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Question - mend, repair, fix

How to change the bobbin winder shaft on Toyota RS2000?

I would like to know how to change the bobbin winder shaft on a Toyota RS2000. I have ordered a replacement but do not know how to remove and replace it on my sewing machine.

April 2011

Need to mend your Toyota sewing machine?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Help!!! Could anyone post a photo of the return spring on the bobbin winder in position? I'm trying to replace my broken bobbin winder but can't figure out how to attach the spring again.....

July 2013

This isn't as easy as it seems.First you need to remove the outer covers,all screws are visible & should be removed.Lever the stitch selector dial away from the machine being careful not to loose the retaining plate.You will need to apply some force to remove the front cover,easing the catch just above the needle upwards while pulling the cover forwards.Once the covers are removed remove the bobbin winder,might be a good idea to take a photo just as a reminder of how the return spring is positioned.Check the bobbin winder works before reinstating the covers.Good luck !!

May 2011

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problem with toyota sewing machine?

will not pick up thread from bobin...

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How can I fix my Toyota RS2000 sewing machine?

I cleaned my RS 2000machine for the first time, replaced with new needle, but now can't get bottom thread to not bunch up and leave loops underneath. Please help....

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How can I fix my Toyota 4500 sewing machine?

I have a Toyota sewing machine which was working fine but now it isn't sewing properly the thread is just bunching up underneath I've tried everything I know but cant seem to get it working properly....

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drive wheel fault?

main drive wheel will not lock toyota sewing machine model 2700 series...

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Toyota 2200 sewing machine ?

When I use the machine which is about 20 years old the needle goes up and down but I have to pull the material through quite firmly or the stitches just bunch up. I've cleaned and oiled everything but to no avail...

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Toyota 2400?

Hi There Just got one from our friend but looks like the reverse button doesn't work, any ideas? Thanks...

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toyota sewing machine wont sew?

The light works but the machine will not sew although it does sometimes do about 5 or 6 stitches very slowly then just stops any ideas what the problem could be? I have put a new foot pedal on thinking that could have been the problem but it hasn't made any difference....

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How to adjust stitch length on Toyota RS2000?

I need to set stitch length to zero for quilting but I cant see any stitch adjuster on machine and have read manual back to front and found no mention of it. Can you help? machine is Toyota RS2000 series...

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Thank you. This has been driving me to distraction for months. Now fixed!

May 2020

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