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Reattaching switch to wall?

Hi, so i have a wall switch with neon.
so whats happened is that 2 of them have come loose from wall and now because the original screw holders behind the wall have perished so cannot attach the screws.
Looks like previous owner has done some diy on them.
Dont really want to put new box in as the wall is tiled.
What i was thinking maybe getting some thin plywood somehow attaching it behind switch and screw back in..
What do you think or any other ideas..thank you.

May 2011
dont mean to sound picky but socket screws are 3.5mm not 4mm. if the screw slides in and out of the lug on the metal knock out box (im sure pattress boxes are surface mounted?) then most boxes have an adjustable lug on one side, which can be replaced by removing a lug from a new box. if its on the other side where the lug is fixed. you need to mark the back of the box directly behind the damaged screw hole. (a thin metal rod. i just guess but ive done it so many times ) i would bend the damaged lug so its flush with the side of the box then drill through the back of the box. try get the new hole as near as possible to your mark. use a 5.5 or 6 mm drill then put a red plug in. you will need to get a longer socket screw. i would get 75mm to make sure it will reach the red plug in the back of the box. you can always cut it down to size. the metal is quite soft. the red plug will hold the socket but make sure you cut the screw long enough so it gets held by the red plug.

August 2011
is the pattress back box loose ???????or the switch cover screw threads worn ?????????
power off, remove the switch front, disconnect the wiring with a battery drill make some fresh new holes through the metal pattress box,change to a masonry, and drill 2 holes and then rawl plug the new holes, screw the pattress up, then refit wiring and the switch front .

if the cover screws are you problem follow the other answer

June 2011
dont understand what you mean,is the threads worn ?if so you can get a 4 mil tool to rethread the hole

May 2011


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