so i gave it a good clean) vacuum hose snapped(temporary fix of flexible tubing, seems to do the trick) takes severals attemts before starting up in mornings then go for a 5 min drive then it bogs down then eventually stalls. it then will not start back up, leave it for bout an hour or so then starts up and ok for rest of da, this was a recurring daily basis. Next wen i managed to start her up and thought it be fine went for a drive (about 5 mile) to do shopping then on way back going bout 60mph she stalled on me and never started back up. I checked the sparks plugs and getting no spark, So i changed the spark plugs, distibutor cap and rotor arm and ignition coil....still no spark i have spent a fortune on these bits and now i don't know what it could be. Anyone had similar problems? if so can someone please help as i am baffled, I am waiting on a ignition module (used part as they are not cheap, said it works) and be replacing HT leads.

March 2011
my ignition module came through so i replaced my old one....its now working, i also replaced the ht leads while i had the bonnet open lol, runs a dream now.

March 2011


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