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How can I get my clock to run?

I replaced the batteries in my grandfather clock (GF1000C) with new ones and did everything it said to do and I still can't get the clock to run. What's the problem??

May 2011
I know this is an old thread but did you look at the battery connection tabs to see if they are rusted or corroded from battery leakage? I had to use very fine sand paper to clean them off and then when I was done with that I rotated the batteries while seated and everything works fine. If it's old some craft shops carry the mechanism that controls the clock and the face of the clock can be unscrewed form the back along with the battery box. Hope this helps out.

January 2014
i have a versailla clock and i replaced the battries and still it does nothing were do i buy parts for it

September 2011
put some legs on it, it will run then.

hickory dickory
May 2011


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