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live earth wire / RCD tripping?

with the fuse board off by the RCD i still get a reading of 240V between the live into the RCD and the main earth? this can not be normal is it?
By removing the shower from the board the RCD stays stable, but the shower has been test several times with no fault. the cable has been tested with no fault. any ideas please?

March 2011
i take it your main isolator is an rcd? i might be reading wrong but if you are testing the incoming side of the MAIN rcd? obviously there will be power there.
i would think it was a neutral earth fault for tripping the rcd. wouldnt live earth make a little pop when the mcb is switched on? please correct me if im wrong?. if theres 240 coming into the house its either the trip in the fuse box shower cable, possibly shower switch or dodgy shower. if the cable has been tested maybe the shower switch is fekd

did you get it sorted? if so what was the problem?

August 2011
get a spark who knows what he doing,

March 2011
thank you to both replys, the shower was checked with a magga by a sparks with no fault was found. the shower live to the shower earth reads 100v when live. with all wire disconnested there is no faults on any of the cables.
i think there are mutible faults which i would like to narrow the field a bit.
All sockets and switches have been checked again with no fault found, which leaves Shower, fridges and freezer

March 2011
has the shower been wired into the fuse board correctly or is the neutral crossed on to the non rcd side

March 2011
live to earth will give 240v as it uses earth as the neutral have you checked the shower?.you need to megga the shower to earth and see what the reading is.

March 2011


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