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how can i fix my electric oil filled radiator ?

I have a oil filled electric heater it has stopped working I have replaced the fuse but it is still not working any ideas what to try next I dont have the make but it has supawarm and the no SCFF9 thats all i can find on it.

January 2012
Can you refill the radiator with oil,and what grade oil

November 2020
My oil heated electric radiator works, but is not getting as hot as it did on the first few times it was on. This is the second one now as the last one did the same thing. Please can you tell me how to get the full heat back. Thank you.

Mel Munro
January 2020
Mine had a bad power switch. It smelled burned, so I took the switch apart. One of the contacts was burnt. I took the two legs that made contact in position 2 and hard wired those together (stripped and wire nut). Now it works like normal. I only used it in position 2 anyway.

December 2019
Can the thermostat be repaired. It does not regulate and gets hot even when switch is on 0.

April 2016
i replaced the "mini fuse" bit (which looked like "U" when removed) that's within the other said 120 V , now it works.

May 2012
The most common reason for an oil filled radiator not working is that it has been covered by an item such as a towel or piece of clothing which then raises the temperature within the radiator which then blows the thermal fuse / cutout. These are normally found connected inside the radiator where the electrics are located and more specifically on the live wire between the incoming flex cable and the main switch. They look like a resistor and are normally covered in heat proof sleeving. If you do attempt to do this simple repair just remember a few things : make sure the radiator is unplugged before and during the repair, replace the cutout with one of identical value rating (take to maplin for advice) and finally make sure the repair is of a good safe standard.

p.s. the cutout should cost less than a £1.

....and remember if you are unsure either dispose of the faulty item and buy a new one or get it fixed by a pro.

April 2012
the cabel might be broken somewere along the line, and needs to be replaced,

January 2012


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