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Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop DVD drive not working?

My DVD drive stopped writing (burning) to disc, asking me to insert a blank disc when one had already been inserted. Now it won't even play back pre-recorded discs. If I click 'play' the disc ejects and I get the same message 'insert blank disc'.
I have reinstalled the correct driver from Dell to no avail. DVD drive is model TSST DVD+RW TS-L632H.
Anyone got any advice?

October 2011

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

If there is a single screw to remove, you are lucky. Many laptops are not so maintenance friendly and you need to open the whole case: Taking it apart.

October 2011

d: It seems that the drive unit is held in place by an anchoring tab secured by a small cross headed screw underneath the laptop. I presume loosening or removing this will enable the unit to be slid out complete.
If I buy a complete replacement, can you explain why that will involve taking it apart?

October 2011

Get the correct dvd drive from ebay...its very simple to take one out and may have to take it apart but what choice do u have? Work slowly and take pics at stages where you might forget what goes where. Don't force will have gaps and creak if u misalign the bodyshell.

October 2011

Is replacing the DVD unit in a laptop a fairly simple operation?

October 2011

This happens when they don't spin a new one about £18 on ebay last one I got

October 2011

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