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How to fit a double dimmer switch?

I am replacing a double dimmer switch with a double dimmer switch, but I have 5 wires (these are from the down stairs lighting circuit). I have identified the live phase which I have connected to the common and have looped to the common on the second switch, but I’m not sure what to do with the other four wires (all the neutrals are block together and the earth wires are connected to the switch casing the metal case set into the stud work).

April 2011
why do people waste their time doing electrical work?lighting circuits are very easy to wire up,but amatuers on here make it diff for people,they give stupid and dangerous advice at times,i have been a spark for 38 years,and when i read some of the replies on here,i have to laugh,we work to the 17 edition,but cant compete with cowboys,who dont give a toss if they kill someone

October 2011
im sure you have this problem sorted now but two of the four red-brown wires will go in L2 of each switch then the other two go somewhere else downstairs. its possible the sparky who wired it was thinking it would be easier to take the power from the switch rather than to the light. its alot easier hanging a light when there is one cable insted of three. especially if its heavy. you could do with a tester really to find out where the wires go to.
its no good using a volt tester because the other two browns may not be live until connected to the proven live. most cheap multi meters have an ohm setting.

if u feel lucky try 1 wire at a time in L2 of the switch. when a light works try another in the other switch

when the two lights are working put the other two browns in common. doesnt matter which way.

if that works i'll eat my hair.

its the most likely answer from the description

it sounds to me as the wiring is fairly new because block connecting neurtals in switches isnt old school.

August 2011
sounds like you have one two way dimmer,and one one way dimmer,that would make 3 wires to the two way,and two wires to the one way,simple.

April 2011
there are a couple of possibilities. you could have 2 2-way switches, but that would mean you would have a 2nd switch for each (non dimmer) which i would imagine you would have noticed. otherwise it could be 2 loop feeds each to another switch or extra switchwires, i.e. 2 wall lights wired separately, or one of each. if you are certain that all neutrals and earths are connected correctly then you can connect the extra wires in to the switch. you should then spot whatever other lights are coming off that switch.

April 2011


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