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problem with computer restarting every 5-10 sec?

i have an core i3 540 processor with msi h55m-p33 motherboard with on board graphics card of Nvidia 9400gt....the problem dat i m facing is that when i turn on my pc after shutting it down for the whole night it doesn't starts in the one it should be...but it keeps on restarting with no display and after 5min or less than that it starts automatically........and runs with no just wanna know whts d problem with my pc.....and i have cabinet iBall LPE223-400 (250 W) power supply.......sometimes after swithing off my pc for couple of hours my pc starts but without any display and my crt monitor shows that pc is gone out of frequency then i restart my pc then all off a sudden everything gets normall kindly help me out with thiss..........and thnx in advance

Vishant Sharma
August 2011

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

electro.....thanx buddy.....i have 1 last question
my cpu under no load shows temp around 38 celcius and under load it becomes 48-50 approx(i am usinh realtemp 360 to monitor system temp) is it a healthy behaviour because my cabinet is also very compact.....and i am using stock fan by intel that comes along with core i3 540..........

Vishant Sharma
August 2011

It is normal that the 2 cores have slightly different temperature. About 3°C look totaly normal. There is no guaranty that they operate at the same load level.

In your case, with up to 5° difference, I'd suspect that the heat sink may not be properly seated, or, more probably, the thermal compound was not applyed correctly: to much on one side or the presence of an small air gap.
It's also quite possible that one core get tasks that require more processing power then the other. Open the task manager (shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and take a look at the graphics on the performance tab.

That said, as long as the warmer one is within normal working temperature, there is no reason to be concerned and you don't need to change anything.

August 2011

Electro........i wanna ask u 1 more question i have an core i3 540 i know that its a dual core processor......
but can a dual core processor have different temprature like noramlly my core 0 =39 celcius and
core 1 =42-44 clecius is that normal...........

Vishant Sharma
August 2011

Thanx really was d moisture that was obstucting my pc from running normally.......i shifted it to a new room and its running like a dream.........thanks man thanks a lot......

Vishant Sharma
August 2011

A good air conditioner should REDUCE the humidity level in the room.

Anyway, from what you say, it realy look like you have a condentation problem and, as the computer tryes to start, it warm up and cause the condentation to evaporate.

It don't depend on the drive(s) used nor the OS installed.

Is there a possibility that excessive humidity could cause some problem?
**** YES! ABSOLUTELY! ****
Especialy if it's high enough to cause startup problems like yours.

Excessive humidity can realy damage a computer by causing oxidation on the various contacts. This can cause erratic behaviour, random crashes and freezes, and eventualy, total and terminal failure.
It can also cause short circuits that can damage, or even destroy, some components.

The solution: Move the computer in a different room that is NOT climatized.
Another possibility: Cover the computer in some wraping during the night. It can be a plastic bag and/or some blanket. DON'T forget to remove it before you turn the computer on as it will cause overheating.

In another case, it was needed to preheat the computer with an hair dryer for close to 10 minutes to successfully start it...

August 2011

I have purachased this pc a 3 month probably happens when i turn on my room air cooler for the whole it creates a very humid kind of climate in my when i don't turn on the room cooler in the pc starts normally with no problems.
i have western digital 500gb hard drive with windows 7 installed on it......
i wanna know is there anything that my pc is facing any problem due to humidity.......

Vishant Sharma
August 2011

Try using proper punctuation and capitalisation, it REALY help understanding what you want to say.

Some guesses:
Your BIOS support batry is bad and need to be replaced. It's about the size and shape of a nickel.

Your main drive have some problem and don't get to operating speed normaly. You may need to change it.

Some component of the power supply, probably a capacitor, is faulty. This causes a bad power availibility. As it heats up and load up, it finaly manage to provide proper voltages and currents. Try with another power supply.

Some power connector may have worken loose. Check that all power connectors are properly connected in the proper locations.
It's perfectly normal that you have several unused connectors.

If you use a power strip, when you turn off the computer, DON'T power off the power strip.

August 2011

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