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Plug Sockets not working?

I am currently fixing the sound system at the bar i'm djing at. The problem we face is, at the moment there is only one duel plug socket working. This is currently used to power all the lights along the bar, 3 amplifiers, 1 pre amp, EQ, Kettle, A HD Tv, With daisy chained extension cords from one side. Then also with daisy chained extension cords, two pioneer cdj 2000's, a dim 2000, my macbook, serato box, 6 lamps, a strip light, a fan, and my iPhone on occasions. I never released until today when I ripped the amplifiers out that the only power source for all these items was one socket.

This MUST be a fire hazard?? Am I right.

There are however plenty of power sources on the walls to power these devices. but none of them work.

Is it worth just calling the electrician, or will there be a fuse that has blown causing the extra plug sockets not to work?

Any help is welcome.


November 2011
I have. He checked my fuse and nothing tripped. When tester is put on shows no power in plug

May 2012
This is a GFI connected socket. All other sockets and plugs are working but one in the Bathroom. It was working with no problems. it is showing no power to switch.

May 2012
check the fuse box for tripped circuits.if they are ok you need a sparky.yes the load on one socket outlet is a hazard

November 2011


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