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Question - mend, repair, fix

router problem?

My internet connection keeps falling out I telephoned my provider and after many questions he told me I have a problem with my wireless router Netgear and my provider is TALKTALK I recently had a problem and OPENREACH came and fixed problem with their line and until now have had no problem.TALKTALK checked and my internet had been off 25 times yesterday how can I check if it is my router and not them

Robin Bell
August 2011

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I know that this is a little old but I feel the need to make a correction to Electro's assertion. The DSL modems in domestic routers in the UK categorically DO NOT disconnect after 15 mins. or any other time. They stay connected 24/7.

I suspect that Electro is not in the UK and is not cognisant with how our DSL systems work.

July 2012

All DSL can experience drop-outs caused by the Telco equipment. If you have checked the modem at another known "good" installation and it works faultlessly, then it's almost certainly your DSL service. Telstra in Australia will tell you that it's acceptable for drop outs of approximately two a day. Mostly these will "mend" themselves within the router dead timer, which is in the router configuration. You may not be able to see it, depending on what flavour you have. If it works elsewhere then insist that your Telco/ISP checks with their Network Engineers on your service. If the network guys insist everything is OK, you have to believe them as their tools will find the problem if one exists. Then you have to look elsewhere, change cables, filters, look at whether the alarm system, if you have one is playing up. Talking of filters, if you have anything bigger than one voice handset and the modem, then you may need to look at central filtering. To do this spend a couple of hundred and get a cabling expert in to resolve it, especially if you have alarms or other equipment.

Keyhole Kate
February 2012

When I talk about automatic disconnects, I absolutely don't think about the ISP disconnecting you in any way.
I talk about your LOCAL ROUTER automaticaly disconnecting after a set idle time. On my router, it defaulted to 10 or 15 minutes.

MOST routers default configuration impose an iddle timeout.
Then, your computer settings may also, in some cases, cause a disconnect after some idle time... It may be worth checking that also.

Anyway, it's a local setting isue.
Set the router's idle timeout as high as possible.
If possible, disable idle timeout automatic disconnection feature.

December 2011

You need to find out whether it is a DSL problems or WiFi. As has been said, do that by using an Ethernet Cable. If the problem remains you have a broadband fault, if it goes way, it is WiFi.

For a broadband fault try the router in the TEST Socket of the Master Socket. If the problem goes away, call TalkTalk. If the problem remains, you need to sort out your internal extension wiring.

If is is a WiFi problem download and run a utility called inSSIDer. Use it to see what WiFi channels are in use locally. You need to set the WioFi channel on the router to one that is not is use and at least two channels away from any that are.

BTW, TalkTalk broadband does not "automatically disconnect" at any time. It stays connected 24/7.

October 2011

Periodic disconnections are normal. Normaly, your router will automaticaly disconnect after prolonged idle time: Time when there is no trafic.

Whenever you attempt any internet access, the connection will be automaticaly reestablished. The only impact will be a slight delay that you may not even notice.

It's possible that the allowed idle time is set to short.
Access your router configuration page. Somewhere, you'll find the allowed idle time. Increase it to around 60 minutes.
The specific layout change from brand to brand, and even model to model of the same brand.
Consult your router's manual to find your specifics.

Also, as you have a whireless router, there may be outside interferences.
If you have a desktop computer, it's normaly beter to connect it with an ethernet cable. If it don't have an ethernet connector, an ethernet card is usualy less than $15 and is about the truest plug and play device you can find. Power off, plug in, power on and it's ready to use. Those normaly come with one ethernet cable of reasonable lenght.

Try using another wi-fi channel.

Try relocating the router. Place it well away fron any air conditioner unit, the fridge and any electric motor.

August 2011

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Dec 2020

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