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Categories > Mend Kitchen Appliances, Toasters > Question
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Kitchen Appliances, Toasters (363 other questions)
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Mend > Toasters

Question - mend, repair, fix

how to remove outer shell?

how do you remove the shell to get to the inside on the 6320 toaster from Sunbeam?

November 2011

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Need to mend your Sunbeam toaster?

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Other questions in this category - Kitchen Appliances, Toasters
Radiant control 1988 sunbeam toaster?

My 1988 toaster works fine BUT the radiant control slide is at the absolute minimum and is still sometimes too dark. I know there is a secondary adjustment but under the handle at the end all I can see is a hex head bolt with what looks like an Allen key centre.... Is this the secondary adjustment?...

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how to fix my sunbeam toster mod.t-20 b?

My sunbeam mod t-20 b. I can get it to work with the frame off. i need to push the lever to turn the heat on and it works fine but i need to do it every time. so i cant put the frame on until i find out why i have to push the lever on everv time...

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How can I fix toaster control?

Sunbeam Toaster, Model T 20B (circa 1955 does not come on anymore. I have been using it daily, but itsuddenly stopped. It did come on once, burned the toast to a crisp and now does not work at all. I have used it through 5 children, 57 years of marriage and just love the darned thing! Can you hel...

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How to fix Sunbeam toaster 20-3 AG ?

It doesn't even turn on.Yes it's plugged in. We've tried turning the screw underneath. This used to work, then 1 day it stopped working altogether. My husband took it apart & cleaned it & could not see anything that looked broken. What else could it be?...

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same problem with 4 slice sunbeam?

how can i remove knobs to access interior....

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Sunbeam T 20 B toaster will not lower its rack and come on.?

Sunbeam T20 B: Have used it for several years. Now when the bread is placed in the slot the rack will not descend. (The bread is not oversize.) This problem used to occur occasionally, but now is constant condition. We've cleaned toaster out completely and check cord....

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Vintage Sunbeam T-20 toaster- Remove control knob?

My T-20 toaster is stuck in the "down" position. Does anyone know how to remove the control knob so I can take the bakelite handles and the chrome cover off to try to fix it? I don't want to force it and break something. Thanks!...

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How to replace old power cord on Sunbeam T-20A Toaster?

I am not too sure on what to remove to get to the power cord connection on the toaster. I removed all the screws on the bottom, but the bottom piece was still attached. Any help would be appreciated....

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Miele washing machine now working. Really appreciated your advice.

Oct 2020

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