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is my new light broke?

i got a new light. every time i press the switch it makes a bang and the fuse goes down. is it the light?

August 2011
No. Your new light is not "broke" (it never had any money in the first place.)

Neither is it broken.

What has happened is that an idiot thinks he knows basic electrical inslallation has attempted to put in lighting when, in fact, he doesn't have any clue and has completely screwed up

Get a qualified electrician in before you kill yourself (admittedly inconvenient for you but useful to the human race as it will remove stupid genes from the gene pool) or someone else (much worse)

April 2012
you have put all the blacks together.

one of the black wires go to the switch.

u need to find the cable which goes to the switch from the light.

there will be one red one black and an earth.

at the light the black that comes from the switch goes on its own with the brown wire from the new light.

all the red wires go together in a connector block.(normally 3)

there should be two black wires spare. they go with the blue wire from the new light.

all the earths connect together.

this should work

September 2011
db has the manners of a pig,what type of light do you have ?

August 2011
Well, what do you think it is? it's not the water suppply is it? thicko!

August 2011


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