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3 gang witch from existing single red and black wires?

i want to have first switch for main light in kichen, then under unit lighs from second switch, then lights floor level on third switch. At the moment i just have simple on off switch, red black and earth. Can i wire these lights to these wires
The switch read L,L1,L2 L,L1,L2 L,L1,L2
If it is possible can someone tell me what to put where and what to do with the black wires, please

October 2011
I agree with Singh

Get a qualified electrician in before you kill yourself (admittedly inconvenient for you but useful to the human race as it will remove stupid genes from the gene pool) or someone else (much worse)

Singh 2
April 2012
Go and find a professional who actually KNOWS what they are doing, before you kill someone. (Notice I didn't say 'kill yourself'. It would be beneficial to the human race if you could remove yourself from the gene pool)

November 2011
its very easy for us to do,but if you have no electrical experiance,and i can see you dont,better call a spark in,the red and black are both live,what we call the switch wire,you have what we term loop in loop out to the ceiling light,thats a live and neutral going to rose to rose then back to the consumer unit,with a switch wire going to the switch,its connected from loop in live to the flexie cable,(light)so when you turn switch on,you creat a short so the light comes i said,very easy stuff to a spark,

October 2011
dont follow you here,do you mean you have a single gang switch the now?with just red black and earth wires ?

October 2011


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