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how can i fix my auto 2001 ford transit van?

My semy auto ford transit is stuck in first gear the van will not start i can't get it out of gear i also have a gear selector on the stearin g wheel all the fuses are ok can anyone help me

September 2011
sounds like your talking about the seqential transmission type set up.
Engine wont crank over if you cant get it out of gear.
Sounds as if your hydraulic pump isn't working.
The guys at Ford will will sell you a pump for about $6000 but from my experience it is really rare for a pump to fail.
Best way to confirm this is by doing a computer scan if you are showing a code HPU pressure loss that means the electric motor has failed.
You can't buy the electric motor only the $6000 assembly.
However if you need one I can rebuild a motor for you and send it out to you with fitting instructions.
Will cost you $1300.
Takes me about 45min to remove and replace.

October 2011
near gear leaver there should be a little hole stick a pen in it this should then let youtake it out off gear

September 2011


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